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Thread: Donnylutz's Return to the ice thread!

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    Default Donnylutz's Return to the ice thread!

    It's official! After figure skating since I was 12, on ice since I was 18, I am finally testing in USFSA, AND I'm going to compete this coming season!!! It's scary, but I've wanted to do it for so long!

    I am now officially a member of USFSA again, so I can test. I'm not a member of a skating club, but I found one that I will most likely join as it's mainly adult skaters and their aren't a lot of requirements such as volunteering, which would be hard for me to find time to do.

    My first test will be next month, Adult Pre Bronze. I'm not that worried about this one, though all the MITF tests are going to scare me and teach me a lot of things I never learned. The freestyle tests shouldn't be that difficult, at least not in the first couple tests.

    My goal was to make it into adult gold this season and compete at nationals, which are in my home state of Minnesota, but after talking with a friend I learned that I probably won't be able to test that far in time. So, now I need to decide if I want to compete at nationals at a lower level like adult bronze or adult silver. I certainly could use the competition experience, but the limitations in those levels on jumps might drive me a little batty. For instance, I believe that in adult bronze I would only be able to attempt single jumps. So, I may do other competitions, where most of them you can compete one level higher then you have tested, and wait till next year to try to qualify for nationals. I don't know yet!

    I'm chronicalling this for two reasons. One, a few people at the forum have expressed interest in being updated on my progress, and two, it will be nice to look back after this season and next season and be able to see my progress, and my struggles.

    I guess I'm going into this season a lot like Michelle would, taking one thing at a time, listening to my body because it knows a lot more about what I can do then I do, and enjoying the process on testing, learning, and finally improving.

    Just a breif history of my skating past. I started tagging along with my brother to a roller rink when I was 10 or so. He was a rollerblader, and was on a skating team sponsored by Rollerblade at one time. I went right to quad skates though, as all the "kewl" kids at the rink wore them. I wasn't very good, and in fact was laughed at quite a bit by the really good skaters at the rink. When I was 12 something changed. I saw a skater in the middle of the rink doing a sit spin. This was the first time I even thought about figure skating, Up to this time I didn't know a thing about it. I immediately wanted to learn and started taking lessons. I started getting better quite quickly, and was completely falling in love with skating. I started landing double toe loops, double salchows, and double flips. My first year competing, in 1995, I won the regional competition at the Freshman Boys level, and went to nationals and finished horribly (I don't remember the place, I was WAY out of my league!)

    It was at these nationals though that I first realized that people take skating seriously! I was so impressed to see the costumes and the beauty, and the amazing jumps of the other skaters.

    The next year I didn't compete, as I was attempting to skate pairs and to learn dances to possibly compete in dance.

    In 1997 I gave up pairs and dance, and focused on freestyle again. I again won the regional competition, this time on the Sophomore Men's level, and again went to nationals and this time was even more out of my league.

    After that season I stupidly decided to focus on school instead of skating.....stupid 17 year old!

    At 18 though I missed skating and decided to get my first pair of ice skates. I joined a Learn-To-Skate program and tested in ISI, passing freestyle 4. At this time I didn't have much desire to compete or test in USFSA, I just loved being on the ice.

    Fast forward almost 10 years! I've kept up my I don't quite know! And I finally feel like it's time to do something with it. Competing on the adult level is most likely where I will end up, but that is still up in the air. I just want to test, to learn, and to keep improving. With that being said, the 2008 Adult Gold Men's National Champion Keith Newcombe is one of my best friends, and the 3-time Master's National Champion Davin Grindstaff is one of my partner's best friends (small world), and they both won't stop hounding me to we'll see.

    So that's my story, and I'm stickin to it!

    I will also say, as I always do, if you are an adult and love skating, consider testing and possibly competing! The adult skating world is wonderful, and full of people that do the sport because they have a true love for it.

    So follow along if you wish! I will keep this thread updated on my progress, and put up some videos along the way. Below is a link to a recent practice, that I uploaded in another thread awhile ago.


    PS. If you are following my progress, you really should check out Scootie's thread as well!! I may be an "OK" skater, but I willfully give up the crown of the best MKF skater to him!
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    Donnylutz, I just passed the pre-bronze freestyle test today. It was really less stressful than the MITF which I passed a couple of months ago. I amazed myself. Now on to Bronze which for whatever reason am finding a little easier as far as the MITF. When I took the pre-bronze MITF test two of the three judges wrote on their comments "Be Brave, skate out". Maybe I let that sink in for the freestyle.(besides my wonderful coache's support).

    Realistically after seeing your practice tape I can see you getting to silver or gold easily. Just as a reminder... I am twice your age (I think) so go for it!!! I will certainly be sending positive thoughts your way.

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    Donny your positions look great and so do your jumps. I enjoyed the vid. You definitely have talent. Wish you guys were closer to Philly we could skate together.

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    I'm calling you Yukari from now on! (I see a leg wrap on the flip!)

    Sal and toe loop technique look perfect. The axel looks like it needs a little more "step up" into the jump. You seem to get lower height on it than the sal, toe, and flip. Air positions are good (except your Yukari jump, hehe) as does run out. Good ice coverage on them as well.

    Sit spins are great. Though I would suggest a little more turn out with the free foot. Forward sit is better than the back sit, though it's nothing to belittle. The forward position is just really really good! You have a really straight back when doing them. I think Dick would rave about them. Camel needs a little more turn out and thats about it. Good speed on all of them and good centering once you center em. Nicely done!
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