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Thread: Tanith's Blog 6/20

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    Default Tanith's Blog 6/20

    It's been a while since Tanith updated her blog. She wrote a very lengthy one this time.
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    Thank You for sharing this. Its nice to see them so focused on their goals, but still able to take some time for relaxation. It was interesting to hear that Tanith thinks of Detroit as home. I would've thought that she considerd Canada to be home.

    Looking forward to seeing them compete next season and hopefully medal again at the Olympics.

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    I wonder what week they went to DWTS?? I'm guessing maybe they never got camera time, as I never saw them in the audience.

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    Great blog, thanks for the link. It would be great for Tanith and Ben to win Gold at the Olympics in their last season of competition. I know I will be rooting for them all the way.

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    I love tanith and ben. I really hope they consider going another 4 years after this...They've been an integral part of the newly found success of the US ice dance program. 29 is nothing for an ice dance team...maybe they can take a season off, regroup and come back for another couple years.
    Michelle, she had me at 6.0!

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    I hope their dreams come true this season as well. They're a nice dance team and deserve a big win

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    Moderator Post

    I've been meaning to post this for the past few days.

    Due to copyright issues, we are never supposed to quote an entire article or blog here on the forum. We can post quotes here and there, but we should never be copying all of the text here to read.

    Also, as with any type of article/blog, there should be a link to the original source.

    Hope Tanith & Ben have a great Olympic season.

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