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Thread: 06/04 80's Program: Scootie12's Thread

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    Good job! Upload the video when you are able..we will be looking forward to it.

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    I kept the video unlisted, but now that it's up on icenetwork, I've decided to make it public I head off to nationals this week, but now have a pull in my right leg, making it painful to jump. Guess I'll wing it and see if I can go for a 3-peat! Otherwise, I feel in great shape. I've been doing great run-thrus of my program, and I've lost 15 lbs since sectionals!

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    Default 2013 Adult Nationals - Artistic

    This week marks the 2013 US Adult Figure Skating Championships, held in Scottsdale. This is my 3rd nationals, and I am happy it's at a venue I am well familiar with. This year, I decided to not only skate in the Championship Masters event, which I qualified for through Sectionals, but also in the artistic event. I figured it would be fun to do so.

    I have a pulled hamstring in my right leg, which has made double jumps painful, but I am going to grit my teeth this week! I pulled it on a very nice landing of a double sal/double loop combo. Guess the double loop part put too much stress on my leg??

    Anyway, here is the video from day 1, being the artistic event. Funny fact: I guess doing double jumps for artistic is illegal, so the results were delayed for several hours. We were told the judges were deliberating on what to do with someone that did an illegal move (aka me lol). My final placement was 3rd. There was the possibility of being disqualified, according to one official, but I guess that did a penalty or something else.

    I'll keep posting as I have more photos or videos from this week!

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    Here's the program video from my open Novice event today at the 2013 Adult National Figure Skating Championships. Tomorrow is the Championship!!!!

    Photos to follow in a bit!!

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    Congrats, Michael!!! I just realized who you were when I saw the picture. Awesome!

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    Yeah, Michael!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL!!! So happy for you!

    Michael beautifully skated programs. Loved the black costume in the SP very Daisukeish.

    Loved your footwork sequence in the FS, very smooth and right to the beat of the music. Good lord you
    sure have the jumps and spins now. Just fabulous!
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    Mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations Michael! Your programs are wonderful. I also loved the black costume with just a little bit of sparkle...very elegant.

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    Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the support, and am so happy to have achieved the 3-peat!!

    I was so happy with the outfit for nationals. I decided about a week prior to have a black shirt made, and then have some swarovski beads cascading down the front and back....heavy on top, then dissolving as they work their way down the shirt to the lower chest. In person, it sparkled a lot, and looked very formal to me

    Thanks again...I put up a review of my nationals in skating chat.

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    Default 2013 Cal Champs Artistic Dramatic

    Been so busy since I got home from Adult Nationals! This past weekend, on May 18th, I competed at the 2013 Cal Champs competition, in Artesia, CA (East West Ice Palace). Besides seeing the usual members of the Kwan family at the rink, the other highlight was being able to use the competition as a test for my new artistic dramatic program.

    This year, I am trying to tap into different moves, and also show more drama in my skating. I am using a great choreographer that I love, and she is working with me to bring out a different side of my skating.

    Although I skated this program in competition mode, this is actually about the 3rd time I've actually skated it with full music from beginning til end. It is obviously more bare-bones, and needs a lot of work, but I am happy with what I did, and now seeing it on film, I know what to fix and add for the next competition.

    Also, enjoy the brain fart I had at the beginning of the program I totally forgot how to do an easy step haha

    direct link:

    Some photos:

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    Default Artistic Dramatic Practice

    Here's a practice video for my artistic dramatic program I'll be using for the big showcase event this week. In addition to this program, I'm also skating a cutesy duet with my training partner, and I'll also be skating a light entertainment program to some fun 80's music

    direct link:

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    Default Light Ent Practice

    Another practice video. This time, I'm creating a light entertainment 80's program, while skating in skinny jeans to see what'll work Needs A LOT of work and I skate it in about 4 days.

    direct link:

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