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Thread: When you announce

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    Lightbulb When you announce

    Dearest Michelle,

    I know you will someday make an important announcement about your continuing career. You might decide to go to the OG again, or you might decide to not go. You might decide to resume your competitive career, or you might decide to move on to something else.

    I don't know what you will do, and I won't even make suggestions: all the choices are yours.

    But I will say this: We MKFers have been your most loyal, most avid, yes even most rabid supporters, fans, and admirers for many years. We love you without exception or reservation, and you have shown your love to us by posting here at holiday times and so on.

    Now, may I be so bold as to ask one favor of you? When you have an announcement to make, will you please make it here first?

    All my love,
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