Music (Song) Perspectives

According to an article I read a few weeks back, teenagers (and adults) relieve stress by listening to music. Does it actually work? I tested this technique during the most "stressful" week of my high school education thus far. It worked for the most part.

The question is, how powerful is "music". Speaking of myself, music is very powerful. Whether it's a classical peice by Rachmanioff or lyrics of pop song, I feel music allows us to see life in a different perspective. Today morning, I was on Youtube listening to a song by a UK boy-band named Westlife. As I was listening to their song, "Us Against The World," I quietly began to analyze the song. Many comments reflect and say it reminds them of someone they love. To me, the song has a bigger meaning. My perspective concluded the song to be about themselves and how "us" actually is talking about themselves and their reflection in the mirror. You may take a look at the link provided under the name of the song if you like. Feel free to write back with your perspective of the song too. I would love to hear it

Are there any songs you love that have a deeper meaning that what the artist was trying to portray? Music/Songs are like a peice of artwork by Leonardo DaVinci. I am really excited to see what songs you guys post. I hope you all like this thread. It's just something that came to me.