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Thread: Returning to training after a few years off!

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    Jester Returning to training after a few years off!

    Well, skating has lured me back.....yet again! I just can't seem to shake this thing!

    I, like my idol Michelle Kwan, am just testing the water and getting back onto the ice. Today was my first time on the ice actually "training" for 6 months...(no ice rinks in the Florida back in Minnesota, ice rinks every 2 miles!)

    I will eather get in good shape and get my jumps back and be happy with that, or I will get in good shape, get my jumps back, and finally dive into adult competition. I really don't know which!

    Today was my first time back skating, and it was fun, exhausting, and so many other emotions! I landed a double salchow, which shocked the heck out of me, and did some good spins.

    Wish me luck! And, to all those other adult skaters out there, have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm keeping a practice journal to monitor my progress. The link is
    if anyone wants to follow along!

    Keeper of MK'S Spittle at the end of Campbells 2004

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    I haven't skated competitively since 2002, but wish to get back onto the ice to take my Senior test (to this day it bothers me that I only went to the Junior level), and also get back all of my jumps.

    I probably won't go for triples, but just get back all of my doubles and MAYBE try a club competition.

    Who knows, maybe I should just dive into the adult division and take all the tests.

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    You wouldn't have to take all of the tests... just have passed the equivalent test for the level and no higher.

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