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Thread: slow tv theme songs

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    I'm drawing a bit of a blank. Our annual skating show is coming up and the theme is tv programs. My daughter likes to skate to slow songs and we're having trouble thinking of tv themes songs that are slow. So far, we've come up with Cheers and the Wonderful World of Disney (When You Wish Upon a Star).

    Any ideas?

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    Hill Street Blues
    You could cut out the sirens at the beginning

    Try this site to sift thru some of the theme songs

    OOOHHH check out the Aaron's Way theme song
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    A nice slow TV theme I liked was the opening theme of "Star Trek: Voyager."

    Also, more than thirty years ago, there was an instrumental called "Nadia's Theme." I think this latter song might originally have been the theme of a soap opera, but it was later used in the 1976 Olympics in a piece about gymnast Nadia Comaneci; and was renamed in her honor.
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