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Thread: My Paint Art

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    Default My Paint Art

    I started working with Microsoft Paint about two years ago. One of the things I first discovered about MS Paint was that it wasn't so easy to use, especially working with the mouse. I actually started drawing to pass the time when it's really slow at the office, and even though I'm left-handed, I've found that it feels more natural to use a right-handed mouse. In my younger years, I drew with charcoals (mostly faces). This was a challenge and is completely different than drawing with charcoals. When I first started, I experimented with all the tools. I've discovered that it's easier to work with the lines, air brushes, circles and squares. I sometimes use the pencil, but that's even harder.

    Anyway, I want to share some of my work. Some of the paintings I worked on were accidentally deleted, but I did manage to save a few. The last three were about the hardest to work on. My co-worker friends scanned their t-shirts and asked me to draw by looking at their scans. I guess the last one is probably my most favorite. It took me around three hours to finish it. I've also decided that I'll make my own illustrations if I ever write another book. LOL!

    Summer Field

    Christmas Eve




    Snoopy Christmas

    The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

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    Those are pretty cool

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Seems like they probably took a while to make, especially since you had you use a lot of the air brushing.

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    Thanks, Michael. I do use air brushing a lot for special effects, trees, etc. I also use the air brushing to make the snow. Snow is about the hardest thing I've dealt with because it's sort of tricky to make snow look like snow with the air brushes. I'm glad you liked them.

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    Beautiful! I didn't know such creations were possible with MS Paint. You're very talented.
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    Thank you! It's a challenge, but I enjoy it.

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    Only Heaven could send us such an angelic skater.

    "If you have nothing in life but a great friend, you're rich."- Michelle Kwan

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    These are amazing. I bookmarked this and forgot about it. Do you use a tablet or a mouse? They're all amazing, but I love the Peanuts ones the most!!

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    Thanks Lisa and Bonnie! I use a mouse. I imagine a tablet would be a lot easier to use, though, because I've found it takes a lot of patience using the mouse to make some of the cartoon characters like Charlie Brown and Linus.

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