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Thread: Reports to Moderators

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    Default Reports to Moderators

    As election day gets closer, the posts in this forum are getting more heated. We are receiving many reports from all sides.

    If you send reports to us, then Izzy and I have reviewed your reports. If we feel that violations have occurred and something should be done, we will take the appropriate actions. If we feel that the content of the reported post does not constitute a forum violation, then we will leave the post as is. It does not mean that your report is ignored, or that your report is not taken seriously. At the same time, we are receiving a high number of reports and we simply cannot answer back to every report and provide explanation to everyone. We are doing what we can to make sure that everyone's voices are heard and that everyone has the same opportunity to post under the same standards.

    At the same time, the discussions and post over the weekend are all becoming nasty toward the election candidates. We ask that you all try to take a step back and make sure that you are not violating forum rules or disrespecting other MKF posters in the heat of arguments.

    We can all agree to disagree. Thank you.

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    Default What probativev said...

    I know things are getting more and more heated as the election gets nearer. The MKF has always been a wonderful place to post. We have our own ideas about who's right and who's wrong and how this whole thing should wind up, but please try not to bash other posters who don't agree with you.

    When in doubt, just remember that we are Michelle Kwan fans, and use her grace on and off the ice as a guideline. If it's rude, if it's inappropriate for a family board, if it's going to start a personal bicker-fest online, then please, leave it out.

    By now I think we're all pretty much decided as far as how we're going to vote, anyway, so most of the posts should really be informative, not persuasive, at this point. need to get nasty. We're friends, right?

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