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Thread: Women's Qualifying Results--Group B

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    Jackylutz Guest

    Default Good Standing

    I think Michelle is good at being 2nd place. Now she will ATTACK ONLY, AND GIVES HER BEST.

    GO SARAH AND ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jackylutz Guest

    Default good standing

    Opps...sorry, I left out something...... <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

    However, it sounds like Michelle did a clean program according to another thread. Hm.....I cant wait.

    GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!


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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: good standing

    If Michelle placed 2nd in the short to Irina and wins the long, she would still win: .8+1.2+1=3 compared with a possible .4+.6+2=3 for Irina (with the lp being the tiebreaker). Should she win the short over a second place Irina, she would still need to beat Irina in the lp.

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    Di75 Guest


    I think 2nd is a great position for her. Honest to God, I had a dream last night that I saw the results on this board and Michelle came in second--second to Maria B! (I know she's not in this group). It's crazy how everyone is dreaming about her skating. Anyway, I know she'll do just fine.

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    MKBeliever Guest


    Michelle did skate very well....two minor mistakes.

    The 3t/3t was a 3t/2t and she doubled her salchow. She must have landed her loop....that is great news!!! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

    Let's pray that she pulls out all the stops for the next two rounds!!!!!!!!

    Go Michelle!!!!!!!!!!

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    SJB Guest

    Default So....

    Assuming that Michelle & Irina take the two top spots in the SP, it all comes down to the LP. Sigh, this is beginning to remind me of the GPF, in which way too many of the final results were already set in stone after the first round of competition.

    AYS, I *could not agree with you more* with your comments (at FSW) on the unfairness, especially to skaters such as Sarah, Vanessa, Viktoria, etc., of counting the qualifying groups towards the competition results. We must get rid of this soon---let's start a writing campaign, or something.

    I mean, Vanessa is practically out of the medals before the competition has even really started! The old way, in which the qual. didn't count, she'd have qualified and be on the same level as MK, IS, MB, etc., ready to go into the SP and maybe pull off an upset.

    What this does is decrease exponentially the possbility of exxcellent skaters upsetting the favorites. Just like the GPF, if you're not 1 or 2 in the Qualifying, you're at a tremendous disadvantage. And, of course, as Kelly's report notes, the inequality of the groups just increases this effect.


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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: So....

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!
    If they're going to make it count, THEN MAKE IT FAIR!!!!!
    I think a writing campaign is a great idea. This is ridiculous. It makes it LESS exciting if only the top 2 are really in contention. Does the ISU make up rules just just because they can??? I've asked this before but don't remember if I got an answer, what is the reasoning behind the qualifying round counting?

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    sw10025 Guest

    Default 2nd place is good enough (for now)

    OK, its not what we wanted and hoped for, but heck, this is still pretty good news. A lot of good skaters are basically out of gold medal contention if not medal contention altogether, and Michelle is not one of them. She skated a clean LP, which she hasn't done all season, she did her two lutzes, her flip and her loop (her most difficult single jumps), yes she failed to execute the 3-3 and she doubled her salchow, but otherwise it was a pretty good performance: Irina didn't do her 3-3s either and she didn't land any more triples than Michelle did. And Michelle's presentation marks were still higher, despite the minor errors.

    If anything, the minor little errors will probably make Michelle a little mad at herself and motivate her, and remind her not to take anything, not even the simplest of jumps for granted.

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    Oh sounds like MK did very well! No falls thankfully!
    I also dreamt that she skated to RV and did everything -- a 3/3 too but still came in second to Vanessa Gusmeroli or someone not very well-known like that lol. I don't know if it was the qualifier or the lp. Anyway MK looked really happy.

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    brandy00 Guest


    GO MICHELLE!!!! Our girl is going to attack at SP and LP!!! WOW, the USA girls did so good!!


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