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Thread: Ladies' SP skating orders are up---AARGH!

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    Kidnotes Guest


    I don't post often, but I check in several times a week. I think we need to get this into perspective! Though it would have been awesome for Michelle to be in 1st after qualifying, the true goal was to be in 1st or 2nd, so that she had "even" footing for the follow-up SP and LP. With the addition of the flip, her short program is on par technically with everyone else. She usually skates a clean short--she's the most consistent in the world--and she will go out directly after warm up, which in this case will be helpful. I would much rather she skate early in the short, and get the best draw for the long. The girl has been rock solid in practice, and her short, even when flawed, has really pleased the judges.

    It also appears that Irina and Michelle have the same jumps planned in the short. Even though its a technical program, those artistic marks are going to be very important, and we know who will win those! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP--> Michelle used to do triple flips in her short all the time, so its not a new thing for her. Granted its been a few years, but the flip was her chosen single jump back in 93, 94 and maybe even 95,(I'd have to check Cherie's tape) not to mention Nationals of 98.

    I'm praying for a peaceful heart and a joyful attitude!

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    keyla Guest

    Default to kidnotes

    ITA kidnotes, Yesterday I felt so tense I couldn't do anything, now I am more relaxed. Whatever happen, I am still proud of her.


    "Michelle Kwan; le coeur de l'ocean du patinage artistique, unique, vraiment unique!" quote from Alain Goldberg.

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    Smakelijk Guest

    Default MK

    The bad news is that the Hungrian judge is on the pendal. Didn' she placed MK 5.5 and 5.6
    in the Q? ARGHH!!!!!! One more judge that hates MK.

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    sw10025 Guest

    Default Couple of thoughts

    Can't remember who said what, and I'm too lazy to go back and check, so please bear with me:

    To whomever is bummed out that Petrova & Tikhonov are world champions. Yes, its true, they are hardly worthy successors of any pair who has won recently, but cheer up. Its likely to be their first and last world championship any time soon, if ever. They're too mediocre.

    To all the doom and gloomers, nothing is carved in stone. The results of pairs and the men's event should demonstrate quite effectively that everything is up for grabs. A lot of folks thought Shen and Zhao had a lock on the title, and look what happened. Normally in ice dance, the first place team would finish 1-1-1-1 and then Peizerat slips and the best team is in 2nd place at the moment. A lot of people thought (or feared) that Plushenko was going to turn the men's competition into a 4-3-3-2 fest and walk off with the crown, and he blew himself right off the podium. Even more people have been saying Stojko is past it and isn't competitive at the top anymore, and he puts in a solid performance to grab the silver medal over younger, more "judicially favored" skaters (aka "they who went SPLAT")

    As for Smakelijk, who complained about the Hungarian judge who gave MK such bad marks in the qualifier being on the SP panel, yes, that's true, but so are the *two* judges who gave MK 1st place ordinals in the qualifier. There isn't a US judge, true, but there isn't a Russian one either. Sweeping the judging panel would be great, but she only needs five judges to win the SP and LP, not an unanimous vote. Five will do in a pinch.

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    taf2 Guest


    Maria's draw is terrible for her too. When you look back at her skating history, every time she has had to go last in her group, her nerves got the better of her-96 Worlds, 98 Olys are good examples. Michelle's draw is really better for her than Maria's IMO.

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    Hey at Skate America Michelle got a *6.0* in the SP from the Russian judge I believe! (For presentation)

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    Default Also

    I read that MK also skated first in the SP at the 98 Oly (she won the SP too!) AND first for the SP and LP at 98 Worlds (she won both rounds)!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Olympics short program

    I'm not sure whether Michelle was first in her group for the short program for the past Olympics; however, I do remember that Tara Lipinski skated before her.

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: Olympics short program

    It seems the Russian judges tend to give Michelle good presentation marks.
    Yes, Michelle was first in her group. I don't think it would have mattered one bit where she skated with Rach. As long as she was clean, she was going to win that sp.


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