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Thread: Is the U.S. a Christian nation?

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    Default Is the U.S. a Christian nation?

    A post in another thread (open only to a few) states that the answer is yes, the United States was formed as a Christian nation and remains a Christian nation.

    OK, so what should this mean to the millions of tax-paying people who were born in this country but who are not Christian?

    Should they have fewer rights than Christians?
    Not be allowed to be President?
    Not be allowed to own land or vote?
    Be forced to leave?
    Be allowed to stay, but only if they renounce their religion & convert to Christianity?

    Really, what is it that being a "Christian nation" should mean?

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    The US was founded as a nation of tolerance for people of all faiths as this letter by George Washington shows:

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    I figured this fit here.

    It's all over Facebook that President Obama canceled the National Day of Prayer. Well, it's not true. However, there is a judge who ruled the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.
    A Wisconsin federal judge on Thursday found the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, saying it violates the First Amendment prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion.
    The Obama administration was the defendant.

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    It will probably wind up at the Supreme Court.
    As long as the Day of Prayer is inclusive (open to all religions & also providing for silence/reflection in place of organized prayer), it will likely be ruled Constitutional.

    IIRC, during some of the Bush years, the guest list at the White House event included only those who were Christian or Jewish.

    I'm guess more folks will be included this time.
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