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Thread: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Grand P

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    Default Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Grand P

    Has info on MK's LP. Shucks, no Charlotte!!! <A HREF= > </A> Landed 6 triples and scaled down on one. My guess is that MK did a 3lutz/2toe, 3toe/2toe, 3Sal, 3flip, 3loop, 2lutz, 3toe. Utilizing the 3toe in the end removes the Charlotte and maybe shaves off some presentation points. I was really pulling for her to do this great, but she did alright for someone who still has to deal with school when she gets back. I pray she has a good skate order for both sp and slp and relax and have fun out there. Irina in her Carmen LP only has 6 triples planned with one 3lutz. She did all her 6 triples, and came after Kwan also so that may account for the closer marks. C'mon Michelle, you can do it. Kick some major butt tomorrow!!!

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    Lara F Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    Would that mean that Michelle did everything *except* the 3/3? Or did she double another jump? Too bad, I would have liked the Charlotte as well...but at least she was clean. Lara Michele :-)

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    dreamr Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    Thank you god! I knew Michelle could pull this off! Hopefully this will give her confidence to beat the russians! GO MICHELLE KWAN!!!!!

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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    If she landed six triples *with* the 3toe at the end, that means she did everything except the second 3toe of the 3/3 combo. "She was barely a tenth behind Kwan in every mark." So basically this means MK got all first place ordinals, right?

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    littleone4eva Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    Looks like Michelle probably scaled down her routine just a tad (w/o 3/3) to not stress herself out in the first round... but still difficult enough. Good strategy! But she did have to get some 5.6/5.7s but mostly 5.8/5.9s... OH NO!!! LOL.

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    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    You rock Michelle! Mano you really think the presentation scores would be higher with the Charlotte? Well I for one hope next time (Nationals, Worlds) she can nail the 3/3 because I love the Charlotte at the end! It's so glorious! :o)

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    Default tech vs pres

    I wonder if she got the 5.6 and 5.7 in the tech marks and not the presentation marks. I'm going to keep searching.

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    sw10025 Guest

    Default Michelle's and Irina's Marks

    "She was barely a tenth behind Michelle on every mark" -- well, heck, that's not necessarily very close marks. If she was .1 behind MK on both the technical and presentation marks, that's .2 per judge, and mathematically, the judges could have placed several skaters between them. She could not have done the 3/3 combo or she couldn't have done the 3 toe at the end. But it was probably smart to omit it, since Maria had already skated with mistakes and Irina seems to have eliminated the second 3lutz from her program. She really didn't need it. Best to conserve some of her energy for tomorrow -- she's going to have a jam packed day. Also, its great that she laid down a clean performance. As for the 5.6 and 5.7, I suspect those were technical marks, slightly lower because IS and VV were still to skate, and because of no 3-3 combo. I can't see TRV getting a 5.6 or 5.7 for presentation when its clean unless she was completely off the music, and if she was, there wouldn't have been so many 5.8s and 5.9s.

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    ChicaRealidad Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    Dang-it, SW! Quit reading my mind. I was just about to comment on the article saying that Slutskaya was "barely" a tenth of point behind in all the marks. In figure skating that's like saying that Michelle ran a 9.4 100-meter dash and her closest competitor ran the same distance at 9.7. If your running in a world-class meet at 9.7, then you're in last place, buddy.

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    Default It sounds like the reporter doesn't know skating

    a tenth is Tara the gold didn't it? What was everyone else supposed to get 5.3's?

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    I wonder what triple she doubled. If Michelle only did one lutz and Irina did one lutz, and they both did 6 triples, that would be great for Michelle. That would mean, doing the same triples the judges put Michelle ahead. Go Michelle! Can't wait for your 7 triples at Worlds!!!!!

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    Karin Guest

    Default 6 or 7???

    Which 3jump did she scale down??? Because if she did all the 3jumps...but did not do the 3/3toe...but still did the 3toe at the end of the program replacing the Charlotte...then shouldn't it be 7??? Anywayzzz...Go MK!!! Good luck in the short program and the long program tomorrow!!! Hope you'll be perfect in all your elements and do the 3/3toe in Ariane!!! We believe in you!!! Bring home the gold!!! Go MK!!!

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    yingshan Guest

    Default Triples

    The report said she did 6 triples with one triple toe at the end. That means she only did a 3T/2T. She made it up at the end. She did everything else, including the second 3Z. Mano, count it again. :-)

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    Default Re: Article with some details: Kwan wins first round in Gra

    No she must have doubled something else. If she throws in the 3 toe at the end that's the same number of triples as if she did a 3/3. Remember Salome? She did a 3 toe at the end, making it 7 triples. So she had to have missed something else. :o)

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    Karin Guest

    Default Googoo...

    I guess so... hey are you in chat???

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    MichelleFANnumber1 Guest

    Default Re: Googoo...

    She doubled her second 3lutz(im sure, it was in one of the articles). If she didnt feel secure about it, its alright. The main thing is that she did a CLEAN program, right?

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: if that's true

    If she doubled the 2nd lutz, that says ALOT to me about what the judges are thinking in terms of Irina vs Michelle. I think Irina did only 1 lutz, right? That means they both did 6 triples (one lutz) and Michelle won. She definatly doubled something. It's good she's saving it for the final! I heard the short programs start at 9:00am EST. We should be getting early results!!!!!

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    muri Guest

    Default 1/10th

    was the reason Nancy got the silver! I am not surprised, Irina has been this close to MK since Keri in October. And I know the judges remember Irina's past accomplishments, in fact, they can't seem to forget Maria is world champ, with the marks they give her & all! Anyway, go MK, we are with you in Spirit & well wishes, in Jesus Name, Amen

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    TripleLutz Guest

    Default it MUST be...

    OK...big talk of Irina VS Michelle, but if you saw the ordinals, Michelle defeated Slutskaya 6 of 7 judges, only the French giving a tenth higher to Slutskaya in technical merit. But, Slutskaya got one 3rd place ordinal from one judge below Butyrskaya. If BOTH landed 6 triples, Michelle landing a 3toe at the end, then Michelle's program layout MUST be: 2axel, 3lutz/2toe, 3toe/2toe, 3salchow*, 3flip*, 3loop*, 3lutz*, 3toe *one of these MUST have been doubled. Irina on the other hand landing 6 triples would have skated CLEANLY because she only has 6 triples planned in her free skate and from pictures that I saw, it was Carmen that she skated to. Her program most likely was: 3lutz, 3salchow/2loop, 3lutz, 3loop, 3flip, 2axel, 3toe. So with a harder 2nd 3lutz, Irina still lost 6 of 7 judges to Michelle and one of those 6 even marked her below a faulty Maria.

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    MichelleFANnumber1 Guest

    Default Re: it MUST be...

    Believe me! lol...She doubled her second lutz. It was in the article Ohh...Im REALLY glad michelle landed the 3flip and 3loop. Now shes passed those hurdles...

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    CollegeJock21 Guest

    Default Maybe Irina changed her routine

    And maybe she didn't have a second 3lutz planned in her program. Remember at Cup of Russia and Nations Cup she kept singling the second 3lutz, so maybe she and her coach substituted it with something else. And I think she might have 7 triples planned for the Worlds, it's either gonna be 3sal/3loop or 3toe/3toe, like back in 1998 worlds (I hope she doesn't put two 3/3 combos again) It doesn't matter, what's important is that MK has overcame that hurdle with 3flip (in Skate America) and 3loop(in Skate Canana). Go Michelle! Win them all!!

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    sw10025a Guest

    Default I seem to remember reading somewhere

    that Irina only did one 3lutz. So if they each did the same number of lutzes, a .2 victory for 6 out of 7 judges isn't too shabby.

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    michaeljosh Guest

    Default It was a double loop.

    From the USFSA article. <A HREF= > </A> It says Michelle double a loop after her triple toe-double toe loop that is why she added a triple toe in the end. That answers our qestion regarding what jumped she doubled.


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