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Thread: Does Michelles scores at SC reflect a fall???

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    MKfan Guest

    Default Does Michelles scores at SC reflect a fall???

    Here are the scores: Russia 5.8 5.9 Ukraine 5.7 5.9 Canada 5.5 5.7 Hungary 5.7 5.9 Italy 5.7 5.9 Poland 5.6 5.8 Canada 5.7 5.8 Japan 5.6 5.8 USA 5.7 5.8 Or is it just low because it is still relatively new and she did the toe??? Curious...what do you think? And sheesh, Russia must really like Michelle's new long....and not a bad thing at all.

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    Karin Guest

    Default It reflects...

    No fall!!!...I don't think...because those would be high for a fall!!!...

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    MKfan Guest

    Default It reflects...

    That is what I figured....but I was thinking that maybe everyone else didn't do all that Michelle's score was based on them...of course, that doesn't really make sense because she was the 4th to skate. So....that is good to know, that hopefully, it doesn't reflect a fall.

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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: A fall

    on an element would require a mandatory .4 deduction, so unless she had a base score over 6.0, there was probably no fall. The slightly low marks from some of the judges may reflect that she had some sort of minor problem that less to a more subjective type of deduction (like a bobble, or a fall on a non-element). Or the somewhat low marks might be worrisome.

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    Default Re: A fall

    If Michelle skated early, the judges could have been saving the higher marks. The marks are merely placeholders. There was a news report from AP that said she was in first and that Jennifer Robinson two footed her lutz. No report of a fall.

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    CultureShock Guest

    Default Re: A fall

    marks may have been saved for later skaters, but i think it is one or combination of these things: 1) skated w/o attack 2) base score is lower w/ the 3toe 3) judges not used to the program interestingly enough, i noticed that it was canada that gave michelle the 5.5 for tech and 5.7 for presentation. and i believe those were the lowest scores for michelle on that judging panel.

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    sw10025a Guest

    Default Kwan's Marks

    Both the Japanese and Polish judges gave MK a 5.6 for technical merit (Anna Rechnio of Poland hadn't skated yet) but she still received first place ordinals across the board. If Robinson two footed the lutz and was in second, I wonder what Soldatova did. Can't wait to find out.

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    MK marks are excellent in comparison to the others! I read in FSW that the 2nd place skater had a low of 4.3 to a high of 5.2 for technical!!!! And presentation ranged from 5.1-5.6. (By the way all she did was two foot her 3 lutz!)

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    ChicaRealidad Guest


    The scores could also reflect the lack of difficulty in the circular footwork sequence. Let's face it...we've all seen MK doing more difficult footwork in the SP. I think this section needs to be reworked. She's much too good to get away with the circular footwork sequence that was used at SA.

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    susan ba Guest

    Default if

    if michelle got these marks for a clean skate, then i think the judges are sending a message. i still think that something must have happened that didn't make the newspaper also... but if the judges are saying that they are not happy with the technical content, then i'm glad they are doing it here and not at worlds. have you guys noticed that the scores always go down a little from the grand prix events to worlds? i always take michelle's tech scores in the beginning of the season or from nationals and lower them by a 0.1 or 0.2 to gage what kind of scores she can expect later. i think that's why frank looked worried when MK's scores came up at SA

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    virginia girl Guest


    I found a link to an article through Slam! Sports (see thread - "Article on Michelle's SP"). Apparently she had a shaky landing on her 3toe.

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    littleone4eva Guest


    And someone's report of FSW said that she *thought* she saw Michelle flutz a little and *may have* sightly double footed the 2axle. She wasn't totally sure on these, though. If she did, her tech scores would make more sense.

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    taf2 Guest


    Little one-someone on FSW ALWAYS says that Michelle flutzes. LOL I saw a review of ladies at SA that said she flutzed in TRV. I don't believe Michelle ever has a skate where someone at FSW doesn't say she flutzes. (Oh, the continuing defense of TL- and now Maria-eg "Maria has a TRUE lutz!) Actually, I think these are excellent marks. They are a little lower on the tech side, but the base mark is probably lower than any sp in years; it certainly looks easier than Rach, FOC, DOD, or Romanza. Irina got this same range of marks at Keri, and I think her program was beautiful, with much better technique than in the past. Michelle probably did have some kind of bobble and lost .1 or .2 points. Actually, I'm glad this happened now. It's clear any benefit of the doubt will go to Maria this year (they don't just hold her up, they sometimes have to prop her up.) It's only fair for the judges to be clear on what they expect from Michelle & not wait til Worlds to lower the boom on her. I think they're telling her that they expect her to raise her tech content-if others besides Michelle skate clean at Worlds, I don't think her beautiful in-betweens will put her in 1st place if the others do harder jumps, spins, or footwork. It's obvious the judges love Michelle's skating, but like many of us fans, I think they are ready for her to take it to the next level & not play it safe with a 3toe in the short, for example.

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    littleone4eva Guest


    LoL, you're probably right about that flutz thing! I think that Michelle could probably get by with the 3toe for the mean time, but I also think she should really try to up-it to a 3flip by Nationals (or at least by Worlds). We all know she can do it

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    I don't believe for one minute that MK flutzed. And when is the last time you have seen her 2 foot? Anyway according to Karin both the lutz combo and 2 axel were fine but she had a shaky landing on the 3 toe.

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    Karin Guest

    Default You wanna know wha a flutz is???

    You wanna know what a flutz is??? display...tara lipinski...


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