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Thread: Send Music for Future Programs to MK!

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    Default Send Music for Future Programs to MK!

    I'm looking to organize a project to send my music edits to MK for her to use for her own personal recreation while on the ice, or possibly to transform into a skating program we can see in a competition or exhibition in the future when she makes her return. The way I see this happening is this:

    -I provide 16 music selections that I have made myself. 8 Long Program selections, and 8 Short Program selections. I will also give an explanation for each selection to help you decide.

    -Members of MKF vote for which edits they would like to be sent to MK. In the end, 4 of each will be chosen based on:
    -The number of votes
    -The comments/explanations of members as to why they feel strongly about their choice of selection(s).

    -I will also add 2 more additional edits that I feel should be given honorable mentions, bringing the total number of edits sent to 10!

    ***Members of MKF will post a comment they would like to say to Michelle regarding a comeback, seeing her again on the ice, and what style of music they would like to see her skate to. This is just a nice way for her to get a vibe as to what her fans would like to see and possibly give her a little inspiration, even though I doubt she needs it. I will take the comment (one per member) and make some sort of handwritten scrapbook to send along with a burned CD.

    I will begin selecting the music edits and posting them in no time. I'll post links to download the music and you can make your selection. I'll have a corresponding thread started in the Polling section here at MKF where you can make your votes!! It will all come together by tonight. I'll leave the poll open for two weeks so everyone can make their decisions in a timely manner.
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    Default Long Program Selections

    Here are the music selections I have chosen along with a link to download each one individually and a brief description. Take your time and don't be too hasty to write one off. Sometimes it takes time for music to grow on you.

    This is where you can vote:

    Long Programs

    Russian Christmas Music: Composed by Alfred Reed, Russian Christmas Music was written as an attempt by the composer to improve Russian/Soviet and American relations. The piece is meant to capture the feeling of Eastern Orthodox choral music, which uses the human voice exclusively. It's a strong lyrical piece of music and very evocative of winter.

    Rachmaninoff Piano Trio No.3: Composed by S. Rachmaninoff, all members of MKF should be familiar with the main thematic element of this music. MK famously used this selection for her signature SP.

    The Firebird Suite: Composed by I. Stravinsky, The Firebird Suite was originally in the form of a ballet that was about the Russian Folktale of the glowing red mythical bird that is both a blessing and curse to it's captor. This is the ultimate comeback piece of music because the Firebird die and rose from the ashes reborn.

    Isle of the Dead: Composed by S. Rachmaninoff, many of us here at MKF believed MK was using this music for her 2005/2006 season. We were mistaken but also taken back by the bold music selection. Rachmaninoff based his striking composition on a painting by Arnold Bocklin, which I have seen in the Museum of Art in NYC. It's Oil on wood and amazing to behold.

    The Sleeping Beauty: Composed by P. Tchaikovsky, The Sleeping Beauty is striking music from the ballet. All of us are familiar with the story, especially from the Disney film. I began this edit with a composition for piano and completed it with the piece for orchestra. I believe it has nice flow to it. Michelle has NEVER skated to music by Tchaikovsky.

    Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5: I had the pleasure of seeing this piece performed last year. It's very dramatic and very effective. I believe it would work nicely on the ice and it has a very mature feeling to it. I made a video montage using this music. I entitled it "Michelle Kwan: A True Olympian."

    Afternoon of a Faun: Composed by Debussy, this was a ballet that was famously staged by Nijinsky. Michelle has said her greatest influence has been Janet Lynn. This was Janet's most famous music she ever skated to. It is very ethereal.

    Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 1: This was one of my most popular edits. I believe it's technically the most well constructed edit I have made for an ice skating program. Its his lesser known concerto, but was performed by Midori Ito back in the 80's I believe.
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    Default Short Program Selections

    Here are the selections:

    Here is where you can vote:

    The New World: Music from the motion picture composed by James Horner. The story of Pocahontas and John Smith as told brilliantly by director Terrance Mallick. It's a stunning picture to behold and the music is equally as effective as the film. This is by far my favorite.

    Roxanne's Dance: Music from the motion picture "Alexander," by the Greek Composer Vangelis. Oliver Stone's picture traces the mythology behind Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the known world before the time of Christ. While his first two cuts of the film are not good, his final cut is rather good. Roxanne was Alexanders wife. This music is plain ole' sexy and is meant to convey the moment he was entranced by her striking beauty and resemblance to his mother. "Oedipus, party of one. Your table is ready!"

    Theme from Evita: This is an orchestral version of the theme "You Must Love Me," from the motion picture "Evita," by Andrew Lloyd Webber. No explanation is necessary here.

    Alwyn's Concerto Grosso: A lesser-known composition by William Alwyn, who composed "Lyra Angelica."

    Theme from Kull: I had originally composed this edit with Alexei Yagudin in mind but MK's selection of Totentanz has led me to believe that this isn't totally out of the realms of possibility. Composed by Joel Goldsmith for the crapolla film "Kull The Conqueror," Goldsmith combined heavy metal and opera seamlessly. I can imagine MK in some sexy leather outfit burning the ice with her every step (I have to include something for the guys). I BLAST this in my car with the windows rolled down!

    The Ice Dance: This is the main theme from the film "Edward Scissorhands," and was composed by Danny Elfman. All of us have seen the film I suppose, so we can no doubt recognize the music. This was a big hit when I made it a few years back.

    Salome: Composed by Richard Strauss, this was the very music MK used to win her first National and World titles. I would LOVE to see what she could do with it over a decade later. I am sure she would perform it with the sensuality and maturity far beyond that of a teenager. It makes me nostalgic.

    Theme from Limelight: This is the main theme from Chaplins great film of the same name, also composed by Chaplin himself. The story is about an aging clown and famous performer who is way beyond his years and would have ended his own life had it not been for the sympathy and inspiration of a kind young admirer.
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    Moderator Post

    Per a request, I'm moving this thread into MK Fan Chat for 2 weeks in order to jumpstart the project for Lyrakwangelica. Afterwards, the thread will be moved back into the Projects section of the forum.

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    Someone made a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon edit that I would like added.. if someone has it? I know a couple of MKFers are as gung ho as me to see her use this music.

    Also, I do love her selection for the LP in 2005/2006, and I would love to see that program.

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    Grace I have an edit of music from Crouching Tiger, it's lovely. I'll add that to my list as well and of course we all love her selections from two seasons ago. She'll have the music already of course, but I'll make sure we mention it if this project ever goes underway, lol. It can't just be 4 or 5 of us. Perhaps its not the best idea. 142 views, but 4 takers.

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    Lyra, I have a lot of respect what you're doing here. I think your music edits are fantastic, and have really introduced me to some wonderful music.

    I don't know what the future in skating holds for Michelle, with any of these potential music edits, but it'll still give her some wonderful options.

    I particuraly like your Sleeping Beauty, and Adams family clips...
    Michelle, she had me at 6.0!

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    I thank everyone who downloaded my cuts and took part in this, however I am terminating this project. I thought it was a pretty nice idea, but obviously majority rules. So thanks again to all those who took part.

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    My apologies, LyraKwangelica. I've been so busy this past week with work and a couple of projects of my own that I finished earlier this week. I also just noticed the voting poll.

    If I would have noticed this thread sooner, I would have voted in the poll. I'm sorry that you've decided to terminate this project. I really appreciate all the time and effort that you took to upload the music, and then post all the links.

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful music, and I'm still going to vote in the poll whether you've terminated the project or not.

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    I really enjoyed listening to your music, Lyra. You introduced me to several pieces I hadnít heard, and I can be a music geek. I hadnít heard Russian Christmas Music for a long time. I voted for Alwyn and the Rach Piano Concerto. I thought they had the most potential because they had a lot of contrast and unpredictability, were new and not so well-known, didnít sound too big or forced, seemed more like classy art music that judges would like, and had depth that could draw someone in.

    And hey, if you believe enough in the potential of any of those pieces, go ahead and send them to her. Doesnít have to be a project.
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    I think Michelle would do a great Chopin "Fantasie Impromptu" or to Aaron Copeland which can feel very down to earth and American which is very Kwan! I love Appalachian Spring Doppio Movimento.

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    How about Michelle skate to a classic? "East of Eden" ? For the long program she could do something familiar the will help her increase her speed like "Red Violin".

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    Cpop music possibly?

    I absolutely adore this song :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith11 View Post
    Cpop music possibly?
    I absolutely adore this song :3
    Though I have no idea what she was saying, her voice is amazing. Very evocative piece, so yes, I can picture Michelle skating to this. Thanks for the link .
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    Quote Originally Posted by gratefulmkfan View Post
    Though I have no idea what she was saying, her voice is amazing. Very evocative piece, so yes, I can picture Michelle skating to this. Thanks for the link .
    True art transcends language; just like our Kween :3 Translations for this song: West Lake is an actual lake in Hangzhou, China (which coincidentally is where my family's from). I can just imagine Michelle bathed in a soft blue light and doing delicate flowing footwork that increases in intensity until it climaxes with one of her glorious spiral :3
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    ...they've been used, but so many songs by the beatles would work....

    ... wish i didn't know now ....

    ..... what i didn't know then ....

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