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Thread: Sarah should've been 2nd!!!

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    ILuvMKwan Guest

    Default Sarah should've been 2nd!!!

    I sincerely think that Sarah should have been 2nd..She has way greater technical difficulty than Sasha, and her presentation was about at the same par as Sasha. If only one more judge had put her in 2nd place..she would have been the silver medalist. I think Cohen is very fortunate to be able to get silver. She deserved bronze. Gosh..she's in the same position as Naomi last year, getting the silver in her first senior nationals. I would like to see if she can carry through for the years to come and not falter as Naomi did.

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    skatingfan Guest


    ITA And this has nothing to do with the top 3 ladies. I think it is so neat that NNN is doing flying sit spins. I kristi and Josee are the only other ladies who do that spin.

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    Default Sarah should have been second!

    I agree! Poor Sarah is experiencing some of the same things Michelle has experienced. She was wonderful, but she's too tall to be the darling, too tall to be a baby ballerina. Give me a break! Sorry, but I think Sarah should have been second last year, too. She certainly proved herself at '99 Worlds! Let's see what happens this March!

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    SJB Guest

    Default I agree

    Sasha and Sarah did the same number of triples, but Sarah did a 3/3 combination, and Sasha, according to Peggy, may have two-footed a landing. Of course, one or both of them may have flutzed, I can't tell from TV. I thought Sarah's presentation, especially her skating with the music and not to it, much, much better than Sasha's.

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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Re: I agree

    No, Sasha attempted 6 triples, fell on one, and 2 ft two others - 3s, and second 3z. She completed only three clean triples. Her toe pick caught the ice during footwork, her spins are travelling. Sarah's edges are better. I think judges are sending messages to SH again, they want better posture. Or maybe it is the skating order again.

  6. Default Re: I agree

    I agree with everything thats been said. I think it had a lot to do with skate order. Its too bad, because Sarah really deserved 2nd place...One judge even had her in 1st place, so I don't think the judges are necessarily trying to send her a message. Her posture has improved lightyears. Her program was superior to Sasha's artistcally. Sarah really interpreted the music, had greater difficulty, and better edging.

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    sw10025a Guest

    Default My Thoughts

    Sarah was definitely handicapped by her unfortunate skating order, but I think there were other factors at work. I don't think the judges were trying to send her a message about her posture and flutzing, because its well known that she's working diligently to improve both. No need to send a message that has already been received and is being acted upon. Aside from the skating order, I think she might have been marked lower just the slightest bit to leave ample room for Kwan and Cohen, should it prove necessary. I think the botched 3toe-1loop really cost her, both in the sense that she didn't execute it, and it was really obvious that she popped it, and that she really needed to be technically perfect that early in the final group, but also because the mistake deflated some of the excitement and the momentum of the program. I think the judges would also like to see a second lutz in her LP -- I suspect the reason two 3-3s were inserted in her program was not just because as she said "if I can do it, why not?" but because by re-choreographing they hoped to eliminate *one* lutz and still keep her technical mark up. The fall on the solo 3salchow just sealed her fate. I think the panel would have been more forgiving had she fallen on one of the harder jumps, rather than one of the two easiest. Sasha's advantages were not just the result of the skating order. All other things being equal, I think she would have been placed higher just out of respect for the fact that she won the SP. I also think there is a definite, strong pro-ballet bent in the figure skating world, and she definitely embodies the balletic approach to skating. She also has the excitement of being an absolutely fresh facing in skating, in a sport where Michelle is treated like she is over the hill because she's 19, NNN and Sarah were last year's news and the press seems intent on hunting down the next new skating star (particularly since NNN has failed to deliver the goods this season). And unfortunately, shallow as this may be [and I'm not saying its right, just that its plausible], it certainly helps to look like a tiny, delicate "china doll" with a frankly gorgeous face than a 14 year old who's a little too tall to be considered cute, who's not old enough to pull off a more mature and sophisticated look, and does not wear makeup -- which might make her look a little older. She's at that awkward stage where she's no longer one thing and not quite enough of another.

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    iceangelic Guest

    Default MESMERIZE

    I kept telling people it's not the jump or the artistry, but it's how one can mesmerize the judges. If you want to win, you will need to learn how to mesmerize your surroundings and provide the sparks and flames (SEE NAOMI and SEE ANGELA NIK.)

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    sw--Sarah DOES wear make up, she just doesn't cake it on like Sasha does. I like Sarah's appearance...she looks very natural. She's the only one who follows the rule my mother once told me: "The key to wearing make up is to make it look like you're not wearing any at all." And IMO, it is wrong to be cheated out of 2nd place just because you aren't "cute". Sarah's overall quality of skating is far superior to Sasha's. I was reading a discussion of this on FSW and many people were talking about how Sasha doesn't use her edges at all, has really scary jump techniques and traveled on almost all her spins. Sarah was ripped off for the second year in a row. Maybe the judges will realize this if Sasha goes to nationals next year and flops like NNN did this year. Maybe then they will stop rewarding these charismatic baby skaters that look about 10 yrs old and happen to put together two good programs. Maybe then, Sarah will get rewarded for her remarkable consistency, not only at the National SENIOR level, but at the INTERNATIONAL SENIOR level as well.

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    Default Re: MESMERIZE

    Diane you go girl! Sarah was robbed of the silver. I won't say another word for fear that it would sound like I am bashing. I am tired of all of these "little" girls. What happened to the meaning of "wait your turn". Plus since they have taken out the school figures all you have is a bunch of skaters skating and jumping but they have no edges. They don't hold their edges as they go into a jump. It's like they just jump and it works but it looks so tacky! Okay I put my two cents in.

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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Re: MESMERIZE

    Good for SH, she makes the podium, too bad she is robbed of second. I think MK's team should pay attention to the one judge putting SH ahead, even though Mk has 6 triples and SH only has 5. I think SH interprets music much better than China doll. Even though I still think nesun dorma is a bit mature of a piece of music for SH. But since she is so tall, from a distance she looks older than 14, and her lp is growing on me. BTW, I think it is a good thing that SH is in some ways ignored by the press, i.e. less pressure. Take notice at NNN's example. I think SH will cruise her way through worlds, and I think SH, and MK will bring home 3 berths for next year.

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    sw10025 Guest

    Default Re: MESMERIZE

    DianeO, I stand corrected that Sarah is wearing makeup, albeit very minimally. However, I did not suggest that it was right to be done out of a particular medal because of looks, height, body type, national affiliation, whatever. I merely mentioned that unfortunate fact as one possible reason among many possible reasons. I think the skating order, only one lutz, and the popped jump on the 3toe-3loop attempt cost her more dearly than any aspect of her appearance could ever have cost her. But the good news is, I think the international judges are going to be far more receptive to Sarah than Sasha. Hitting some beautiful balletic positions and having a certain amount of charisma is fine, but if you skate slowly, make technical errors on your jumps, and don't even try a 3-3 combo, you're going to be dead meat. I'm sure the worlds judges will have the proper appreciation for what Sarah does.

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    iceangelic Guest

    Default CHEATED

    Well, yeah, I guess I am gonna have it to agree with you guys that Sarah was cheated out of the SILVER medal race this year and only this year. As for as '99, Naomi did win the silver fair and square. Her performance was brilliant and it brought the whole house down. Whatever happens, I wish Sarah Good LUck! I hope she doesnt grow anymore. It scares me to death 'cause she's only 14 and she's so huge. I do like Sarah and she is so very mature and she has IMPROVED SOOOOOO very much. I think next year she might be able to whip my favorite skater, MK's butt.

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    Karin Guest

    Default I think...

    skating order??? I thought SH should have won silver too!!!

  15. Default Re: I think...

    iceangelic--Sarah is not HUGE LOL, unless you consider 5'3" HUGE She's just not unusually teeny tiny for her age like NNN or Sasha. She's only an inch taller than MK

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    Default Sarah

    I don't know about waiting your turn, I think if you earn it you deserve it. I agree with skatingfan that Sarah, along with MK, will be successful at worlds. Sarah seems very determined and I think this national experience will only strengthen her resolve for Worlds. I too felt Sarah should have been 2nd. It think SC has potential but IMO Sarah gave the better overall performance. iceangelic, what do you mean by using "so huge" to describe Sarah? Tall maybe, but Huge?


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