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Thread: Join Me In Dancing a Michelle Happy Dance!!!

  1. Default Join Me In Dancing a Michelle Happy Dance!!!

    As soon as I finish this post, I am going to jump up and do a "Happy Dance" for Michelle right here in my office.

    So if you want to join me, please post here and let me know that

    "YOU ARE DANCING!!!!"""


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    Rene Guest


    Can you dance and cry at the same time???

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    Jun 1999
    San Diego, CA

    Default LOL


  4. Default Re: LOL--Dancing an Crying

    Yes--I am blessed with an incredible ability to multi-task!!!! Dancing, crying, blowing my nose into a kleenex, all at the same time.....LOL!!

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    galadrielle Guest


    I'm doing:

    the FUNKY CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanking the God Almighty
    occasionally rolling on the floor
    jumping up and down

    but stopped the shrieking ... finally

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    muri Guest

    Default I'm dancing

    and laughing & crying & praising God
    They plotted against our Michelle but to no avail. Thank You, Jesus

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    Schmeck Guest

    Default Re: I'm dancing

    I've already done the 'she won, she won, she won' dance so much my kids are begging me to stop, and I can't get this silly grin off my face! (as if I really want to, not!)

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    ML Guest


    <font color=red size 5>Celebrate!!!</font>

    <img src=>

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    SK8fan2 Guest

    Default Here's My Contribution to the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

  10. Default Re: Here's My Contribution to the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!

    SK8fan2---LOL!!!! This is great! I'm back on my feet--arms streched over my head, doing one of those football celebration moves!!!!

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    LYRA1 Guest

    Default Re: happy dance

    I am so happy for Michelle I can't stop crying. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. MICHELLE YOU ARE TRULY AN ANGEL!!!!!

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    Default I was doing the jig ...

    when I saw the results and immediately did the Chicken dance right after!!! Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!!!

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    muri Guest

    Default Is everyone still dancing

    just checking, because I can't stop.
    Now I'm hitting the groove with some reggae.

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    Default Re: I was doing the jig ...

    I started doing the happy dance when Maria fell, then when I heard Michelle won my hubby couldn't get me off the ceiling. My hubby said "now that you know she won you don't need to watch it tonight", Ahem yeah right. Don't even stand between me and that TV or you are going to be dead! LOL! He is actually looking forward to watching it tonight also.

    Yessssssssss! I am still dancing can't stop!

  15. Default I want to dance alll night!!~~~~~:)

    I am soooo happy!!!~ I was saying to myself that MK was gonna get bronze but I was saying the opposite in hoping she'd get gold or silver!!~<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP--> Beth lol<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP--> yeah!~ nobody stand between me and the tv or else!~ hehe
    I was grinning from ear to ear...wooooo!~
    "I want to dance all night, I want to dance all, and still have begged for more...I want to spread my wings, do a thousand things, I've never done before...I did not know that it would be so heart took flight..."
    From My Fair Lady
    I forgot some of the words but that's how I'm feeling!!~<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP--> GO MICHELE!!~
    *Jumping up for joy*

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    Default Happy dance, cow dance, chicken jig, yeah!

    I tried to hold out until tonight, but was so upset over the judges reactions after the SP and Michelle's drawing first skate again -- I am sooooo glad I went on line to see the results!
    I've been dancing and crying and laughing and jumping and dancing some more!
    I am so proud of Michelle and so happy to be celebrating with all of you!
    Thanks, everyone, for all your posts. I feel like I'm at the best party! Wish we could all be together tonight for the TV broadcast!

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: Happy dance, cow dance, chicken jig, yeah!

    Ita flashoblue. I wish we could be together to watch it too. My son asked me why I get the results first. I told him so I can share the moment with someone.

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    susanp Guest

    Default Happy Dance

    Well I haven't been doing the happy dance but I sure can't stop singing and jumping up and down. I want to tell EVERYBODY..I want to shout it out to the neighborhood.

    "She is the champion my friends"
    " Oh Micky you skate so fine,
    you skate so fine , you blow my mind. Go Micky, Go Micky"

    Susan, clearing her garden to start the Michelle KWan Victory Garden.

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    Default since the hamster dance site is down

    <h1>[center]<font color="maroon">Turtle Dance!!!!!</h1>

    I am boogie-ing alone to the music!!!

    Way to go Michelle!!


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