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Thread: SC MK's short program

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    savvysearch Guest


    Actually I don't think it's the speed and power they are looking for. She's greatly improved in that category. I bet it is because they want her to upgrade her triple/triple. THat and everytime she goes to school full time, it takes much out of her and we can usually see that in her skate. I guess we won't really know what's up until two weeks. I really don't think she needs two triple/triples. Just one good combo is probably enough. But about all this triple triple talk. I really hope figure skating isnt progressing into something where people start doing three or four triple/triple combos in place of a good program.

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    Default They held it way back...

    5.5 from the Hungarian Judge (I thought GMAN bit that judge out of existence.) 5.6??? from U.S too for a clean skate??? You'd think with the 3 flip she's get higher marks, but NOOOO. ARE her spins that bad and if she is missing some revolutions like someone said in Skate America, why in tarnation didn't Frank and Michelle do something to fix it between the end of SA and beginning of SC. Weird wild stuff.

    It seems the way they are scoring Michelle, she's regressing in the presentation department too in the judges eyes. Anywho, congrats to Michelle and Irina. I don't mind the second place either, anything to stoke the fire in Michelle. It will be interesting to see how she responds to this. Here's to hoping she has a good draw in the FS and attack her free skate.

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    Default Re: Interesting...

    I too, upon reflection, am relieved that she's in second place after the SP. When she's behind, she always comes back strong. 8)

    REMEMBER 2000 WORLDS!!! (She was 3rd after the SP)

    Go Michelle! :rollin
    ...and congrats to Irina

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    savvysearch, I doubt they would deduct in the SP for elements MK does in the LP! (re: triple/triple) :rolleyes

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    savvysearch Guest


    I know. I was talking about overall scores.

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    i'm dissapointed to say the least....</bold>NOT</bold> with Michelle of course, cause she skated as well as she can (it sounds)...but i am dissapointed with the judging, 5.6 is unjustified!

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    Default Jarrett

    No overreaction here. I'm just being realistic. The majority likes Irina's DQ more than BS. It's ok she is in second. I just thought her short was a better prg but maybe not her long against Irina. I still think her short is better and more original but my taste doesn't count. I think if they both skate great and added their 3/3's Irina would get the nod because she has the harder elements. Michelle just doesn't have those hard 3 combos.

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    I think Irina's 3lutz-2loop v.s. Michelle's 3lutz-2toe gave Irina 0.1 more in the required elements. Irina's faster spins and speed in general gave her 0.1 more in the presentation mark.

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    I don't know what to think. FOUR 5.6's and one 5.5 with a triple flip and more speed (except the spins). Only 5.8's for presentation. They say she seemed happy with her skate. What's up? I'm glad she's in second at least.

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    savvysearch Guest


    I read another report that said MK got a 5.5 in technical!!!! I really have to see this short program. I haven't seen it yet. Curse you all for those who've seen it already!!!!

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    shell4mk Guest

    Default lavender

    I know exactly what you're saying Lavender. Don Quixote is considered great by a lot of people. It's just common sense. Besides that, look at the scores, it's clear whose skating was preferred. How often in the past has Michelle had scores that low on a clean skate. No 5.9's for presentation, as low as 5.5 on required elements. It wasn't even that close. I don't know what Michelle needs to do, but right now it doesn't look good. That doesn't change how I feel about Michelle or her skating, but I do think the judges are making a statement because the scores always make some statement. Sorry for rambling, but I'm feeling really down right now, I was hoping to come home and find news to cheer me up.

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    Default Not surprised by the outcome

    I've sort of been mentally preparing myself for times like these, when others would arise to really give MK a run for her money. I'm not particularly upset either. MK did deliver a nice, clean short with a 3 flip. I'm not really that concerned with MK being in second because, hey, the competition is not yet over. So as long as MK can still control her own destiny, I won't get freaked out if I don't find her in first after the short, throughout this skating season.

    And is anyone really annoyed by the marks? I mean, if anything, MK's presentation has improved since the Olympics and she's upgraded her solo 3 jump to boot yet some of her technical scores seemed unjustified, even if she did skate first. And I don't mean to be whiny or sound mean cause I'm not trying to be, but Irina's presentation didn't improve THAT much. It might just be a cultural clash, but her choreography as of late has been yucky. I know this has nothing to do with the presentation mark and that what I am saying is relative, but I just don't get how something that looks better isn't given better presentation marks to something that doesn't look as good. (Note: this may be more of my own self reassurance. I can't help it though, it's like my own personal defense mechanism.)

    Oh yeah, also does anyone else feel less emphasis on their desire to see MK win whatever competition she enters and more emphasis on just seeing her improve her own skating and just performing her personal best?

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    promom Guest

    Default Different Judges different tastes

    I went on record in the forum when she skated her short
    program that I did not like the music (not that Irina's
    is that great either) but that affects the overall feeling I get from the program in general. On the Other Hand I LOVE the long program music (maybe the judges will feel like me)
    However this is one of those situations where Irina has nothing to lose and she can throw everything. Perhpas Michelle will too! At any rate the important thing to me is that she did her best and if that's not good enough so be it. You can't win everytime, but you can certainly lay them in the aisles. Irina also has the advantage of having skated her DQ program much longer and will be more secure,but this should be interesting to watch.

    Terri Mommy to a 4 year old Violinist

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    Default now is the time

    If Michelle was to lose to Irina any time this year, this is the event to do it. It's early in the season and it'll give Michelle the motivation to attack, attack, and attack. I think Michelle's technical ability as just as good as Irina's. She just doesn't do what she's capable of doing sometimes. Irina has everything to gain, and Michelle in a way has everything to lose. A lot of this is a mind game. Michelle has to remember to JUST DO IT! and not think so much.

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    Default Skate Canada

    I don't think I saw a 5.5 on the tech mark on the live scores. I do think the judges just stated what they thought of Michelle's presentation vs Irina when they both skate clean and they are now sending that message. She had better scores at SC last year when she did a 3 toe. Go figure.

    Hopefully Irina and Michelle will skate clean in the long and then we will know where Michelle stands for the rest of the season. I was prepared for the overall win to go to Irina but not the short for the reasons I stated.

    Shell4mk-I'm sorry this doesn't please you but you had to know that it was a great possibility that Irina would be the one on top. Even though Michelle's the current world champion I kind of suspected that Irina might be the favorite. I can't imagine them deeming Michelle as the only favorite in this competition.

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    Default Tech scores

    I'm not really upset that Irina won the short. Her spins are better and it sounds as if the jumps were even, except with the 2L in the combo jump. Michelle definitely has better spirals though and I guess there is more weight put on spins. But some of the scores still seemed low for a clean skate, especially the Hungarian judge . I wonder about the footwork?

    I too saw both shorts at the Masters and felt that even with all clean jumps, Michelle's was better. Maybe it is a cultural difference/preference, but I thought Irina's arm movements to *wavy* and the overall program a little immature (not sure it's the right word)? Still, it is a technical program, so they went with Irina.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Irina, but I love Michelle !

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    Default Re: Skate Canada

    I'm not too bothered by Michelle's results at this competition. I actually think Skate America was more important because she had to send a message that the other American girls aren't passing her up. Here, Irina and Michelle are co-favorites so as long as they finish 1-2, I don't see either of them losing a lot here by finishing second. I think it's more important that Michelle is on her game after the new year at Nationals and Worlds. It would be nice for either lady to win here and gain momentum but the real prize is months away.

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    Default Re: Skate Canada

    5.6 5.6 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.6 5.5 5.7
    5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8
    11.4 11.4 11.5 11.5 11.4 11.5 11.4 11.3 11.5
    2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2

    5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.8
    5.8 5.7 5.6 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.7 5.9 5.9
    11.6 11.5 11.4 11.6 11.5 11.7 11.4 11.7 11.7
    1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

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    Default Re: MK's short program

    Do you really think Michelle is just as good as Irina in the jump department. I do think Michelle can execute those jumps in practice sometimes but it won't count if she doesn't do them in competition. She is just not consistent enough with the hard combos.

    Where is this 5.5 score you guys have been talking about? I didn't see that score on the live scoreboard.

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    AYS Guest

    Default 5.5

    The second from last technical score from MK is 5.5.

    I am extremely grumpy and ticked off by this result. I just don't really like Slutskaya's skating (yes this is true confessions here). The qualities I appreciate are all on MK's side.>: I feel like quitting as a skating fan right now.

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    shell4mk Guest

    Default thanks

    Thanks Lavender. I could see it coming, but I think I've been in denial. I totally agree about Irina being the favorite. I'm not upset by anything Michelle has done, she's still my favorite skater and probably always will be. I just see her scores going down now from year to year and I can't understand it. I guess I just look at the skating differently. I know I haven't even seen the skating, but the results are something I was dreading, because I thought they might be something like what they are. I know it's not over, but I'll be very surprised if Michelle wins (and ecstatic). Sorry for rambling and making it sound like the situation is dire, just how I feel right now.

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    shell4mk Guest

    Default AYS

    Ays: I just have to add I know exactly how you feel. You just said everything I was trying to say only much better and shorter.

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    BethAnne3 Guest


    Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Michelle lost to Irina in this competion, especially if both are clean. It could only provide motivation for her. If Irina is consistently doing a triple lutz/double loop in the short, maybe Michelle will upgrade to the same. If the judges are sending a message that they prefer Irina's style and technique, then now is the time for Michelle to get it. This is her last major competion for a while and she can concentrate on her training. I am sure she has a plan for the season. I am surprised that she is not getting higher scores because she is current world champion. Well whatever happens, it can only make Michelle stronger. She has definately toughened up over the last few years. Good luck Michelle.

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    Default Hungarian Judge!!!

    What was that Hungarian judge thinking???
    That's the second time a Hungarian judge marked down Michelle without a reason.

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    Default Shell4mk

    I totally feel the same as you but I guess I was trying to prepare myself. I can never fully do that. Don't feel like you're rambling because you not. At least not to me.

    The scores really really bother me the most and I feel they still should be closer. It's not so much the placing. I wish I knew how Michelle felt about her scores. Hopefully she doesn't feel the way we do.

    Thanks for the correction of the scores. I thought it said 5.8. Boy was I way off.


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