Live commentary from by Paul Martini:

16:30 EST KWAN: RE marks were up and came down and now both sets are up, very solid indeed!!!!!
16:29 EST KWAN: Compared to last week, this was a stronger looking performance and the smile on her face as she sits with Frank is a pretty good indication of how she feels about her effort this afternoon
16:28 EST KWAN: No doubt she will be a little disappointed in not hitting a triple triple, but aside from that, this was a very good skate.
16:27 EST KWAN: Once again, Michelle has put down a quality performance that should set a very high standard to start this event
16:26 EST KWAN: Spiral Seq in to the final combination spin,
16:26 EST KWAN: flying back sit is well done and having her just skate past me, the quality of edge on this woman is wonderful, very quite.
16:25 EST KWAN: foot work into 3 flip, well done
16:25 EST KWAN: music change
16:25 EST KWAN: Layback is good, but could use more speed
16:25 EST KWAN: speed gathered for a nice 3 lutz-2toe
16:24 EST KWAN: nice opening 2 axel
16:24 EST KWAN: Michelle to start position