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Thread: SC MK's short program

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    Default SC MK's short program

    Live commentary from by Paul Martini:

    16:30 EST KWAN: RE marks were up and came down and now both sets are up, very solid indeed!!!!!
    16:29 EST KWAN: Compared to last week, this was a stronger looking performance and the smile on her face as she sits with Frank is a pretty good indication of how she feels about her effort this afternoon
    16:28 EST KWAN: No doubt she will be a little disappointed in not hitting a triple triple, but aside from that, this was a very good skate.
    16:27 EST KWAN: Once again, Michelle has put down a quality performance that should set a very high standard to start this event
    16:26 EST KWAN: Spiral Seq in to the final combination spin,
    16:26 EST KWAN: flying back sit is well done and having her just skate past me, the quality of edge on this woman is wonderful, very quite.
    16:25 EST KWAN: foot work into 3 flip, well done
    16:25 EST KWAN: music change
    16:25 EST KWAN: Layback is good, but could use more speed
    16:25 EST KWAN: speed gathered for a nice 3 lutz-2toe
    16:24 EST KWAN: nice opening 2 axel
    16:24 EST KWAN: Michelle to start position

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    Default yeah for Michelle!

    Michelle hit every thing except there was something he said that puzzled me. The person that is commentating stated that she will be disappointed in not hitting the 3/3 but it was a good skate. What is this guy talking about? She doesn't do 3/3 in the short and most women don't.

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    Default Re: Irina's sp


    Hits everything. According to Paul, Irina's spins (including layback spins) are faster than MK.

    16:36 EST SLUTSKAYA: Better PRe marks as well
    16:36 EST SLUTSKAYA: Better tech marks for Irina than Michelle
    16:36 EST SLUTSKAYA: Michelle of course, the current world champion, Irina the current silver medalist. The crowd is still buzzing
    16:35 EST SLUTSKAYA: four or five stuffed animals hit the ice for her and this should give the judges the best chance they might get all year to evaluate these two back to back
    16:34 EST SLUTSKAYA: She is smiling huge and the crowd is giving her a huge ovation

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    Default Re: Irina's sp

    MK's marks:
    Technical Merit 5.6 5.6 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.6 5.8 5.8
    Artistic Impression 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8

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    Default MK behind Irina?

    So will Irina be ahead of MK going into the free skate? I guess that's not so bad, as long as MK doesn't have to go first!!!

    So far, Manianchenko has landed her elements as well. I wonder what kind of marks she'll receive.

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    Default SP continue...

    16:42 EST MANIACHENKO: Yoshie is on the ice skating around
    16:41 EST MANIACHENKO: I am impressed with the light airy feel of this program. Galina looked very relaxed throughout it
    16:40 EST MANIACHENKO: Crowd in giving her a very nice hand as well. Unlike the men of last night, we have now seen 3 very good performances in a row!!!!!
    16:40 EST MANIACHENKO: Combination spin has good speed to finish the program
    16:39 EST MANIACHENKO: Layback spin off to the one end,but well done
    16:39 EST MANIACHENKO: quality 2 axel
    16:38 EST MANIACHENKO: She has a very light, quick rotating way of jumping
    16:38 EST MANIACHENKO: Very good 3 Flip
    16:38 EST MANIACHENKO: Nice light, 3 lutz, 2 toe
    16:38 EST MANIACHENKO: Picking up speed for the lutz combo
    16:37 EST MANIACHENKO: Galina is moving to her start position

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    Default SC sets the standard

    Well I guess it is official they even like Irina's short better than Michelle's. I quess we were wrong about Irina's short not being better. I know they are going to like Irina's long better. Oh Well.

    See you guys around.

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    Catchick Guest

    Default Re: SC sets the standard

    MK should be very pleased!! She barely had a week off and apparently a well executed short. So Irina's head,it gives MK the incentive she needs.:-) Is a triple Lutz double loop that much harder than triple lutz double toe? Could the spins be off because MK's tired? I am proud of her and hope she skates better in the long no matter what the outcome.

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    Default Re: SC sets the standard

    LAVENDER, get a hold of yourself. Don't overeact!

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    ILuvMK Guest

    Default t riple/triple?

    I thought Paul knows his stuff? What would he say Michelle has to be disappointed in not hitting the triple/triple. What triple/triple?

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    sunny Guest

    Default sc short

    michelle' is great at coming from behind have faith....and chicken

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    slitherdumpling Guest

    Default Irinia's short program

    I understand that she beat Michelle because she was technically aheah. If her overall skating was there them mozel tov to her. However, I understand she is skating to the music of Schindler's List and I just saw her costume. I am insulted that she would skate to music from a movie that important and look like a prostitute!!!! As a Jew I am insulted. Usually stuff like this does not bother me. Irinia has much nicer costumes then this. I think something more subdued would have sold this program much better. As of now I don't care who wins or loses. The judges should have deducted for that horror of a costume. Ok rant over.

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    Default Re: Irinia's short program

    Wasn't Schindler's List her interpretive program?

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    savvysearch Guest


    Four judges scored her a 5.6???? The program must be really terrible. She must have been playing cautious. Someone post Irina's scores so we can compare.

    I don't think MK is going to win this event. Judging from SA, the Black Swann just doesnt look ready yet as a finished program.

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    Terri Guest

    Default Irina's SP music

    Irina is not skating to Schindler's List for her SP but her interpretive program. Her SP is to the music of "Elektra" I think.

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    savvysearch Guest


    One more thing. MK has been getting alot of 5.6s lately. I wonder what's up? Even at the Worlds she got a 5.6. She's gotta figure out why she's getting that score and do something about it.

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    ILuvMK Guest

    Default rankings

    so far

    1. Slutskaya
    2. Kwan
    3. Suguri
    4. Maniachenko
    5. Robinson
    6. Stellato
    7. Onda

    And for slitherdumpling: Maniachenko is the one skating to Schlinder's list for her short program.

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    Kwanrulez Guest


    I think she is getting those marks because she doesnt always hold her spins long enough ie she may hold a layback for 6 revs and 10 is a good number. And at SA in her long she held her back sit for 2 revs but everything else she does is so wonderful so she just needs to hold her spins longer.

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    ILuvMK Guest

    Default Spin Doctor

    And where is Evelyn Kramer..the Spin Doctor?

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    Naomi Guest

    Default THE MARKS

    You can go here to see everyone's marks

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    MKfan001 Guest

    Default MK's short program

    I hope the rest of you don't tar and feather me for saying this....... but in a wierd way I am happy that Michelle is second going into the long program. Maybe this will be the kind of incentive that she needs to improve. I have thought for a long time that if Michelle upgrades her LP to include two triple/ triples, the only thing holding her back is her speed and her slow spins. Also, with the skating order, it is almost unheard of that the person to skate first in the draw wins the short. The judges were probably either holding the marks back, or trying to send Michelle a message. Personally I think it's the latter. I think they want to see more speed and power from Michelle, pure and simple.

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    andycat Guest

    Default Interesting...

    Irina won the SP decisively!

    But it sounds like they both gave great performances which is the most important thing.

    Wonder what the difference would have been if Michelle hadn't skated first??

    Can hardly wait to see this comp!

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    Even if Irina skated first, I don't think it would make any difference. 3z-2l is a lot harder than 3z-2t. Moreover, Irina has faster spins. This is technical program. Irina has 2 major required elements that are obviously better than MK.

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    andycat Guest

    Default Partially agree, MKFan

    I partially agree...that MK being beaten will give her even more "motivation" to push herself technically.

    I don't think the judges were necessarily sending a message, though. The first skater always has their marks held back a bit.

    But as I've been saying all along, the pressure she's going to get from skaters like Irina and Sarah should move her toward some outstanding performances/technical changes in the near future I would think! And that's perfect for her going into next year's Olympics.

    Also, it would be great for her not to have the weight of being the overwhelming favorite this time papers were already starting to headline during SA!

    I say "it's all good!"

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    andycat Guest

    Default Agree Luenatic...

    I agree Luenatic, but I also think her overall scores would have been a bit higher than they were.


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