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Thread: My Friday Skate Canada report!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default My Friday Skate Canada report!

    Alright, I guess I don't need to go in too much detail since I see posts of live sp coverage. Anyway, here's my report.

    Men's practice.

    Todd-- attempted the quad several times, didn't land any as far as I know. Landed some huge triple axel-triple toes. Great footwork.

    Alexei-- landed only a few quads. Nice program.

    Li-- was the only one who landed most of the quad attempts. He landed so many of them, in combination with a triple toe.

    Takeshi-- had a nice practice.

    Women's short program.

    Michelle-- wonderful double axel. I didn't see her triple lutz-double toe because I was standing by the staircase waiting to run down to give her the bouquet I got her. But I heard her blades, and I think it was great! The footwork into the flip was awesome-- the triple flip just floate so beautifully. It was completely amazing and perfect! THe footwork still needs work, but it was great. I think Michelle needs a brighter costume. Several people I heard were commenting on how it was just not catching their eyes. Anyway, I like it, but I would prefer a brigther shimmery one. Her layback is so pretty, and that Kwan-spiral just takes my breath away.

    After she skated, I walked down the stairs by the boards and waited for her. I put my hair up just so people could see the MKGA T-shirt (CTV and ABC's commentating tables were right there too!). Michelle slided over and took the bouquet, said thanks, we hugged, and she gave me a peck on the cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad got a picture of that, and Frank was looking too (from what I can see from the pic since we were so tiny in the pic because my seats were so far up).

    Irina-- beautiful triple lutz-double loop. Huge double axel. Her triple flip just floated in the air. It was huge and was a beauty. Her dress is really similar to Michelle's ADITL, just longer and purple! Her spiral needs more extension, but her spins were out of this world!!!!

    I felt that it was a really close call, but only 1 judge gave Michelle a first place ordinal (German, I believe). The marks for Michelle, in my opinion, were way too low, especially the 5.5 from the Hungarian judge-- but that's just my opinion! Her presenation were all 5.8s accross the board, which I wasn't surprised about since she was the first skater. In my opinion, Irina did win the short program, not with more difficulty, but with energy and spark. I think the costume has a lot to do with it. She just sparkled, and Michelle's black dress just didn't.

    Anyway, Michelle was clean and fabulous-- and that's all I wanted. Since last year's worlds, my perspectives on winning have drastically changed.

    Deanna Stellato did a beautiful split falling leaf. Her spins were beauties, spiral was amazing!!!!! She did a looong Chinese spiral! Beauty. I thought the marks were low.

    Jennifer Robinson was great. She two-footed the flip, I believe, but she was such a pleasure to watch. When she left the ice, some lady asked to see her engagement ring!

    Anyway, I skipped the original dance and pairs. I'm going to Michelle's practice at 11:00 tomorrow.

    Talk to you in MKGA chat tonight!

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    Apr 1999


    Thanks so much Valerie! I really appreciate you taking the time to feed us hungry fans ! What do you mean about changing your perspective on winning? For me, I just hope she skates well and is happy with herself. You can't please everyone all the time. Forgive me if you've said it elsewhere, I have a horrible memory for most things.

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Sharon,

    Sharon, I used to be so uptight about Michelle winning. I would cry everytime she didn't win. How stupid now that I think about it. This change in perspective took place at last year's worlds. After the qualifyer and short program, I was just so proud of Michelle. I didn't care about the placements. So, for the first time, I prayed for Michelle to skate clean and do all her planned elements beautifully. That was all I asked God, which contrasted my previous superficial prayers of "God, please just let Michelle win". I remember crying after learning that Michelle skated flawlessly in the worlds freeskate-- I didn't know whether she had won or not, I was just so proud of Michelle. My prayers were answered! Back at the 98 Olympics, my friend wrote me a letter saying that Michelle had won gold-- the gold of the unseen things in life that are often overlooked-- purity of heart, etc. For 2 years, I didn't really understand what my friend had written. After 2000 Worlds, it all came clear. So all I'm praying for is that Michelle be happy, healthy, and skate wonderfully and gracefully. Winning a gold medal is just a bonus!

    There is this one prayer I saw on , and it says "where God has planted you, you must blossom. Live there happily, and make others happy". I think it so pertains to Michelle. God is beautiful.

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    shell4mk Guest

    Default thanks

    Thanks Valerie. That helps a little. I'm trying to let go of the it's only good if it's a win attitude. What your friend said was beautiful and that's a great prayer. Enjoy seeing the competition live and keep us informed when you can.

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    taboo999 Guest

    Default costumes

    <!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote>Quote:<hr> In my opinion, Irina did win the short program, not with more difficulty, but with energy and spark. I think the costume has a lot to do with it. She just sparkled, and Michelle's black dress just didn't. <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END-->You mean MK needs to go with the mugged ice dancer with 20 feet of illusion fabric look so she will have energy and spark? No offense to Irina, but <barf and shudder>.

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    MichelleFANnumber2 Guest

    Default Re: costumes

    Well, something...not black. I agree w/ Valerie---a costume has alot to do w/ how the judges think. Black is a depressing color.

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    Brian Guest

    Default Re: costumes

    Please. Costume color has absolutely nothing to do with how the judges score a skater.

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    butterfly Guest

    Default costume no spark yes

    I agree with looks and costume not winning, but spark has everything to do with winning. It was the edge tara had over MK at the olympics and IS at the GPF (along with huge 3/3). MK needs her spark to be lit up in flames to win because IS is in a high off winning and in a nonscoring event.

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    MichelleFANnumber2 Guest

    Default Re: costume no spark yes

    like the way u think butterfly

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Please don't misunderstand me

    I didn't mean that the costumes directly had to do with the marks-- no. I feel strongly that the outfit a skater is wearing has a big impact on a judge's impression. Michelle's is gorgeous, but it's certainly not the type that makes you all excited seeing it on the ice as she is travelling.

    I just saw the CTV coverage, and Tracy Wilson and Rod Black said that the judges "had" to leave marks, but that themarks were low. Tracy felt that they were too low. In my opinion, the 5.5 from the Hungarian judge was ridiculous-- just my feeling, I'm no judge!

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    mkgroupie Guest

    Default Re: Please don't misunderstand me

    I agree with your about that black dress.
    Yes, costume should not affect the performance but the "effect" can not be ignored. Michelle's dresses this season are "grim" not because they are black but because of the "blackness". Her second DOD black dress was pure class. This season's SP costume is OK, but that Black swan dress is too dour if you know what I mean. '
    I hope Kwan team think over "costume strategy"

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    Brian Guest

    Default I think

    MK's costume's are fine. The only thing that effects my impression of MK's programs are how she skates them. She could skate in a garbage bag for all I care.

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    Default Re: I think

    I like Michelle's short program dress. I think it's beautiful and suits her program well.

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: I think

    LOL Taboo. I like the "mugged ice dancer" Actually I like Irina but I would die if Michelle wore that costume. She actually has TWO "crystals" or whatever strategically placed on her chest, not to mention something that resembles a thong under her skirt. I'm not saying this to bash Irina, but I would die if Michelle wore anything close to that. I think her costumes are beautiful

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    Angkok Guest

    Default just got back from SC!

    I don't agree with the ladies sp results. Mk should be in first! All her jumps were powerful and got great flowl out of them. Her spins were great also, altho a bit slower than I.S' but they were dead centred where as I.S's travelled.

    Everything was right on, the music, the spins, jumps, footwork costume etc!

    Can't wait for the LP!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Angkok!

    Where were you sitting, if you don't mind me asking. I'm in section 3 if you want to come by and say hi!

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    amethyst Guest

    Default Valerie

    I remember feeling exactly the same as you. I used to always wish for her to win and was devastated when she didn't. But at this year's Worlds, that all changed. For the first time I prayed, "Please let her skate cleanly and with joy, doing all of her planned elements". I was watching on Eurosport and chatting and when the reports came in that she was flawless and dynamic, I was crying... just for the fact that she did it. I was so proud!!! Ordinals and medals weren't important to me, but then later knowing she won was the icing.

    I feel that way this year too. I said that at SA - please let her skate cleanly, joyfully and doing all that she plans. I didn't pray for the win. She won, but the victory wasn't as sweet (I'm sure she probably felt that way). To me, I'd rather see her fight like heck for it with her usual spark yet not finish first, than to win with a lackluster or downgraded program.

    That's what I am praying for in tomorrow's free skate. I want her to be happy most of all. To go out there with her usual grit, skate with spark and dynamite and move the audience to tears or to their feet. To do every single thing she's planned or at least give it all she's got both physically and emotionally. Then at that point to me, placements don't even matter.

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    Angkok Guest

    Default HI Valerie

    I was sitting @ section 9 row M seat 104. On Saturday night I will be in Club Seat row s. I am not sure where it is yet.
    Yeah, I would love to come by your seat to say hi. Actually I am going alone so it's nice to meet up with MK's fan.

    Did you find the arena cold? I was shaking like a chicken b4 Michelle skated. I don't know if the place was cold or I was nervous.

    Where's ur seat on Sat?

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    Angkok Guest

    Default oh

    Here's my email

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Did you see me give Michelle the bouquet?

    Angkok-- I'm in Section 3 row T seat 102-- you'll see me. Where are the club seats? What time are you going tomorrow? Are you going to ladies' pracite at 11:00 tomorrow? I think just practice passes are $5 (I got my tickets in the whole package!) May be we can meet before the competition so we can send out good vibes to Michelle together haha! I'll either be wearing my MKGA t-shirt or a dress tomorrow. Did you see me give Michelle the bouquet tonight? I can't believe I actually got a peck on the cheek from her!!!!-- and the bouquet didn't even show up on TV in the Kiss & Cry!

    Amethyst!-- I agree. I like what you wrote here and in the "upset" thread!

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    Angkok Guest

    Default Valerie

    Don't think I can go to the practice because I don't drive and taking TTC was a pain.
    Today it took me about 1:30hrs to get there by TTC .

    Oh if u don't mind, please give me ur email i want to send you something.

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    amethyst Guest

    Default Re: Valerie

    BTW sorry for using the word SPARK, I didn't read the other thread that people were sick of it until I already typed my Oh well it still fits! But I won't say it again.

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    Valerie Guest

    Default I'm e-mailing you now!

    I'm in the same seats all week. You took the TTC? I didn't know it goes to Missassauga. Um, about the arena being cold-- YES! I was so frozen! But then I was practically shaking everytime Michelle was going into a jump! LOL-- I can just picture me looking so dumb!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Heather or Jenny

    Please archive!


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