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Thread: Help with Camel Spin

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    Default Help with Camel Spin

    I need help with my camel. I get into it alright and i'm in the correct position most of the time. my two problems are sometime i rotate my hip out causing my free leg to be off to the side instead of behind me, this only happens every once in a while. My biggest problem is that i don't rotate fast enough. I mean I rotate really slow.How do i get up more speed in my rotation?

    P.S. I'm only in Freeskate4 so i'm new to camels. I started doing them just last year and had the leg problem mostly fixed at the end of the season last year but it's started coming back more now and my coach wants my rotation faster.

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    Camels have given me problems for a long time!

    What helps me is really working on stretching and making sure that your hip is in the proper place. That's my main problem, so I spend a lot of time off the ice stretching and keeping my hip in the right posistion.

    As far as speed, I get most of mine from the rise up into the spin. I used to put ALOT of empasis on the entrance to the spin, but have now realized that it's not where the speed comes from...atleast for me.

    Best advice...keep trying!

    Keeper of MK'S Spittle at the end of Campbells 2004

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    Thanks. I'll definitely try that next time I'm on the ice, my hip position is what gives me most of the trouble and I also put a lot of emphasis on the entry so I'm hoping what works for you will work for me too.

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