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Thread: My Saturday competition report!

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    Flaactordude Guest

    Default Re: Thanks Sharon

    Thanks for the great coverage keep me well informed....Im devastated about michelle not winning Skate Canada..I know its dumb to feel that way...I am a Michelle Kwan fanatic!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Thanks Sharon

    Valerie- Thank you so much for your reporting and comments for Skate Canada, it's appreciated very much!

    and, Quote from mano:

    "funny thing. I was more upset with Michelle not performing her best than I was about her placement. I didn't care if she didn't win, I cared that she wasn't herself. Go get 'em next time Michelle."

    I totally agree!!!!

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    NicoleM Guest



    What I also told Michelle was, "It was just BEAUTIFUL!" (this while I was hugging her), and you said something in agreement, like "Yes, it was", or something like that. So actually you did give Michelle some encouragement, you just don't remember it! lol And when she said "thanks", she was thanking both of us! Anyway, I think you were wisely trying to remember what Michelle said, which is the most important thing!


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