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Thread: I'm back from Canadian Open!-- my report.

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    Apr 1999

    Default Re: Did she?

    Thanks for the wonderful report Valerie! See, didn't I tell you it'd be worth it? And I think the only embarassing moment was with John Zimmerman this time !

    Welcome Josef. Thank you so much for the apology. We only bite occasionally !

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Sharon, I handed her the bok helmet

    Sharon, I handed her a bike helmet, and made sure she put it on before hugging her. Anyway Sharon, thank YOU so much. You're great!-- the best Sharon I know ! Re: John-- lol, I still cannot believe I said that! Apparently Nicole spoke with him afterwards saying "my friend was totally embarassed, she couldn't believe she said that to you!" and he was giggling or something. I'm still so embarrassed lol!

    And by the way Sharon, we don't bite occasionally! We just squeeze hair!

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: Sharon, I handed her the bok helmet

    Thank you Valerie for the great review. I can't stop thinking about the layback!!!!!

    Kwanette: LOL "should have been convicted felon"

    BTW Kwanluv, I personally feel the "no bash" rules DO NOT apply to Toyna Harding. But that's just me.....

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    skatestar Guest

    Default Thanks Valerie!

    I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed reading your report, Valerie! Thank you so much for sharing it all. I think everything you said was right on, and I can't wait to see that gorgeous layback you keep talking about. You are SO lucky you got to meet Michelle and see her in person, and get her picture!!! Is there any possibility you'll be able to post it when you get it developed?? Anyways, thanks again for the report!

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    Apr 1999

    Default Awww shucks Valerie!

    Thank you! bike helmut huh? ! I so wish you could report on Worlds for us next year. Can't you tell your teachers that they need to re-schedule your exams? I mean <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> come on<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->, how many time do they think you'll have the opportunity to see the Figure Skating World Championships <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> LIVE<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--><!--EZCODE BOLD END-->? How can that compare to <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> exams<!--EZCODE ITALIC END--> - yuck!

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    Michael Magic Guest

    Default Re: Awww shucks Valerie!

    Hey Valerie,
    Thank you so much for your awesome report of Michelle's skate at the Canadian Open. I'm glad to hear that she seems to enthusiastic with her skating once again. I can't wait to see her layback! Thanks for taking the time to report to everyone that can't see Michelle in person. You make her magic come to life.

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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Michael Magic

    Welcome to MKF, please keep posting. BTW, Michael as in Jordan ? and Magic as in Johnson?


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