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Thread: Ladies Freeskate...

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    TripleLutz Guest

    Default Ladies Freeskate...

    Currently, it's:

    1. Tatiana Malinina, Uzbekistan
    2. Mikkeline Kierkgaard, Denmark
    3. Jennifer Robinson, Canada
    4. Susanne Stadmuller, Germany
    5. Laetitia Hubert, France
    6. Julia Sebestyen, Hungary
    7. Tamara Dorofejev, Hungary
    8. Julia Soldatova, Belarus
    9. Annie Bellemare, Canada
    10. Bit-Na Park, South Korea
    11. Karen Venhuizen, Holland
    12. Zuzana Babiakova, Slovakia

    GROUP 3 is coming up...

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    TripleLutz Guest


    the next group order is:
    Elina Kettunen, Finland
    Fumie Suguri, Japan
    Silvia Fontana, Italy
    Vanessa Gusmeroli, France
    Sarah Meier, Switzerland
    Elena Liashenko, Ukraine

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    TripleLutz Guest


    Here's a look at some of the other skates from the last 12:

    Mikkeline Kierkgaard
    2axel/2toe, 3toe/2toe, 1flip, 3salchow/2toe, 3toe, 3salchow, 2axel

    Tatiana Malinina
    3lutz, 2flip, 3loop, 3toe (2foot), 3salchow (shaky), 3lutz/2toe (fall), 3salchow/2toe (fall), 2axel (shaky)

    Julia Soldatova
    3salchow/3toe (2foot), 1lutz, 1axel, 3flip (fall), 3loop (fall), 1lutz, 3salchow

    Jennifer Robinson
    3loop (fall), 3lutz (fall)... (details are scratchy in the middle), 3flip, 3lutz, 3salchow

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    OK Fumie is up. Good luck to her!

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    The final group is warming up. Here we go!!!!

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    Rene Guest


    I'm officially nervous

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    love2skate Guest

    Default Ladies Freeskate

    Quick! What's going on!! I'm nervous just by reading everyone's posts!!

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    Default Re: Ladies Freeskate

    Sarah just had an amazing skate!!! No marks yet.

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: Ladies Freeskate

    Good girl Sarah

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    Default Re: Ladies Freeskate

    Sarah takes the lead!!!

    5.3-5.8, 5.5-5.8 (i think that's right)

    Angela next then Michelle

    Man I am sooooo nervous!!!!

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    Rene Guest


    OMG I can't stop crying!!!!! We knew you could do it Michelle!!!!!! I don't even care if those judges don't give her the gold medal! SHE DID IT!!!!!

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    Default 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    Michelle just had a fantastic skate!!!!! That's our girl!!!!!

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    love2skate Guest

    Default Ladies Freeskate

    Woo-hoo!! did she do the combo? what jumps did she do?

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    Irina's in 2nd!!!!!!!!

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    catchick2 Guest

    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    yipppe!!! Just watched Irina on Iskater and her presentation marks are where they belong when you go around hunting for jumps. I like her but she needs to focus less on jumps and more on presentation!!!

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!


    Michelle hit 7 triples including the 3toe/3toe.

    Irina hit 5 clean triples and fell out of one. she did a 3sal/3loop/2something can't remember the last part.

    MICHELLE WON!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    today is my birthday and my wish and prayers are granted.
    THANK YOU GOD. :rollin
    i'm so glad i'm a spoiled brat! now i can just enjoy her performance. thank you God.

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    Barang Happy Birthday!!!!! hope you like your present!

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    Liz D. Guest

    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    What a great birthday present for you barang!!!! Michelle is the 4 time world champion!!!

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!

    dec5 and liz-what more can a man ask for? yahoooooooo!

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    Default Re: 7 TRIPLES!!!!!!



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