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Thread: Help buying Figure Skates

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    Default Help buying Figure Skates

    I know that my parents are giving me skates for Christmas this year!! They will be my very first pair and I'm SUPER EXCITED. So I want to kinda hint them in the direction as to where they should buy them. Does anyone know which brand I should get that would be relatively inexpensive, not cheap-looking, quality skates that will deserve my excitement? Are there any specific stores that we should look in??


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    My best advice for you is to go to a local rink that has a pro shop and ask to be fitted. There are too many variables to consider if you've never had your own skates before. I'd say a good beginner boot would be by GAM... paired with their G2 or a low level MK or John Wilson blade. Such a set will still cost you around $150-ish... but would be well worth it.

    All personal opinion here: I hate Riedell boots because they hurt my feet... I have a narrow heel and a wide ball and not a single pair of Riedell's stock boots fit well. I'm wearing Gam's now and am soooooon going to upgrade to SP Teri's. Their stock boots fit well for my feet type. So be sure to draw attention to widths and such... they're important for a decent fit.
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    I totally agree with synnabun. Go to a pro shop and get fitted. Look into the different boot brands too, my pro shop only carries Riedell so when they began to hurt my feet too much ( I have a wide foot and Riedell seems to work well with those with narrow feet... ) I had to contact a local fitter for SP-Teri to order my new boots. And I'm so happy with my SP-Teri boots, seriously very happy with them. Here are a few websites that can help you get to know the different brands a bit better:






    And I also recommend MK Blades, they're all I've ever used

    But definitely get fitted properly, don't just order the boots/blades online according to your street shoe size, proper fitting is one of the most important things you have to do when you set out to get your own pair of skates. Your fitter at the pro shop will be able to do that (ask if there's someone there who knows how to fit for figure skate boots) and they'll also be able to order blades for you that will fit your boots.

    Once you get your boot and blade then make sure you find someone who knows how to waterproof your boots and properly mount your blades - as that is another very important part of getting the "right fit".

    Let us know what boot/blade combo you end up getting It's so exciting to get new skates, I've been through a few pairs already and when I order a new pair I still get all giddy


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    I just bought a pair of skates yesterday! Mine are Jackson Classiques. I'm just a recreational/beginning lessons skater so they are good for me.
    I definitely say you need to go in, though. I measured a 6 for Riedells and a 6.5 for the Jacksons, while I wear a 7.5/8 shoe size!! Way smaller in skates!

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    I used to have a pair of Jackson Classiques. I really liked them a lot! I bought mine in Canada, did you? I'll probaby nedd new skates at least by next winter if not sooner. if you got them in the U.S. let me know cuz i live in North Dakota so shopping in MN is totally an option. Canada not so much cuz soon you'll need a passport.

    Right now i'm skating on Glacier 420s and I also like them a lot. They work great for intermediate or beginner lessons/recreational skating like i'm doing. (i'm in FS4) BUT i did buy them in Canda too so i don't know if that's an option for you. And rmys299 i totally agree that you need to try on skates before you buy. however, in my opinion, since you say they're your first pair i don't think you need to by boots and blades separately, that tends to get spendy and only be practical if you're a serious,advanced skater. For someone just stating as I assume u are u can buy good quality boots and blades already together. It all depends on what u want, what your definition of inexpensive is and what kind of skating u plan to do. you can always upgrade later as u get more advanced. Like I said just my opinion. Everyone here has good advice. If your rink doesn't have a pro shop go to any quality sporting goods store and you'll do fine.
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    Not only do I live in the U.S., I actually live in MN! I got mine at Westwood Sports in Bloomington, a suburb of the Twin Cities. But you could find some good skate shops up in Duluth I'm sure, which is much closer to North Dakota.

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    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. We're probably going to the proshop this weekend to get them fitted!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sajero2 View Post
    Not only do I live in the U.S., I actually live in MN! I got mine at Westwood Sports in Bloomington, a suburb of the Twin Cities. But you could find some good skate shops up in Duluth I'm sure, which is much closer to North Dakota.
    Sorry to drag up this old thread, but I was just reading through and saw that you got your skates at Westwood...I just got my new skates from Westwood! I'm still breaking them in but am very happy with them. are your new skates working for you? Hope you are enjoying them.
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