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Thread: Michelle Exhibition report!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Michelle Exhibition report!

    Of course, Michelle skated to Beautiful World. She was introduced as the 4-time national champion, and 3-time world champion, and *winner* of the 2000 Skate Canada silver medal. She was absolutely radiant and she did her usual jumps in that program with the exception of the double lutz which I think was actually intended, but I'm not 100% sure. The Charlotte was beautiful, and I just loved the click with the boots! She was beautiful! "If I could change the world"?-- I think Michelle Kwan already has.

    I was almost in tears after watching, because the whole week was just so overwhelming for me and Michelle's skating just moved me. The only regret I have is that I should have gotten her a humungous bouquet (like I was going to) and given it to her when she left the ice and said thanks to her. Sigh, I'm so upset I didn't do that. But I thought that in exhibitions, gifts were not given out-- don't ask me how I got that stupid idea. I've been a complete idiot the past 2 days, so anyway. (lol, I even cried all the way home in the car and my dad was like "oh") I think Michelle would have really appreciated the support and comfort knowing that she was actually mad at herself. It was still such a pleasure and dream come true watching Michelle.

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    AYS Guest


    Thanks for all of your reports - I think they have somehow been comforting to those of us who weren't there, given the outcome of the anyway. It sounds like you had such a super time.

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    ITA AYS.....Valerie, thanks for taking the time to report back to us.
    I loved reading about the little things that mean sooo much to us as MK fanatics

    You're AWSOME!!

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    Angkok Guest

    Default hey

    You are back from the EX! How many pix did u take today?! Don't forget to share them with us when they are developed ok.

    Thanks for the report again , Valerie!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Hey Angkok!

    Did you read my Sears Open thread? Help! You're probably the one to ask since you've been to Copps Coliseum in Hamilton before.

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    Default Re: Hey Angkok!

    LOL Val don't be so hard on yourself! You gave MK a pink elephant, flowers, a shirt, and squeezed her hair bun! What more could she ask for?

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Goo-- what more?

    HUMOUR mode on!.....

    Perhaps some concealer for those warts you gave her hahahahaha :p

    Humour mode off!.....

    Seriously though-- she must have thought-- what the heck is this girl doing grabbing my hair ("hair" added in just for Hadas ) bun?

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    Default Re: Goo-- what more?

    thank you thank you and thank you for the reports and sharing your fun, funny, warm and happy experience at sc.

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    Liz D. Guest

    Default Valerie

    Thanks for your reports. I love reading all of them!

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    monro77 Guest


    Thanks so much! Your reports are wonderful!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default I need some sleep first

    First, I need to go to sleep. Then in the morning, I have tons, and I mean *tons* of things to do! My friend is going to knock me out if I don't have my part of the assignment done for tomorrow since it's due on Thursday. Then I also have to prepare for new material in clinical (I'm in nursing, BTW, for those of you who are scratching your heads) for Tues and Wed. Then I have a psych test next week, and an essay due. Then the following week I have another essay due. And then I have exams along with tons of stuff due for my clinical course.

    I need sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Googoo sends Hadas, satiated with a large breakfast of beans, in Valerie's direction!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Help!

    Oh, it smells Goo!

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    Mar 2000
    The O.C.

    Default Re: Help!

    Valerie, you are being waaayyyyy too hard on yourself. You need to lighten up and de-stress, girl!!

    Here's some virtual bubble bath for you:
    oo o

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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Re: Help!

    Val, thanks for a wonderful report.

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    Jan 2000
    Atlanta, GA

    Default Re: Help!

    ooooohhhh Michellesmom if Valerie doesn't want the virtual bubble bath can I have it

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    Apr 1999

    Default Hey Valerie!

    I thought you cried and felt all better? Seriously though, I REALLY REALLY enjoyed your reports. Got to be in the top five of any reports I've ever read! And think of it this way, you have time (sort of) to plan what you will do next time !

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Sharon

    I was going to get Sears Canadian Open tickets today, but I hesitated, and I don't plan on getting them anymore. I just felt so awful and inconsiderate and absolutely idiotic. I thought I was fine after crying, but I guess not. Ah, I'm in idiot!-- I can't believe I started crying in the library today when my friend and I were working on our project! Oh well.

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    Apr 1999

    Default Re: Sharon

    Valerie! Why the hesitation? GO GET YOUR TICKETS! I would, if I could ! This gives you the opportunity to give her that bouqet of flowers, with a note written BEFOREHAND (heehee) of what you wanted to say at SC and forgot! If you have the opportunity again to see her, repeat repeatedly "Thank You For Your Performances, I Enjoyed Them So Much!" before you actually get to her. Write it on a post card or something. Visualize it !

  20. Default CO Tix

    Valerie! You go get yourself some Canadian Open tickets!!!!! We're depending on you!

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Thanks for the encouragement but

    after a night's reflection, I am still not over what kind of a fool I made myself and I don't want Michelle to think I'm a nut. lol what kind of a fan am I?

    lol--Gosh I can't be so sad-- I have clinical at the hospital tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! I walked in the study room at the library today and my friend said "are you feeling OK?" lol-- don't want my patient asking me that one!

    I think I just need some time. I'm scared to get those tickets. Thanks for the encouragements though-- really appreciate them. And Sharon, thanks for the idea of a postcard, but I don't think the meaning would be the same anymore. Sigh.

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    Apr 1999

    Default Re: Thanks for the encouragement but

    Actually, the postcard was for YOU ! To help you remember what to say, like notes or something. The other thing with the flowers was in case you couldn't tell her what you wanted to say, or if it was too long. I think she has more time to appreciate what you say if she's not rushed.

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    NicoleM Guest

    Default Re: Thanks for the encouragement but


    What on earth are you talking about? You were so sweet to Michelle all weekend and I know she appreciates it! If you think you acted a little goofy, believe me, she gets that all the time! (Largely from Nicole M, lol).

    Don't you remember that Michelle herself was once a skating fan, and got excited to meet her idols? I'm sure she probably thought the same thing, that she did or said something silly. And think of how starstruck all of us here at the MKF are, every time we post a report of having seen her. How many times have you read someone say that they felt like they did or said something idiotic? Why should you be any different from the rest of us? lol

    I know Michelle doesn't judge us like we judge ourselves. She is aware that people are very excited to meet her! I'm sure she didn't give it a second thought that you squeezed her bun. And I was there, and looking at Michelle the whole time when she hugged you, and then skated to the kiss-and-cry to get her marks. And believe me, if she had some horrified look on her face, I would have seen it!

    I honestly don't think she even noticed that you squeezed her bun. I didn't even know you did until you told me that. I would be willing to bet that you're not the first person to squeeze Michelle's bun. Think of how often she has skated with her hair in a bun over the years. It's bound to have happened before, probably more than once.

    Anyway, I have done something idiotic in front of Michelle just about every time I have met her. There is a very good reason that I am the keeper of Michelle's patience. Not only is she patient in the way that she stays eligible and continues to work on her goals, but she is also very patient with me! So I thought that keepership was appropriate.

    I have posted before about the many stupid things I have done in front of Michelle, so I won't spend the better part of the day going into all that again. I will check and see if I can get the time off of work to go to the Canadian Open. When I see you there, I will be able to tell you all the silly things I have done in Michelle's presence, and yours will pale in comparison! So I agree with everyone here who says you're being WAY too hard on yourself. You didn't do or say anything wrong, so there's no reason not to go to the Canadian Open.

    Michelle really appreciates her fans. If you go there to support her and watch her skate she will absolutely appreciate it. My friend went to Lake Arrowhead last summer ('99) to go and see Michelle in the July 4th ice show, and she has also met Michelle on several other occasions, and sometimes given her special gifts like you did (the pink elephant was a neat idea... good job!). Anyway, when Michelle saw my friend last weekend, my friend told Michelle her name to try and see if Michelle remembered her, and Michelle laughed and said, "I know!" She appreciated that my friend was there to support her.

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    Valerie Guest

    Default Thanks!

    Thanks Nicole!

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    mari19 Guest

    Default dress

    What dress did Michelle wear for her exhibition??


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