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    chinado11 Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP has already started,

    i'm a nervous wreck!! :o

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    kgrama Guest

    Default i predict....

    Here are my predictions....I am not wishing for anyone to have a bad performance, but this is my gut feeling:

    Sasha -- one fall, and one two-footed landing.
    Michelle -- either one unstable landing, or one jump cut down to a double.
    Jenny -- cut a triple-triple down to a triple-double, but otherwise great.

    I don't normally make predictions, but that's just what my gut feeling is.

    Now if you were the judge, and the above occurred, how would you place people? Keep in mind that Sasha has one more jump than Michelle.

    I would do: 1)Michelle 2)Jenny 3)Sasha That's not to imply that jumps are the only thing that counts, because that certainly is not the case.

    I would love my gut to be wrong and to see everyone skate flawlessly!!!! =)

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    Default Re: Ladies LP has already started,

    Hi! kwanette called from Ladies LP. She had to go b/c Louann Donovan was starting. She kissed the FABULOUS Johnny Weir!!! I'm so proud of Johnny, I could burst!!! Thanks to Terri77 who called me when Johnny got his scores. The arena was on fire! Still having good feelings about Michelle. WOW!!!
    Now, back to my Tosca chicken!


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    Aug 2000

    Default Re: Ladies LP has already started,


    McDonald 2a,3z/2t, 3lip fall, 3l, 2s, 2t/2t, SL steps short and with a stumble, ok lybk sit combo, eggbeater spin 38-41/41-42 in 1st

    Archambault 3s into 2t, 1a, 2l, spiral poor, 1z, sideways lybk, 1l,
    flying camel, 3l fall, sideways ina bauer, spin combo 35-40/38-42 in 2nd

    Mecher 3z (2ft), 3t/2t, 2s step out, sit spin ok, 3t, 2s, spiral poor,
    2a, 3l(2ft), SL steps short, 2a/2t 40-46/39-45 in 1st

    Beck lybk nice, 3flutz fall, 3flip fall, 3s fall, 2l, 2jump 2ft, 3flip,
    2a fall, ina bauer nice, circ ftwk, spirals ok, combo spin with
    Biellmann 31-39/36-42 in 4th

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP has already started,

    Thanks for the update sparks.

    Toly skating doesn't sound like it has been great so far.

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    Default Thanks!!

    Keep these updates comin' as soon as possible!


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    Default Re: Thanks!!

    Thanks for these updates, sparks and toly!

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    Default Re: Thanks!!

    Thanks, Toly!!! And thanks to you too, Sparks!!

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    GoldenKwan Guest

    Default LP

    All I day I felt the same I way I felt b/f SLC 2002 LP. But NOW I feel good. This is not the same MK of 2 years ago. I also have to add that I said I wouldn't read any posts this afternoon/evening in an attempt to keep sane. If stuck to that, but now I'll read the results thread. So for my sanity, please leave all negative thoughts off this thread. Please!!

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    Feb 2000
    In a pretty place

    Default Re: Thanks!!

    Love to you all...I'm a wreck!

    I'll check in later.

    TOSCA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    gooch95 Guest

    Default Re: Thanks!!

    Thank you, thanks you, thank you..We really appreciate all your hard nerve-wrecking work Toly and Sparks, Kwanette and everyone else there! I hope to see TPPP's on ABC... I'll say, "that's my girls!!" and my fam will think I'm crazy...


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    honey827 Guest


    Danielle Kahle in forst dso far with a triple sal triple loop not sure what else she landed.

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    Aug 2000

    Default Re: Thanks!!


    Donovan - sorry, I'm a bit tiredn but this was not a good perf and
    jumps I noted included a fall, 3t/2t, 3s?, 3f fall, 2z, 1a 37-42/40-45 in
    2nd free 1st overall

    Rosenthal 3?jump, lybk, 3s, 3t/2t, 3l, 2ez, spirals poor, 3t, 1a, fall
    in circ ftwk 42-47/44-50 in 1st

    Reiten 2a/2t, 3f, 2z, 3f? (looked like inside edge takeoff to me), lybk nice, 1l, spirals, 2s, 3l 2ft, fast combo spin 41-48/42-49 in 2nd free 1st overall

    Gardiner 3z 2ft into 2t, 2s, circ ftwk, 3f(2ft)/2t, lybk nice but
    possibly short on revs, 2a, 3t fall, ina bauer nice, spin combo in 2nd, rosenthal now 1st and reiten now 3rd overall

    Kahle 2a, 3f 2ft, 3s/3l !!!, circ ftwk, 3z 2ft but then slipped and
    fell on crossovers, spirals mediocre, 3l, lybk so-so, 3f(fall)/2t, flying sit, 3t/2t, fast spin combo, 48-51/47-51 in 1st

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    fredonia Guest


    aarrgghhhh...i'm so nervous...i can't sit still or anything...i'm taping it with the tv off...i need to be

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    Aug 2000

    Default Re: Thanks!!


    1-Danielle Kahle
    2-Andrea Gardiner
    3-Stephanie Rosenthal
    4-Aanya Reiten
    5-Louann Donovan
    6-Natalie Mecher
    7-Suzy McDonald
    8-Erica Archambault
    9-Felicia Beck

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    Thank you all for the updates!!

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    macguire Guest

    Default Ladies LP

    I have been waiting all day....I am SO nervous!! GO Michelle!!

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    sunnybunny Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP

    wow, what has happened to Donovan this season?

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    jesskate Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP

    The pairs competition is not gonna be anything special I'm sure. I need to do something to take my mind off this! My nerves are shot!! AHHHHH! Any suggestions?

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    frackskat004 Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP

    thanks for the updates!! Go Michelle!

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    mkrules Guest

    Default Okay, I really can't take this

    How long before Michelle skates?

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP

    It seems bebe has skated her way into first not sure if we have the first clean program of the night.

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    Default Re: Ladies LP

    from FSU

    Liang 1, Bug 2, DK 3

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    Default Re: Ladies LP

    Who in the world is JBug??? Someone please clue me in here!

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Ladies LP

    Bebe Liang, Jane Buglia I think and Danielle kahle


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