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    Default WOW!!!

    Karen (kjd14) called me during the medal ceremony... it was amazing! (Thanks so much Karen!!!) :b I heard so many MKFer's cheering and screaming for her!! It was so awesome to hear the crowd explode in applause for her! Congratulations on your 8th National Title Michelle! Thanks for a great skate! You were wonderful!!!!!!


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    FOG4EVER Guest


    That was so absolutely amazing. Michelle's skating once again brought tears to my eyes. It was like 1998 all over again. You know what I loved the was the attack that Michelle went into the program with. It was like the second she started skating I knew she was gonna skate really well. And, her jumps were just great. Her skating was AWESOME. I cannot wait to watch her for the next couple of years leading up to the Olympics. She is grace and beauty on the ice. She IS figure skating!:LB Congrats Michelle!!!

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    I'm still at a loss for words. That was so Kwanderful, and Toscarific. The dress is gorgeous. I'm so excited that she made all those naysayers eat their words. That was so incredible! 7 More 6.0's Baby! Eight-Time National Champ! I can't wait for Worlds Baby! :TOS

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    Default Re: wow...

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Unbelievably passionate! Another magical Michelle performance. She's the gift that just keeps on giving. I cannot wait for all the reviews from all the MKFm's there. If it was that spectacular on TV, I can only imagine the energy in the building. The roar when she was announced was deafening, not to mention how loud it was when she finished. I thought I saw a few people start to stand towards the beginning of her footwork section?? I was much heart and passion!!!!!


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    <<Am I the only one here who thought Tosca was an absolute bore? I don't even think it deserved all those 6.0s.>>

    Apparently so. It was brilliant, and yes, she deserved every one of those 6.0s.

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    SweetAngel Guest


    What an amazing skate. My heart was pounding and I couldn't sit still. After her skate, I couldn't sit for all the jumping around I did. I'm sure you heard me scream because I heard y'all too. What a night. Congratulations Michelle. You have given us yet another brilliant performance. Thank you, thank you.

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    egskater0003 Guest


    It was a great night! nuff said!

    Could you believe Dick actually predicted Sasha would win? When Terry kept asking him who he thought would win and she said Sasha. I know he loves Michelle but considering the really good sp Sasha put out, I can understand...but now he has to eat his words. He and Peggy were just gushing and gasping in excitement when she landed that last 3Lutz and did her footwork! O :TOS

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    Yes, Joanna31 you are the only one on planet earth that thought Michelle's 2004 Nationals victory to Tosca was a bore. What excites you? Been to Mars lately or maybe the moon?

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    Sunnyskate Guest


    I loved Michelle's face when she looked up to see the board with so many 6.0s!!! It was great. She was just fantastic!!! I really wasn't sure how the judges were going to place her. I really enjoyed all 3 skaters, but my heart is with MK all the way. I was so excited that she was ON tonight and to see how happy she was at the end of the performance, and seeing her marks...that just made it all that much better!

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    christiankwanfan Guest

    Default re

    Way to go Michelle!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Default Re: re

    Unbelievable how she can actually manage to skate like this every year, she really is one in a million and now I'm really greedy and want her to have the record for most Nat overall.

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    Default OMG!!!

    This is the best day...I heard Michelle's LP over the phone. Thanks to Terri77! I was almost crying just hearing all the cheering. At one point, Terri said, "she's on fire!!!"
    I hate to say...I predicted this! :smokin
    Michelle is a TRUE champion, Every year Terry says "this is one for the books". She is more than awesome!
    I can't wait for more post-gold medal reports!
    Kisses, y'all! :TOS :TOS :TOS

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    kathyvadis Guest


    Wahoo...Michelle was just on CNN. They talked about the free skate and her 8th win. Go Michelle.:TOS :SP

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    Default Michelle a true champ

    I never liked FS even throughout that Tonya/Harding affair. A few years later, I was getting ready for work and Figure Skating was on. Decided to watch to pass time. Then MK came on the rink and totally blew my mind. Since then I've been a huge MK fan and she's the reason I gave FS a chance and came to enjoy watching the event.

    MK is the reason i love this sport!!!

    PS. Sasha is a great athlete, but when it comes to artistry she is a RUNT. She needs to reach the audience and tell them how skating makes her feel. As if she's taking the audience by hand and showing them what its like doing a loop, a spiral, a spin even falling. Just like how MK changed my heart and mind about FS. I was a FS hater, but MK transformed me to a big fan. That's what I'm waiting for Sasha to do to me. Show me you love this sport

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    Forgiven03 Guest

    Default Re: WOW!!!

    Amazing, absolutely amazing. I was so excited and so happy for her.

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    Default Re: WOW!!!


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    Default WOO HOO!

    I always love looking back at the results threads and seeing everyone's reaction. 8)
    Michelle was on FIRE. She was beautiful and perfect and simply amazing. I couldn't believe how wild the crowd was (including myself lol ). Even before her name was announced there was this loud ROAR.
    I can't believe how she manages to do it time and time again. She rachs!:TOS

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: WOO HOO!

    ITA Googoo......and how the heck are you?

    Every year she amazes me more

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    EdenroX Guest

    Default Greetings.. just in from the AMAZING freeskate!!

    Newbie here,just got home (I am still reeling) 4 hour drive to get here and I am still completely in AWE!!

    I couldn't take the emotion in the building!!! MK was astounding. My section started standing during the footwork and I was jumping up and down. This was better than 98.

    Michelle is a true champion!!

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    IndieProdigie Guest

    Default Re: WOW!!!

    OMG!!! I just got home and watched the tape (unspoiled), and Michelle had the most amazing skate! I’m so happy, and so proud of her!!!

    You know, when Johny Weir said he thought perfect 6’s were reserved for skaters like Michelle Kwan, I thought he might’ve opened the floodgate for Michelle… and he did, lol.

    Love ya Miss Kwan!
    :SP Indie

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    Phire Guest


    Wow! I'm still picking my jaw up and wiping my eyes. That performance was just amazing. She had so much energy towards the end.

    Just a couple thoughts:

    I love how she swung her fist after she finished her program.

    Tosca is such a grand piece, very tall, and that could've overwhelmed her but it didn't. In fact I'd say it was actually a very appropriate piece for her at this time and at this event. It felt like, our queen, our champion is back. Not that she ever left, but we didn’t see much of her for a while there.

    The straight line footwork: WOW! There are other skaters who perform similar footwork but none of theirs can even be compared to Michelle's. The speed, the continuity, and those long expressive arms are just stunning. There is just such flow to it, that's really the difference. I love when she does the crossed arms across the chest and then opens them up and stretches them out. It’s so, beautiful, almost like a burst of sunlight. I just want to scream out loud every time I see that.

    One Question: Is it just me or was the crowd chanting “six, six, six…” for a bit there? You can sort of hear it during the Kerrigan interview.

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    Welcome to the forum Phire! Yes that was the crowd cheering six six six in the background! Thank God the judges agreed!

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    patinadora333 Guest

    Default video clip?

    does any one have a video clip of her long program?


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