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Thread: Men's lp results

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    kathyvadis Guest

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    DId you hear him say "6.0 I thought those were reserved for MK!!"

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    rOSiEoPeRaGIrL Guest



    HOW OLD IS JOHNNY WEIR? OH my god, I am SO HAPPY that he won. He is actually my FAVORITE skater for men. I mean I like Timothy and it's sad that he WD but I never really liked him because he just did improve over the years.

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    rondo1974 Guest

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    Wow! Excellent competition for the men. No quads from the top group, but solid skating all the way around.

    I was hoping Savoie could pull out the win but a podium finish for him is great. Jahnke did a great job as well - two 3axels in one program! Great job from these two.

    Lysacek and Bradley have great charisma... if they could calm things down a bit and focus on their technique (particularly Bradley) they could be a force in the coming seasons.

    Weiss fought throughout, some of his landings were just a bit insecure, and he repeated too many triples (though some of his tech scores didn't reflect that). Still, really nice skate for him!

    And Weir was a vision... I think Weiss actually might have had a better-constructed program but Weir flowed so much better. Wonderful reaction from him to his skate and his marks.

    Congrats to all the men. Definitely a step up from last year!

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    honey827 Guest

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    Excellent night of skating from the men Quad be damned if this is how they skate without the quad i don't want no quad. the final standings were Johnny Weir, Mike Weiss and Matt S and with stand out performances from Ryan Janke I nearly had a heart attack best skate of the season by him and Evan lyaseck Way to go kiddo.

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    Default Men

    The best thing is that it was very competitive and Evan set the tone by overcoming an early mistake to skate great.

    My feelings about Weiss are that he has never really fully developed into an awesome skater. He's had some great performances and some so-so performances and some bad performances. Kudos to him for tonight in that he held it together on his jumps, though he lacked good technique on some of them. Dick also said that Weiss performed more triples than allowed -- guess judges weren't paying attention. I thought Weiss' marks were a bit overinflated, I must say, especially a 59 for technical, when they should have been taking something off if he went beyond the rules. He has a stiff quality about him and I guess perhaps some past injuries have partly contributed to him not developing into a much better skater. At this point, he does not impress me. I guess the judges were giving him credit for holding it together and for his past experience.

    Somebody said Weiss had a well-constructed program. I really don't like the program -- it does nothing for me. The concept seems old and tired and w/o any new creative insights -- Brian B. did this type of program better 16 years ago. What about Ryan Jahnke's absolutely beautifully choreographed program, and he skated even better than last year -- its a real shame he will be left off the World team this year.

    While I like Matt's skating a lot and I'm happy he finally made the team, Ryan did have a better skate and the judges thought so too rewarding Ryan with first place over all the competitors prior to Weiss and Weir's performances. There is no way MWeiss' long program beat Ryan J's, and I'd have to place Matt's above Weiss' too or very close. Ryan J. had a three turn out of a combination jump, but both Matt and MWeiss also had flaws on the landing of several of their jumps.

    Love, love, love Ryan Bradley and Evan L. is a beautiful skater. Can't argue with their final placements, as they can both develop more. I hope they will both have opportunities to compete in more events internationally, as that is the best way to learn and to grow. Ryan B.'s program was so exciting, but he needs to work on controlling the tension and delivering the goods. Like Dick said, if he can do that -- just pull together all of that raw talent, look out world!

    I am so happy for Johnny Weir. Last year was a learning experience, and boy did he learn from it, and then some. He was in position to win it all last year. This year, he kept his cool -- he was almost too cool -- but the theme was icicles, so I guess he stayed in character. What can we say -- to wait that long and come onto the ice knowing you can win it all, and then deliver such a technically superb and beautiful program. In another thread earlier today, a poster seemed to be making fun of Weir, Rohene Ward, and men who skate with elegance. Well, here's to the elegant U.S. National Men's Champion, Johnny Weir!

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    Just think, Johnny is only going to improve as he matures!

    BRAVO to you, Johnny:TOS


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