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Thread: Men's lp results

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Men's lp results

    hey men start in a few minutes Good luck to Johnny Matt and Evan Yippee Lyaseck and mike.

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    NikkiFinn Guest


    All I ask is that this year's long program is better than last year's.

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    honey827 Guest


    Me too nikkifan
    So far no where has any news about how the men are doing good luck to Matt, johnny, Evan and Mike.

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    honey827 Guest


    So far according to FSU Wilson is first, Bruni is second and lee is third

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    thanks for the results...are we not getting "live" reports?
    just fsu? anyway, thanks

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    honey827 Guest


    I guess we aren't gettign live reports but the men are going to be shown on ABC soon anyway. So far the results just haven't been pouring in for the men.

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    honey827 Guest


    0kay results so far
    1 LaRoche 2. Phan 3. Wilson 4 Rohene or dread lock boy

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    honey827 Guest


    So far it is Jordan Dillon, Nick Laroche, Dennis Phan, Jordan Wilson, Rohene Ward, Marcus bruni(?) can't understand my own handwriting, Daniel leee, Ben Miller and Mike V.

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    ScoobertDieu Guest


    The Men's LP should be over by now. I guess all the reporters must be having a lot of fun at the arena right now. Wish the USFSA website would post the results.

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    honey827 Guest


    Yeah I am getting someone to check if thye can find the official results.

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    honey827 Guest


    Overett, Delamore and Smith currently 1, 2 and 3

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    i thought the men will be on abc live on the east coast? pretty soon after the ice dance final which they are showing now...?

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    honey827 Guest


    yeah but that is the final flight I am just updating on what has been goign on so far but the updates have been far and in between.

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    SHARPIE Guest

    Default Hi

    Guys, there's reports on jumps etc over at FSU I have already stated it is OK for the MKF to copy them.

    Its the end of the penultimate group now, dont have time to paste them myself but anyone with access there is welcome to.

    Same goes with any comp - K?

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    Feb 2002
    Maryland Heights, MO

    Default Men's LP results

    My local abc station is showing stupid basketball instead of the men's long program. I am so mad! So if anyone can give results of the men's finals, i would really appreciate it! They are supposed to show the ladies finals tonight, thank goodness! Anywho, thank you very much! Go Michelle!

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    New York City

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    I don't have access to FSU, but when I see the standings on TV I'll post them for you

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    Default Re: Men's LP results

    from FSU
    Lind 3z/3t, 3a 2ft, 3f 2ft into 3t, camel, 3l wacky landing, 3z, 3s, flying sit, ina bauer nice, circ ftwk, spin combo slow 41-49/43-48 in 3rd

    Overett 3a huge/2t, 3f?, camel sit scratch nice, 3t?, 3a step out, 3l, sit spin, serp steps good, 2a, spin nice, 3flutz 2ft, nice spread eagle, camel sit scratch combo, partial standing ovation49-53/50-53 in 1st

    Smith 3a/3t, 1f, 4s turn out, camel sit ok, 2z, SL steps simple, 3l, camel, 3a touch, 3t, 3s, nice ending spin combo 43-52/43-51 in 2nd

    Delmore 3flutz?, 3s/2t, 3a step out, camel w/ catchfoot travels, 3f?, 2a, SL steps nice, 3s, 3l, 3t/2t, nice final spin 47-53/48-53 in 2nd

    Brauninger 3z/3t, 3s, 3a splat, 3l, 1a, camel sit camel sit Y spin travels, camel, 3z, 3f/2t fall out, 2a, flying sit 43-51/44-50 in 4th

    Top 7 ove del smith brau dill laro lind

    thanx Sharpie!

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    Thanks Pati sounds like a good night of skating so far.

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    Default Re: Men's LP results

    goldblossom88 just called me from the arena...the final flight of men is warming up.....she'll call me back was LOUD in the background even during the warmup!! oh man...anyway, she's sitting next to dell and gf....and ? someone else, i couldn't hear....whohooo! she'll call me back are on live now on abc..east coast!!

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    Matt S was great, Evan l was less so but he didn't fall apart.

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    Ryan B. program was great in spots but too many pop outs.

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    Default Re: Men's LP results

    yea, it's too bad, cuz ryan has SO much charisma....he needs to stay focused on the jumps...

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    Default Re: Men's LP results

    I love Ryan Bradley...he is so much fun to watch, and brings a huge smile to my face...He's just so cute, has charisma, but like Dick says...if he puts more effort into his jumps too, he'd really be awesome and world champion level.

    I think Ryan Jhanke is going to go ahead of Ryan Bradley though...

    Looks like it'll be tough for Michael to move up unless he's perfect...

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    mkfanatics Guest

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    you need to tell me whats going on, cause BRITAIN IS RUBBISH. we get hardly any skating! so i jst sit here and read whats going on! LOL!

    Good luck guys and for later, Michelle, bring down the house, er actually, bring down the arena!:FBO

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    mmac80 Guest

    Default Re: Men's LP results

    OMG Johnny WON!!! He's got a 6.0! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! LOVE HIM!


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