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    Default Concerned

    I'm a little concerned about her being in second. Sasha has 7 triples planned in her long. Michelle does not. I just hope Michelle skates right before Sasha in the long and puts the pressure on. Sasha can't seem to hold it togeter if she skates after Michelle.

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: Looking ahead

    Actually I want to see both Sasha and Michelle skate clean... I don't recall this happening ever in a major competition.. to me that would be the best gauge on how the Worlds podium would turn out.

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    Suzi Kwan Guest

    Default Re: Looking ahead

    "She rises to the occasion when she's in second or third - unfortunately, I don't see this as being advantageous for Sasha. The pressure will get to her. Anyone agree?"


    Michelle Kwan is Golden!

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    Default Re: Looking ahead

    I don't know about the pressure for Sasha but I just think it will be a different story on Saturday.

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    Default RE

    Pics are up...Sasha looks thrilled.....

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    Default Re: Looking ahead

    I think Sasha is ready. She has a new coach and she will probably hit. Maybe the 5/4 split will go the other way in the long. My only critique is Sasha has bad edges and does not even attempt to even go on an outside edge prior to her "lutz" but she has everyone convinced she is a great skater. Smoke and mirrors!

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    Default Go Michelle

    This is Raching!!!! Ginny, I was joining you in the fetal position, but I am a cool cucumber now. Go Michelle!!!

    I cannot wait to see the progrm tonight. Ooohh a 5-4 split. It is going to be mighty interesting Saturday night.

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    Bebe25 Guest

    Default Re: Looking ahead

    Thank you Heather and everyone for the reports! Congratulations to Michelle and Sasha for great skates. Even though it gets to your nerves, it should be a great final. EEK!

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    jesskate Guest

    Default Re: Go Michelle

    sasha looks painfully thin! May be its just the pic but her arms look scary!

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Heather, do you happen to know what the quality of the

    combo and flip were like? Technique-wise, on those two jumps, Michelle is definitely stronger than Sasha. It seems to me that even with the funny landing on the axel, Michelle's technical scores should have been closer to Sasha's. Was her speed maybe less than usual or her spins less fast as usual? livetoskate had to get right off the phone so I didn't have a chance to ask those questions. She's a skater herself, so I know she could have answered them. Just hoping to get more details here...thanks!!!

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    Default edges

    I don't think it matters about Sasha's edges of flutz. Remember the current Olympic Champion had the worse flutz in history and under rotated jumps. But, she has the OGM

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    bgsk8s Guest

    Default Re: nationals

    I think Alex Patterson is in 7th, right behind Bebe Liang but am not 100% sure since I was having trouble hearing.

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    Default Re: Heather, do you happen to know what the quality of the

    Still not sure what a clean skate from both Michelle and Sasha would bring but since it was a 5/4 split I think I'm positive that Michelle would have been in 1st on this one. I'm glad about the 2nd today and I'm not going to rely on the pressure getting to Sasha.

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    heavenlee76 Guest

    Default Re: Go Michelle

    ITA jessskate, Sasha looks so thin in those pictures!

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    jesskate Guest

    Default Re: Go Michelle

    pictures! I need pictures of her dress! Why arent there pictures!!!!!

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    Default Re: Going into the lp...

    Do y'all think the pressure will be on Sasha or do y'all think she'll look past it this time?

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    Lutz86 Guest

    Default Louann

    Did Louann skate yet?
    I think MK's placement is fine. It takes some of the pressure off and onto Sasha. Michelle is a legend, she'll be fine. She doesn't need this championship, the important things is that she'll enjoying herself and gearing up for Turino.

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    Default pressure

    The PRESSURE iss definitley on sasha

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    Default Re: Going into the lp...

    i don't know, with this robin coach,,maybe it's a good fit....i still don't get it with the flutzing getting high marks, but hey..look at sarah...maybe robin mesmerizes the judges during all the flutzing!!!

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    Default RE

    All the marks are posted on Figure Skating universe...looks like Michelle actually got more 5.9's then Sasha...they were tied 4 to 4, and then the last judge gave them the exact same artistic mark, so the tech mark was the tie breaker, and it went to Sasha...very interesting...I think Sasha should be scared...her absolute best just barely beat a slighly off Michelle...that says something...

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    jesskate Guest

    Default Re: pressure

    i dont want to be negative because I would love for Michelle to beat a clean Sasha, but I think Sasha will probably crumble under the pressure.

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    Default Re: Going into the lp...

    Skate order will figure prominently, as usual!

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    jade Guest

    Default :)

    Thanks for that info, Redvispa! That makes me feel much better.

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    Default Re: Louann

    Louann should be done now. When I got off the phone with my friend a few minutes ago, Louann's music just started.

    Debbie-My friend said Michelle looked slow. But she still skated well. She thought the placement of 2nd is right, didn't ask about the marks themselves. When they showed the results, I heard applause. Not thunderous applause, kind of like they agreed, but weren't estatic over it, you know?

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    TrazC66 Guest

    Default Don't worry too much!

    Michelle can win even if Sasha doesn't let the pressure get to her. She is amazing on her own. :SP


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