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    Default Re: m

    Did Michelle look happy and confident when she skate? You know sometimes when you saw her a bit uptight, then you start to worry about her skating.

    Someone mentioned she looked bumped?!

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Second is a good place for Michelle to be, and it is highly

    unlikely that two woman will end up ahead of her and leave her in 4th. But, I don't want to jinx things, so I'll say no more!!!

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    Suzanne79 Guest

    Default sp

    what did she wear?

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    jesskate Guest

    Default Re: ordinals

    It was a 5/4 split, I feel much better knowing that! cant wait till saturday!

  5. Default Re: Heather

    Heather.......Could you please tell us when we will know what Michelle's draw is for the long program? I'm praying that it will be to Michelle's liking!

    Thank you for all of your reports.

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    Default burning questions

    FYI to whoever asked: They don't show ordinals in the arena, just the scores and then overall placement.

    Heather, did your friend in the arena think the judging was fair? And how were the pres marks - they are the most important as far as the LP is concerned (tiebreaker).

    How was MK's speed? How did she look - ex: confident?

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    patinadora333 Guest

    Default results

    so far what r the results for the sp if its sasha and then michelle?:JP :JP

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    jade Guest

    Default Way to go Michelle!

    5/4? Well, that's not too bad. I just can't wait to see what happens on Saturday.

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    joann123 Guest

    Default SP comments

    A report on FSU from someone who is there is that Sasha looked nervous and Michelle skated a great skate and that person thought Michelle should have won on presentation. I guess the audience thought she had it since she received a standing ovation.

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    Scrubs01 Guest

    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    I'm just glad she had a good skate. I'm perfectly fine with her being in second, kind of takes the pressure off and allows her to have a magnificant skate!


    P.S. Just heard about the 5/4 split. That makes things VERY VERY interesting!

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    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    Felt like Michelle might come in 2nd in the short but I'm not as worried about the long. Sasha was perfect in the short but Michelle had a minor error. If Michelle would have skated clean she would have come in 1st.

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    Default Re: Second is a good place for Michelle to be, and it is hig

    Also, Michelle was at the boards (with the other skaters to take the ice) when sasha came off the ice, so she knew exactly how good sasha skated. Not saying that would affect Michelle, but...just posting all details. Sasha got a standing O, too, BTW

    TONS of cheers for everything Michelle did. I could tell when it was the spiral, and I thought my ear would fall off during her layback.

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    Default Re: Go Kwan

    Thanks for all the refresh button is certainly getting a workout!

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: I Believe!!!!!!!!!!

    I stand corrected, yes MK was 3rd after the SP in 2000 Nationals...

    I don't mind her finishing 2nd (or even 3rd if the someone in the rest of the skaters out-performs her)... I'm more disappointed that she was not too happy about her this point I just want to see her giggling backstage (like last year's Worlds) after performing well regardless of where the scores put her!!

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    Default sasha

    I dont know...

    If sasha skates clean she can pull this one off (lp). she has be on most of the season and her artistry in the lp is great.

    I'm a little scared.

    Yet then again I'm sure MK will become powerful enough to blow Sasha Away. Sasha always cracks under pressure.

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    Default Re: SP comments

    MK has been there...and done that.......nothing new...hee hee.

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    IndieProdigie Guest

    Default Re: I Believe!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job Michelle!!! We're proud of ya... best of luck on Saturday.
    Thanks for the reports guys.
    :SP Indie

  18. Default Re: I Believe!!!!!!!!!!


    Hang on to your ears. We need them!

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    Northern Ca

    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    I think Michelle will come out fighting on Saturday. She always seems to be especially strong anytime she's not in first. Her long program will be perfection!!

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    phoebekitty Guest

    Default Looking ahead

    I really want Michelle to win (of course) and this is the perfect scenario. She rises to the occasion when she's in second or third - unfortunately, I don't see this as being advantageous for Sasha. The pressure will get to her. Anyone agree?:SS

  21. Default s

    I just got off the phone with my friend Kelly and she thought Michelle should have been in first place too. Even with the wobble on the axel she said Michelle didn't look nearly as tight as Sasha did.

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    gooch95 Guest

    Default Yahoo Links to SP Pictures...

    Sasha's Pic were just posted... I'm assuming Michelle's will be posted soon too.


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    phoebekitty Guest

    Default Re: sp

    Someone on FSU said she wore a light blue dress with lots of strappy things. It sounds new.

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    SkateFan22 Guest

    Default Angela

    Angela was apprently "on" tonight and her jumps were clean. I am surprised that her tech scores ranged from 5.1 - 5.4. But the good thing is that her artistic scores went up 5.4 - 5.7. I hope she can hold on to third! I think at this point Jenny Kirk is her biggest threat!

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    Lilsk8rchica14 Guest

    Default nationals

    Does anybody know how Alex Patterson skated? She is from my rink and i really wanted to know.

    Good Job Michelle!


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