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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Okay, it's really happening! I wonder how Sasha is doing...

    will know soon enough, I suppose. It's great to be able to go through this with all of you! Go Michelle!!!

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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: re

    Maybe it's someone like my husband reporting...he can't tell blue from purple most of the time.

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    Default Re: So nice to have this place

    michelle is practicing in a new sp outfit than from last year!

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    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Is anyone else getting a horrible feeling in thepit of their stomach after seeing Sasha's marks?

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    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    not with the 5.6....and...5.9 for presentation probly....still some room for higher marks....

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Sasha into First. No mistakes. 5.6-5.9
    These marks are for presentation, right??? Can't be the technical scores unless she has miraculously fixed the (f)lutz jump.

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    Default marksT

    THERE is lots of room left for mk. they only need .1 to put mk higher

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    sorrowfree78 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    from FSU:

    AP McD 2a, 3z fall, camel w/catchfoot, 3f, nicelayback with catchfoot,
    spirals ok, SL ftwk ok, nice com spin with Y position 43-47/52-53

    Archambault 3l fall, sideways lybk, 2s, camel, slow diag ftwk, 2a,
    spirals so-so, slow spin combo 31-37/40-45 in 2nd

    Bugaeva 2a, 3flutz fall, sit spin, 3f, ok layback, mediocre spiral,
    serp ftwk slow, so-so spin combo 38-43/37-48 in 2nd

    Liang flying sit nice sped, 2a, 3z fall, lybk nice, so-so spiral, circ
    steps, slowing down, 3f, nice spin combo 42-49/50-53 in 2nd

    Cohen all elements beautifully done 56-59/58-59 in 1st

    MK comes out for warmup in new pale blue dress with interesting
    shoulder straps.

  9. Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Sasha got atleast one 5.6 for tech so the marks do leave room.

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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    The range for tech also included 5.9 according to fsu.

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    Aranjuez Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Debbie, Don't be nervous. It is not uncommon for Sasha to skate in the SP. No one before her did well and I won't think she will be feeling any serious pressure till the long program.

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    Feb 2002
    Woodbury,MN (but my heart is still in Key West, FL)

    Default I can't handle this!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting all hot, and have a stomache ache!!! This is crazy. Were probobly all more nervous then Michelle is!!!


  13. Default :)

    Michelle has been in this type of situation before, remember 1996 Worlds when Chen Lu laid down a 6.0 performance?

    GO Michelle!!!

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    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Debbie, I agree with you, from the looks of Sasha's marks it looks the judges have left very little room for Michelle. Guess we'll just have to wait to see how it plays out. however, the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is very strong.

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    Angela was "great", lutz landing a little off. she's behind sasha

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    Aranjuez Guest

    Default Correction

    In my previous post I meant to say, "It is not unommon for Sasha to skate WELL in the short program"

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Well, as long as Michelle is in the top 3 after everyone has skated, she is still in good position.

    It will be difficult if Michelle places 4th or lower because honestly I don't see any of the other ladies helping her in the LP... unless of course Sasha delivers a nervous program again.

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    This is getting very exciting... at least now we have a possibility of comparing a clean Michelle to a clean Sasha.. and we'll see how the judges will rank them.

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    heavenlee76 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    There is some room for Michelle. She will do fine.

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    sunnybunny Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    as long as Michelle is in top 3...Remember Sasha was in 1st after the sp in 2000! I am not going to worry - if she doesn't finish 1st in the sp, it may really light a fire under her for the lp! I think Michelle might benefit from some really good competition - to push her for 2006!

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    What were Michelle's scores for SP at last year's Nats?? I just want to compare it to the range of scores Sasha just received for her clean SP performance....

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    oldskatingfan Guest


    Michelle is a legend. She isn't as nervous as we are. She'll be fine. Pray for her to skate happy and safe. Nothing else matters.

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Heather, thanks so much for the quick reports! Only two

    more skaters and then it's Michelle. I'm feeling that rush right now...I'm nervous but I'm sure it's gonna go her way!!!

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    Holding for Ambassador Kwan!

    Default Re: OH gosh am I nervous!

    Last year Michelle's SP scores were 5.7-5.8/5.8-5.9.

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    Nov 1999
    Albuquerque, NM


    Well said oldskatingfan!


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