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    Default Re: I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, I'm off the phone now. Anything you want to know?

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    Default m

    what other times did mk go into the lp being in second place? im sure there has to be a couple times.... :SS

  3. Default Re: Go Kwan

    Way to go Michelle! Thank you all for all of the reports.

  4. Default Re: I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

    oh... just every little detail, Heather!<img border=0 src="" />

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default Anyone know what the ordinals were?

    Sounds like it was very close, but it would be interesting to see.

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    rondo1974 Guest

    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    Whew... Well, some room for improvement, but second place at this point is fine. Seems like there wasn't much room for error after Sasha's skate. I don't see anyone else in the field placing above her and/or Sasha. Kirk might come close but she'd have to be dead-on. Now that I've said that Jenny will probably win the SP.

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    Show 42 Guest

    Default Re: m

    She was behind Sasha before after the short program and came back to win. First and second are a toss up. It's who nails the long who wins it all.

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    Default Re: m

    I remember Michelle being in 2nd, I think, at the 2001 worlds short programs. She won the lp and won her 4th world title.

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    BeezerL Guest

    Default How close was it?

    How close was it between MK and SC? From the ranges given here - it looked to be close....

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    Suzi Kwan Guest

    Default Re: I'm on the phone right now listening to Michelle's name

    I just heard that Michelle skated and is in second.

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    Default I Believe!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the quick updates! I can now relax.....until Saturday night that is!



  12. Default Re: Go Kwan

    IIRC, Sasha won the SP in 2000, but I don't remember Michelle's place. Michelle fell on her 3 toe. I think Michelle was in 3rd place going into the LP and she won.

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    Default question for Heather

    Heather ...

    Do you know what Michelle's ordinals were ?



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    Default Go Michelle !!!!

    I'm glad MK is in 2nd right now cause this puts all the pressure on Sasha...
    MK will come back twice as strong!!!

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    gooch95 Guest

    Default Re: Go Kwan

    So was there a sea of purple pom-poms, or is that just for Tosca?? Did Sasha get a standing-O too? Was it just the axel that was wonky? Sasha didn't do a 3/3 did she? Too many questions??
    Thanks for all your hard work, Go Mk!!

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    Show 42 Guest

    Default Re: m

    She's been in third before and came back to win. I think she does better at times when she's not in first, less pressure.

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    ChiSkate2002 Guest

    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    Heather, 5.7-5.9 for presentation??? really.... was she slow?

    Michelle placed 2nd to Sasha in 2000 Nationals I believe.

  18. Default Re: Go Kwan

    In 2000 Michelle was in thrid and won the long to win the title.

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    Default Re: I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!

    It's cool, it's cool. As long as MK is in the top three going into the long, she has a clear shot at gold. Now she has something to fight for and all the pressure will be on Sasha.

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    SkateFan22 Guest

    Default Angela

    Thanks to all for the updates! Does anyone have Angela's score range?


  21. Default Re: Go Kwan

    By the way, there are still a lot of skaters to come, so it's not over until it is over. Jenny had a great SP at Skate America. I can hardly wait to see her program.

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    sunnybunny Guest

    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    wasn't Michelle third after the sp in 2000? i know sasha was in first, but wasn't Sarah in second? Michelle had a fall and they were both on. I am really not worried at all! i think the judges would love to give it to Sasha to get a good rivalry going - a real one (!). If Michelle doesn't win, I think it will really push her to improve. I think we would all love to see Michelle really push herself! I am ready for her to get back to the seven triple programs!!!!

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    Suzi Kwan Guest

    Default Re: I Believe!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't worry Donny, Michelle has come from 2nd many times to win and even once came from THIRD PLACE after she skated!


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    Default Re: Oh my god!!! Okay, overrotated double axel, but a clean

    way to go, michelle, something to shoot for on saturday...sounds like sasha had an almost perfect skate...but can she do it again on saturday?....remains to be seen....
    second place is good....remember 2000 nats and 2001 worlds- i think, too, rite?

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    jlk75 Guest

    Default Sp

    Apparently it was a 5/4 split in favor of Cohen. Actually, I think it works out better for Kwan as it is more pressure for Cohen...and we have seen what pressure does to her.


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