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    Default Re: Sasha vs. Michelle

    I think "Gumby" is a reference to Sasha's flexibility.

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    Default Re: Is there any interview shown on ESPN2?

    After having only seen it once, my 2 cents are that Michelle would have absolutely been in first w/o that medium bobble on the 2A, but I would have put her in 1st anyway IMHO. She seemed a little slower than usual at the beginning, but faster than Sasha. Michelle had great fire and passion in her footwork to me and her smiral still had loads of presence. Michelle still commanded the ice. In comparison, to me Sasha looked calm & composed, but slow - no fire, particularly in her footwork. Sasha didn't bobble any of her jumps, but she did do 2 3F - they look like exactly the same jump to me except for the steps preceeding the 3F and the mohawk on the 3Fz. She had great spins though.

    I went unspoiled, so I was pretty nervous. Went to the restroom about 8x from 7-8pm ! It's pretty chilly here too, yet I was sweating a little bit :b . At the beginning of the ladies SP, hearing the commentary, I had a feeling that Sasha came in 1st and Michelle 2nd, with Jenny 3rd. I'm not too worried about Saturday, because Michelle is in the top 3, so she controls her own destiny. IMHO, like Lavender said, I too believe that an ON Michelle will beat an ON Sasha. The scores were really close except for judges 1 & 2, so it's anyones game.

    I still believe in Michelle and I hope she wins her 8th, but if she doesn't, I don't think it will hurt her in anyway. She's had some pretty bad boot problems this season and hasn't competed much, so I'm cutting her some slack. But, I really like her comment about her performance....if she had been in first "Oh no, I'm not the underdog". She seems to have a great attitude and doesn't seem to be sweating anything at all.

    :TOS O

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    Default SP

    i preferred a bit of Michelle's SP this season to last. certain, facial expressions, hand movements & definitely the footwork.

    w an obvious "mistake" or at least reason to mark her axel down, she still garnered 2 1st place ordinals when Sasha was at her best. Michelle's presentation was as high as Sasha's & only her tech scores were lower, which is how it should have been.

    i hope all the newbie trolls on this board tonight are at least under the age of 12. that would explain a few things~

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    Default ITA.........


    I don't know how to quote from your post so I'll just retype it: "Sasha is watch me skate and Michelle is feel me skate"

    That pretty much sums up how I feel too. No one pulls me in like MK, don't think they ever will. But Sasha is beautiful to watch skate, I just don't feel her.

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    lutzee Guest

    Default Re: Sasha vs. Michelle

    I have not read the 17 previous pages so forgive me if I repeat something someone else already said.

    I agree with the placements. Michelle was good, but Sasha had a really "on" night. Can't wait for the LP.

    Okay, here is where I may offend someone: I think Michelle should go back to the old TFB dress. This one doesn't have the same impact. Also I question the fit. She ummm seemed to be ummm "spilling" out a bit, which had to be distracting.

    Otherwise, it was a great SP competition. I am proud of our ladies in the US. We are still very deep, with lots of young talent waiting in the wings.

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    crazysoul80 Guest

    Default lol

    it's ok lutzee. some other posters have said they prefer last year's dress to this year's as well

    as for her dress, do you think the judges took that into factor for her presentation??? just wondering if that's possible and all.

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    Default Re: Sasha vs. Michelle

    I think "Gumby" is just an insult! :\


  8. Default Re: lol

    i dont see how judges gave her a 5.9 (sasha) for technical merit with such a flutz. Overall i think she deserved 1st after the SP. I am a bit disappointed at MK's performance. Her double axel was wild but she was so determined kind of like 2000 World SP on the flip. I felt some of her other jumps were not as great as last year's SP..... the only costume i liked is Ann Patrice, very reminscent of Taj Mahal to me. I didnt really love MK's dress, and Sasha's yellow dress looks like egg yolk with chocolate syrup lining.....

    i just got so much on my mind and rambling...... sorry

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    crazysoul80 Guest

    Default cheer up millennium!

    i was pretty bummed out as well earlier and venting out my frustation but cheer up! i can't wait for sat and when michelle will blow us away. i truly believe that she will just believe and everything else will work itself out in the end. :smokin

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    Default Re: lol

    If anyone wants to jump off the bandwagon, then jump off. But don't get mad at the rest of us if you end up jumping alone.

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    Default Re: lol

    Katie, I thought as much.

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    ernestmuse Guest

    Default yeah

    although i really want michelle to win, i'm not going to be upset if she doesn't win gold. she has won so many and if she wins this one it's just going to be a record in the making of trying to match maribel vinson's 9 national titles. so i would rather see michelle challenge herself and try a 3/3 combo than winning this thing.

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    lutzee Guest

    Default Re: lol

    Has anybody mentioned the new arm positions in Michelle's sit spin?

    They looked like new ones to me anyway.

    It would have been more effective if she were spinning just a tad faster. Nice, very nice.

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    kwan inspired Guest

    Default oh kwan

    i don't care a nut about sasha being in first. all i care about is how freakin gorgeous michelle looks. i can't believe how she always looks prettier year after year. sasha's alright looking n all, but i don't think she'll ever wow me like kwan. GO KWEEN!!!!!

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    savvysearch Guest


    You guys, none of Michelle's fans is jumping on the bandwagon. The people who are calling Sasha the National Champion are Sasha fans which is their right and their opinion. But the short program is JUST the short. I think Michelle may or may not have deserved 1st in the short. Last year she skated that program MUCH better at both Worlds and Nationals. But you shouldnt be asking too much as this was the FIRST time she's brushed up on TFB since Worlds. I think Sasha may have skated her program countless times before, but this was the best Ive seen her skate to it, and she's had time to refine it.

    The long program is a different story. Michelle has been working on it for as long as Sasha's on hers. I am not even blinking. Michelle will get her 8th National title. She's got the experience as well as the underdog position as well as the proper technique and artistry to boot. It's just my gut feeling.

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    Default Comparison

    BatonKwan and butterfly, ITA!!!

    The greatest difference between Sasha and MK is that Sasha emotes and performs with more of a "look at me" quality, whereas MK steals our hearts by opening hers up and laying everything she feels out there on the ice. As Scott W. once said, "It takes a lot of courage" to be able to do that."

    When your heart is going pitter patter and you're in the heat of competition and a bit wound up, can you imagine how difficult it is to go out there and remember your choreography, let alone focus on keeping your technique together on all your elements!! All of that and skate with your heart too! Peoples, we have no idea -- unless you've competed on the ice with the stakes this high, you have no idea. If you've ever done public speaking, probably multiply that feeling by 10,000 butterflies doing the macarena in your stomach, and then you still can't imagine what its like to try and tame those butterflies and perform as an athlete and an artist. Michelle has been able to do this on such a consistent basis. Sometimes it seems tougher for her than at other times, to manage the emotion and maintain the balance between tension and relaxation, but she does it and she has come through so many times, better than any skater has ever done, I think. This is what Michelle loves! She has set the standard and raised the bar very high.

    Sasha has learned from watching MK, just as Robin has learned. Sasha had a great SP and her partnership with Robin seems to be working, and that's good. Nothing has ever been easy for Michelle, that's the amazing thing about her career. Let's not forget that its Michelle who wrote the book how to compete, and how to be a consistent champion. Everyone else is still following in her footsteps, and will be for a long time to come, even after she decides to stop competing. In any case, MK's journey is not over yet.


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    triple loop Guest

    Default This is a setup!

    Michelle skating after Sasha in the LP?!! If shes comes back fighting like hell, I just hope she doesn't rush into anything and do something foolish! It's critical that she remain calm now!

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    Default Re: My thoughts

    Well heres my two cents:
    I didn't think Michelle's sp was that bad, well except for the double axel. But hey, at least she fought for it and landed it, right? As for the final results of the sp, I could see why they may have put Sasha over Michelle (although it was obvious that Sasha flutzed) cuz she had the cleaner program. However, when I watched Sasha skate she didn't have the emotion and feeling that Michelle had. It was like Michelle said,"Okay people I want you to feel what I'm feeling." Does that make any sense? Anyhoo, I was telling myself this past week, "As long as Michelle is in the top 3 after the short program, she can still go for the title." I think that is a good position for her to be in cause now she's the underdog-- and we Kwan fans know what it's like when she's the underdog!!! GO MICHELLE!!!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!! :TOS

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    gypsyteller Guest

    Default For those Jumping wagons........:) please read this.

    Why some people are so fast jumping into a conclusion that Sasha is going to win or Michelle going to win? It is just the short program. It is friday MORNING NOW anyway. Look at your clock. Saturday is not here yet. It will be coming soon and the title is still on hold until who is the strongest, the best and the cleanest in the long program on saturday will win. The ice is slick anyway!!! Stop being worried or complaining this or that please. I really get paranoid when reading some commands. Relaxs MFK. We should be happy if either one win. They both are great.
    Lets calm down and have some fun watching this coming saturday. Either I am a fortune teller, I don't know who is going to win anyway although I am using my crystal ball. LOL Just like Dick swallow his own words himself when asking "who is he think gonna win". I love that part. That is why this year is really fun to watch!
    I don't really like the costume michelle wear honestly. The tie thing all over her neck kind like tying her neck and chocking her. LOL Did you see the ending part after finishing her program? She pulling her dress a bit lower and that is no good for sport. Throw in away that shirt. I think she is going to have a new one for world. I prefer her last year costume.:b COMMON!!! BRING BACK THE OLD ONE!!!. :rollin :rollin :rollin :rollin

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    Buttercup Guest

    Default LuvMK, well said!

    By the way, I think you are the one who bought the D.C. COI ticket from me last I right? I remember your first name but won't use it here just in case you want to remain anonymous! But, anyway, if it is you, hello again, and, really, it was a pleasure meeting you! Anyway, I loved your comments and agree that Michelle has the true heart of a champion. It takes a very special person, the kind that only comes around once in a generation - or even less! - to accomplish what she has. She is truly incredible!!!

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    kgrama Guest

    Default Sasha's website lies!

    I checked out Sasha's website tonight after the SP -- on her homepage you can click a link that sends you to an article about her being in 1st place. That new page states that she landed a triple-triple combo! The nerve!

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    gypsyteller Guest

    Default Re: Sasha's website lies!

    It is OK. Let them be the stupid idiot who never think for the future. Everyone will see it again in the TV on saturday. People will be the real judges. We all have eyes to see it. They just using dirty trick and MFK don't have to. hahaha
    High five please MFK!!!!:smokin

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    kgrama Guest

    Default loved the pause in footwork

    I LOVED the new "pause" in the straightline footwork....very passionate, very dance-oriented. MK looks like such a mature woman on the ice now. It's great to see her passion unleashed in her footwork. I can't wait to see the LP.

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    Default Re: Sasha's website lies!

    There were a lot of little new nuances in Michelle's short but nobody seems to remember. I made my husband watch and I showed him all the new nuances in her program. He thought it was cute.


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