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Thread: G MAN wins the Bronze!!!

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    oOIceDanceOo Guest

    Default Wonderful!

    First off, Congratulations! Like everyone else, I wish I was there to cheer you on! I am sure the cheering section for you was supurb! Everyone here loves you soo much! I'm soo excited for you, I'm starting to get all giddy!
    Colinmom-Just wait a couple of days and the GMF will be at full blast!
    We should have a parade for him (made up of little Michelles!) :YS :b


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    Default Re: Wonderful!

    Congrats GMan! i was so glad to be able to see your short program . And especially glad to be able to meet you.
    Wow is all I can say!

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    Apr 1999

    Default Re: Wonderful!

    Congratulation, G Man. I just now found this thread, because my granddaughter got married this weekend and it's been great but hectic.
    I'm so thrilled to hear this wonderful news. I wish I could have been there.

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    Default Re: Wonderful!

    G MAN the threads about your accomplishment have thousands of hits.

    I was there for your short and your long and accompanied by the 30+ people in your cheering section I was standing and applauding at the end of both of your programs. Your fall at the beginning of your short didn't rattle you and you recovered and skated beautifully. Your long proggram amazed us all. I couldn't breathe until after your 2/z before your final blur spin. You made us very proud. Congratulations!!!!!!! Thank you for letting us share this experience with you. It's one that I will never, ever forget. We're waiting for your report.

    By the way the other competitors were all older than you weren't they? To clarify the awarding of medals, at this competition separate medals are awarded for both the short and the long. So had G MAN placed third in the short (he wuz robbed) he would have received a bronze medal for that competition also.

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    Default CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

    Excellent GMan. Class Will Tell!

    Top marks to belladella and the MKFers who shared this great experience with us.

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    Congrats G-Man!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    Watch out, Timmy--here comes G-Man!!!! I'm buying my tickets to Torino and Vancouver now!


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    Default Re: congrats!

    Wow. This is pretty good. I wish we could have this on video.

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    Congratulations G-Man. Keep up the good work!!!


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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for caring about me, and taking the time to congratulate/wish me luck!! Your support means so much!!! A full list of thank you's are coming in soon!!!I will go now and do a full report on my trip!!

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    I just saw this thread--congrats, g-man! sounds like a wonderful performance--I have respect for anybody who goes out and competes in an individual sport. It's so much pressure; I used to be nervous enough just doing my dance recitals!

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    Default Congrats

    Congratulations GMan! I'm proud and happy for you!

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    Default Re: Congrats

    I just saw this thread too!!
    That is just *too* neat! Congratulations on winning the bronze, and best of luck in the future G Man!!! Rock on!

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    Kwans Apprentice Guest


    Gratz G-Man! I hope you're really proud of yourself right now.

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    Default G-Man

    I am so proud of you G-Man. Since I have been taking lessons for the last couple of years I realize more and more how difficult the jumps and spins and footwork are. I have a great deal of respect for you and hope to see you up there with the greats of skating.

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    Default Re: G-Man

    Maybe before too long we will be posting on the G Man Forum too!

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    Default Re: G-Man

    Fantastic!!! Congrats GMAN!!!!!!

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    Default Re: G-Man

    G-Man isn't the right age for Torino. Besides, I want Timmy to win there. I'm pulling for G-Man at Vancouver. My husband is Canadian & as soon as he heard Vancouver got the 2010 Olys he told me we were definitely going. He's already started an Oly fund so we can get tickets as soon as they go on sale. So I'll be there in person with my G-Man posters & hopefully kwanette will be standing by to post my online reports. lol


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