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Thread: G MAN wins the Bronze!!!

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    Default G MAN wins the Bronze!!!

    Congratulations to "our very own" G MAN!!! I just got a call from graciesfriend and the gang with the good news. He came in 3rd and skated a wonderful program to the " 1812 Overture." He landed his 2A for the very first time in competition!!! graciesfriend said he landed all his jumps and that his spins were fantastic! She said he had such poise and that he was absolutely thrilled that he moved up to get the bronze medal.
    I have to tell you ... graciesfriend was in tears on the phone. She said it was so emotional ... she felt like she had at Worlds.
    Also ... his coach Kristi Mitchell was so proud of G MAN. Dell even got her autograph. LOL
    They gave him all kinds of gifts ... one of which was a Pandabear from snowbird. He was very touched.
    Sounds like they had a wonderful time. They're just about to leave for the trip home. I told graciesfriend how happy we all were that the group was there to cheer him on.
    Great work gang!!!

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    WAY TO GO GMAN!!! Congratulations on 2 great performances and especially on landing your 2A!!

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    OMG, that is so awesome. Congrats to G MAN!

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    A bronze medal at State Game of America. And a double Axel to boot :JP


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    YAY!!!!! I just got back from my job interview and ran to the answering machine. Dell's wonderful message was there. I was so sorry I missed it! Signed onto the Forum and read Norma's wonderful post. I am so excited for G-Man I could burst!!! It really felt like I was getting news of a Michelle competition. Like it or not, G-Man, you've already got a devoted fan club!

    Dell said pretty much what Norma & Graciesfriend said. She mentioned how very classy and elegant he looked in his black costume, how ambitious and well-done the program was, and how amazing his spins were, especially the blur spin at the end. She said it was just a fabulous day for everyone. I could feel the excitement even through the answering machine. Today is a great day!!!! Congratulations G-Man!!!!! Sounds like you a LOT of fun!!! And so did the Forum!

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    Default YAY!!!

    That is so exciting !! I"m so sorry that I had to come back to stupid old work today and miss it, but I am so happy for him. I am especially happy that he got to share the experience with so many of his friends. I can just imagine the cheering from his fan section!!!! As I mentioned in the other thread, there are a number of kids in his group that are a good bit older as well, so this is even more of an accomplishment.

    Congrats G-Man!! As Uncle Dick would say, the important thing is that you skated with heart and you skated well, but a medal is nice too!!!

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    honey827 Guest

    Default G-man

    I am so happy for G-man I had a really good feeling after reading he was in fourth place after the sp I am so happy he moved up and won the bronze. Can't wait for the rest of the reports to come rolling in.

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    Congrats on an awesome job and winning the bronze GMAN!

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    Yesssssss!!!! I just had a good feeling all along that he was going to end up in the medals!!! I'm so happy for him. I hope my friend Anna Lisa skated well, too. She should be done now, but I'm off to conference, I'll have to check later.

    G-Man, you are something else. Three cheers and a tiger for you!!!


  12. Default Hurray for G MAN!!!

    It was well worth the wait for G MAN's free skate!
    Even Uncle Dick would have judged him "first rate"
    And of that there's no doubt --
    In fact, I can hear all MKF shout out:
    The "G" in G MAN stands for Great!

    Way to go, G MAN! Congrats on winning the bronze!

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    Default Re: Hurray for G-Man!!!

    I'm so happy for G-Man! Congrats on winning the Bronze!


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    Good for you Garrett!!! Please remember all of us who love you when you win the Olympics & become famous!!!!!

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    Default Re: Hurray for G-Man!!!

    I'm so happy for him!


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    Way to go G-Man!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!

    Thanks for the reports, this is so wonderful and exciting.

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    Default Re: Hurray for G-Man!!!

    Congrats to you, G-Man. That's just fantastic!

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    Default Re: Hurray for G-Man!!!

    Thanks, Norma.

    Our G MAN proved that (like Michelle) "Bronze is golden..."

    Where can I buy the video?

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    Default HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    This is wonderful news! Congratulations -- and thanks for posting!

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    Nice going, G-Man!!! We'll be keeping an eye on you!

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    Congrats! G-Man. Anyone got pictures????


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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    WHOOHOO!!!! CONGRATS GMAN!!!! Way to go...two great programs...landing your 2A the 1st time in comp...excellent presentation and spins...AWESOME!!!
    Who's got the video...sign me up for the round robin !

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    AWESOME!!! Congratulations G MAN! WOW- A double axel!!! Can't wait to see you at the Olympics one day! I want pictures!! From ones I've seen, you're quite the cutie! I can't wait for his report!

    We're SOOOO proud of you!!!!

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    uyeahu Guest

    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    Congrats G-Man! That's pretty impressive.

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    Default Re: HURRAY FOR G-MAN

    GMan!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Way to go!!!!!!


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