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Thread: Ladies Short Program

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    littlepebbles1 Guest

    Default This will sound rude, but I gotta vent

    Now I won't comment on the skating since all I saw of it was maybe 3 screens each for IS and MB and a continuous screen of MB's coach during Michelle's entire skate.

    I think the reason I am so upset is that it's MB all set up for her 2nd title and Michelle looks like she will be lucky to hold on for the bronze, regardless how she skates, judging from the marks. Call me unreasonable and bitter, but I am still angry about MB's constant put downs of Michelle. Last year before Worlds MB was going around putting down MK's skating. Yet she won and everyone jumped on the Maria=great and perfect, Michelle=2nd rate bandwagon. Then after Worlds she put down Michelle even more. And let's not forget the European vs American judging thing.

    My beef is Michelle has been nothing but gracious to MB and all her competitors no matter what happened, yet she seems to get the short end of the stick when she needs/deserves(?) the upper hand. While Maria seems to get everything on a silver (or <!--EZCODE BOLD START-->gold?<!--EZCODE BOLD END-->) platter. Easy qualifying groups, 1st place with her "victims" too far down to do anything about it. I suppose it's reward for her "refreshing honesty". Sigh.

    I guess I wouldn't be taking this so hard if it were Irina or Sarah or Joe Blow in the lead. I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for MB because of how her federation treated her and her car getting blown up, but she lost my sympathy with her constant callous remarks.

    If MB wins Worlds again, she might not want to buy any more cars because the jealous people will probably just blow them up again because "she got everything she deserved".

    And as for Michelle, I still love her whether she is 1st or last. I hope she doesn't let this get her down, regardless of what happens. (and hopefully it will all rub off on us fans. LOL) I do hope she gives MB and everyone else a good hard run for the title and make everyone realize that she is no has been. And I know she knows that if there truly is a God (or destiny or whatever anyone else may believe in) she will be rewarded for her ways because in the big scheme of things, gold medals are inconsequential (but I still want her to WIN!!). I on the other hand will probably spend most of the rest of my life inside a car hiding from this post. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :b --><img src= ALT=":b"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

    Now that I have vented, I hope I will have the strength to face this all with as much grace as Michelle.

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    lizard Guest

    Default RE:Taralover's comments

    I'm not sure why you chose to write comments like you did at this particular time but your post seemed quite meanspirited especially at this time when KWAN fans are very disappointed in the results of the short program. I'm not sure if this is really the appropriate time or place to write what you did. Many people in the figure skating world, not just Kwan fans, agree that Michelle has a good lutz and certainly does not flutz. If michelle "messed up her flip, somehow", then perhaps that is why her technical marks were slightly lower. But where did you hear that? If you had included that in your post, we would be able to go to that link and read it for ourselves. Finally, you are certainly allowed your own opinion of maria's artistry. However, it may have been more prudent to hold off on your comments about that or post them on another board. In case you haven't noticed, this has been a difficult time for Kwan fans on the MK Forum. We are completely dedicated to MK fandom and take any setbacks to heart. We need all the positive support and energy at this time to help us cope with our favorite skater not getting the results that we want. In a way, it's like kicking us when we're down. Maybe I should have ignored your post, but I just couldn't let that slide by in the midst of many heartfelt posts of mk fans. Try to be more sensitive in the future and remember the focus of this particular board.

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    Default RE: Taralover

    This isn't meant to be mean, but why are coming over here trying to stir up trouble?!! BTW, I think you have it mixed's Tara who flutzes, NOT MICHELLE!!! get it right! If you think Maria has the better presentation over Michelle that's fine, but don't put Michelle down in the process!

    Teddy99 keeper of the title: "Michelle Kwan, #1 Skater of the Decade!"

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    marlana Guest

    Default michelle

    But Michelle is doing better than at Nationals. She is getting back where she wants to be. And maybe it won't be this year, but next year she'll come back. Look at her putting in that flip. Good for her. She's not holding back. She'll lighten her school schedule and concentrate on the skating more, get her jumps perfected and wow she'll be unbeatable. A very good learning experience this year was for her. A very classy gal. She's the audry hepburn of skating. I know this sounds silly.

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    Rene Guest

    Default Re: This will sound rude, but I gotta vent

    ITA littlepebbles. I'm bitter too, does it show? LOL.

    I WANT MICHELLE TO BLOW EVERYONE AWAY WITH THE RED VIOLIN AND LEAVE THEM CRYING! Good girl for the flip. I'm very proud of her. I don't know how she handles the pressure. I can't even handle the pressure of this! I hope she forgets about placements and just "FLYS" on Saturday.
    OH NO, I just found 3 new gray hairs.

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    Default RE: RENE

    I'm with u!!! I think Michelle will have to open a new can of WHOOP-A$$ tomorrow night and show everyone why she's been on top for years, and why "She is Skating!"

    Teddy99 keeper of the title: Michelle Kwan, #1 Skater of the Decade!"

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    taboo999 Guest

    Default TaraTroll is just jealous, plain and simple

    Because of after the 97 season, 98 Olympics, 99 worlds, and now, who is the Queen of the Ice, not the mention Queen of the Endorsements. Neither of his number ones. It's the Silver Belle, not the golden girls. He/she knows it as well as we do and can't stand it. He or she is just acting out on his frustration. Don't worry, no matter what this troll says, it won't change MK's top 10 most marketable athletes standing or her Disney deal, Chevrolet deal, or USOC honors (like the jacket). Hee hee hee <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :evil --><img src= ALT=":evil"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

    Forgive me. *snicker*

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    Default Re: This will sound rude, but I gotta vent

    Tara Lover,
    Just like us Kwan fans would not criticise Irina's speed, it is strange that a Tara fan is criticising Michelle's Lutz. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->
    Are you also a keeper of Tara's flutz?

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    Default Lizard

    You know she is happy now. Of course she wants to kick you while your down. She is definitely ecstatic now. She does not like michelle at all. She is just that type of person to rub it in. I know this because I have read previous posts.

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    MKBeliever Guest

    Default Re: RE:Taralover's comments

    I agree wholeheartedly with your post Lizard!!!!

    As a matter of fact, if you click on TaraLover's name you can get this persons e-mail address.

    I sent TaraLover an e-mail voicing my concern over choosing to post those comments here this morning.

    Others may wish to follow suit and voice their displeasure as well.

    This question is for all non-Michelle supporters:

    "If you don't like Michelle, why do you come here and post negative comments on this board?"

    I don't go to Tara boards and bash her....or any other skater's boards for that matter....I guess I expect the same respect here!!!!!

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    Join Date
    Apr 1999
    Fetalized since 1998

    Default ONLY IF YOU KNOW

    What place is MK in after the short? Third? If she wins the FS does she win? Please don't speculate...answer ONLY if you know.If I sound curt, I am...but I do apologize. I am relatively calm because I expected the result.I am just annoyed at the idle chit-chat on FSW and a degree....Nice post, Taralover.....I would dignify it with a response.....

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    sw10025 Guest

    Default Peace Folks, Peace

    There are certain people who come here for the express purpose of gloating or to start a fight, and by responding to them, you give them more creditability than they deserve. They simply aren't worth your time and attention.

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    dreamr Guest

    Default I'm sad...

    Like someone said before me, "I prayed so hard..." I prayed the entire night and all day yesterday. But I guess it was God's will for Michelle not to win Gold in the 2000 World Championships but for her to win GOLD IN 2002~!!!!!!!!! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

    I am so sad and dissapointed. I'm not dissapointed in Michelle because she went out there and tried her hardest and went for that 3flip! I'm proud of our MICHELLE! I'm just sad that Maria is in FIRST!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know we all sound so mean but geez this girl oops I mean WOMAN just gets on my first nerve. If Michelle can't win gold then I say GO IRINA!

    From the Reviews I've seen, Maria clearly won and this was the Sp of her LIFE. Of course the skating order had to help.

    Well I personally am just going to stay away from the boards/tv coverage/ newspapers(who will obviously put down Michelle) until maybe oh I don't know October! LOL So you guys next season. <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->


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    Zhenya Guest

    Default flip vs Loop

    I hate to tell you guys, but the 3 flip and the 3 loop are of equal difficulty

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    skatingfan Guest

    Default Fellow kwanophiles, taralover has a email, and it

    is better to email her privately about our thoughts. You can
    find her email by clicking onto her profile.
    I just want to say one thing about MK's lutz, Loosemoore has
    exam the ice tracing, and Mk does not switch edge.
    I will take Sandra's words, she has a good reputation.

    I think we should wait till the broadcast tonight.
    From FSU and rssif reviews Mk's flip is clean, may not have
    the best speed out of it. Mb's jumps have good speed and
    flow. But 3f should have higher base mark.

    About a poster's question about if SH skates better than
    Mb wht would be the outcome, well ice is slippery, anything
    can happen. But figuring thing out is just a matter of math.

    QR counts 20%, sp 30% and lp 50%.
    So you multiply the placement and the %, and add everything up
    whoever has the lowest total wins.

    Theoreticaly 20% translate to 0.2, but for worlds the 20%
    converts to a factor of 0.4, so proportional to that
    20% = factor of 0.4
    30% = " 0.6
    50% = " 1.0

    So so far Mk has 2 X 0.4 = 0.8
    3 x 0.6 = 1.8
    a total of 2.6

    IS has 1 X 0.4 + 2 X 0.6 = 1.6

    MB has 1 X 0.4 + 1 X 0.6 = 1.0

    SH has 3 X 0.4 + 4 X 0.6 = 3.6

    I think SH will not likely place above MB, but she is in position
    to threaten Mk, if she scores ahead of MK in lp, Mk may
    even be off the podium.

    If MK finishes 1st in lp she may be either 1 or 2 overall
    depending on relative placement of IS and MB ( assumming
    MK, MB and IS are top 3 )

    If Mk finishes 2 or 3 in lp she will be overall 3 , again
    assuming Mk, MB and SH finish top 3.

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    Join Date
    Aug 1999
    Sydney, Australia

    Default Re: Flip vs Loop

    Sorry to disagree, but the flip and loop are NOT of equal difficulty, whether they be triple loop or triple flip, or just single loop and single flip. I have been a participant and attendee at competitions, both in ISI and USFSA, at the lower levels where often, all other things being equal, the winners were often decided on the basis of these two single jumps (especially the flip). So, as a practicioner of both these single jumps (and close to a double loop on the jump harness), I must very much respectfully disagree.

    TaraLover, it seems you've missed Maria's huge, glaring wind-up leg bend before almost every one of her spins (something even pre-preliminary skaters are not allowed to do) in your mind-boggling technical analysis of Maria and Michelle. It's been proven that Michelle does not flutz. Why are you even here and being so negative for no reason? Heather and Jenny, I think it might be time for y'all to do a David55 here....

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    Default ITA AEHodman

    I have seen taralover's post and believe me she is even worst than David.

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    eilaram Guest

    Default okay

    Now that I'm feeling a little better I'll add some stuff...I am very happy that Michelle skated cleanly...she did all she could...If she skates a clean or a pretty close to clean RV for her LP I will walk away from this competition happy...I am not going to let nine people tell me what to think of her performance or her as a skater...Taj Mahal from 97 Worlds is one of my favoriite programs to re-watch...Anything can happen tommorrow...who will win depends on who falls, who skates cleanly, who does what triple/triples, what the judges smoke beforehand, and if Michelle can convince some of the judges that she's Russian...

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    Jackylutz Guest

    Default ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am just sick of people coming to the MICHELLE KWAN FORUM and start criticizing MICHELLE KWAN!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry if I offend anyone, but IF you are not a MKFAN, at least be courteous enough not to bash MICHELLE KWAN. I know that everyone is welcome here to express their opionions, but do it with tact.

    Just realize that this is the MICHELLE KWAN FORUM.


    GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE TRUE FANS BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    amethyst Guest

    Default In answer to Kwanette...

    Sorry if someone has already answered by the time this posts, the boards are really loading slowly for me today.

    For Michelle to win Gold, she would have to win the LP AND place 2 slots higher than Maria. Meaning Maria would have to finish 3rd or lower in the LP. If Michelle wins the long and Maria finishes second, Maria still wins Gold. If it goes Irina, Michelle, Maria - Maria still takes silver and Michelle would take bronze.

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    Join Date
    Apr 1999
    Fetalized since 1998

    Default amethyst


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    Abbyone Guest

    Default eilaram

    ITA! I am new to these boards, but have been reading them for some time. You guys crack me up. After a terrible morning, some of these posts actually made me smile. I hope Michelle can convince the rather questionable judges that she part Russian and part Hungarian!

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    pbluu Guest

    Default Itís better that MB is first

    I think for MK chance to win it is better for MB to be first because we all know how MB can be during her long program. Irina has a best chance of placing higher than Maria. That is if MK places first.
    If Irina was first in the short then I think it would be tougher for MK to place first then have Irina places lower than Maria.
    Irina is jumping very well so i'd have to give her the edge over Maria.

    I hope this will be the order for LP:
    then Maria somewhere after this.

    I do not like Maria. She doesn't seem like a warm and genuine person. She always has a smirk and arrogant smack on her face.
    If MK doesn' win I hope Irina will.

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    brandy00 Guest

    Default Have we forgotten something??

    MKFANS! Calm down! (it took me awhile to do that, so just sit and relax.... drink some water, take deep breaths.. you know! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START --><img src= ALT=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP--> ) It's still not over!! HAve a little faith in our Angel, and give her the benift of the doubt. Take Nationals for example. I know that Sasha Cohen hasn't been compared to Maria and Irina, but Sarah has, so this can kind of relate. Didn't Michelle pull herself together in the LP? I thought she was the 2000 United States Champion! I'm willing to give a *HUGE* benift of the doubt here, because she CAN work miracles! And lets not forget, win or lose, medal or not, it doesn't matter, because she is still Michelle . Don't count MK out, guys, not yet at least. I know with the new skating order it's even going to be harder for her, but this just makes it more challenging!

    Now, we can stick up together for her, because we LOVE her, not because our loyalty is based on winning. So ask yourself, Is your attitude going to change if she loses? I didn't think so! So lets cheer up, and if she skates the program of her life, then hooray for her. And if she didn't, that's still okay. I just think she is saving herself for 2002 Olys!


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    pbluu Guest

    Default Win or Lose

    I agree with you Brandy.

    I hope MK will stick around for the 2006 Olympics!
    Hee hee.


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