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Thread: COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post them here!

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    G-Man, she had quite a few people on their feet but not everybody. Of course, the Civic Center was by no means packed for the event either :| Still, she got the best reception of the afternoon I would say.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    For me her keeping Bolero would be the first stab in heart of her not winning an Olympic gold medal. The second would be if she decided not to do the Grand Prix. The third would be if she changed coaches.

    The only reason I like that program is because I support Michelle unconditionally. If any other skater did that program I would trash it to no end, because the music and choreography do nothing for a singles skater. It's perfect for a Dance Team, maybe even a Pairs team, because they're capable of all types of spins, and choreography, and throw jumps, which would go along with the music a little better. (Personally I think it'd be a great program for Petrova and Tik)

    Michelle is the only singles skater that I think could possibly make that program work. (And by "work" I mean it to be an effective program that moves me in some way) and she doesn't really, IMHO.

    If she loves the music thats fine, but she doesn't skate it with NEARLY the same amount of commitment and passion that she skates other programs with, Spartacus, YRMU.ect... So her love is not coming through the program for me. And more importantly, the judges dont' really seem to like the program.

    I think the big difference between Bolero and Tosca, and Aranjuez is when she skated a flawed Tosca or Aranjuez, the program still worked. With Bolero if she doesnt' land all the jumps perfectly, and nail the footwork the program just is flat.

    Michelle's greatest ability is to "sell a program" to make it a successful, and to fill you with great excitement and joy for what she's just done the ice. For me Bolero just leaves looking forward to something else.

    Having said all that, if she decides to keep it for next season, then i'll just suck it up, put a smile on my face, and support her in whatever way I can.

    BTW Didn't she state in a press conference that she didn't plan to keep Bolero for next season? Or am I just making that up?

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    I suspect she's only doing Bolero now b/c of the cheesefest Tuesday. After all, practice time is limited on tour and this may be the only chance she'll have to run through her program before Tuesday.

    Although it could be that since this year's tour is so short, Michele decided not to put together a new exhibition program, but I don't think that's it. I'm sure she'll change programs after Tuesday. I'll be at D.C. COI Friday so I'll keep you posted.

    And seeing "You Raise Me Up" again wouldn't be so bad.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    Oh God Please let her not keep Bolero for next year if she decides to compete. I'm glad she took on the challenge of trying it, but it's really got to go. Maybe we can all bombard her with CDs in the mail and see if she couldn't find SOMETHING else she might like????!!!!

    I don't mind seeing what she does with it as an Exhibition program though if she wants to perfect it.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    Maybe she is keeping Bolero as an exhibition because she wants to practice a full load of jumps to get her consistency back and since this is a long program she could actually do it instead of choreographing an entirely new program which would basically be a new long? I also hope she has new programs for next year.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    I'm almost positive she would not be keeping Bolero for next season if she's going to skate to it for COI.

    I do NOT like the Bolero program and I agree with you Natephame... although I disliked Tosca as well. However, I am the same as you, I will support Michelle with whatever program she wishes to skate.. even if I do not like it.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    Maybe, the 6 triple version of "Bolero" is intended both (1) to show that she can do it and (2) to prepare for the cheesefest. However, Michelle did mention "Bolero" as an Oly program, so maybe she will keep it for an exhibition.

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    Default Re: Boston Today!

    I agree with those who speculate Michelle is just using "Bolero"to tune up for Marshall's. Perhaps she has a bad taste in her mouth over not reaching her peak with this program, and wants to give it one last try. I would think if she didn't have a new exhibition ready just yet, she'd reuse "YRMU", but in doing "Bolero", she can keep it going, hopefully having a "perfect" performance at Marshall's! At least, I really, really hope so!

    I know several people have stated they thought she hinted at keeping "Bolero" for next season. I thought, and correct me if I'm wrong here! what was said was she wanted to use the music next year, but Rafeal said not for the Olympic year, use it now (last year).

    I agree with many of you, I'll support Michelle regardless what she chooses to skate to, but I hope she chooses something that brings out her passion and personality!

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    hey, i just got back from COI a little while ago. the train ride was pretty quick. yes mk skated to bolero once more. very similar to worlds

    SMIRAL, and Y spiral
    fw, SFL
    death drop, (i think) sit spin
    sort of like the ending at worlds, BUT she does a KNEE SLIDE with her arms back and her back slightly arched back.

    she got the closest thing to a standing O (tho it wasn't a complete standing O) and the crowds were roaring for her from start to finish. there were some mk fans on one side in the front row who had this orange sign that said WE <HEART> MICHELLE and mk def. noted that and gestured to them, and every time she'd pass by them they'd scream. overall i thought her program was great. i really don't get as much sometimes from exhibitions cuz i can't see her face all the time like on tv, but i def. liked what i saw . her jumps were all textbook perfect. if only she landed them all like that at worlds! the fw was great and she did 2 running steps instead of just 1 set. everyone around me i think was there waiting to see michelle cuz her name was like the one that was mentioned from like beginning to end. i wish i was in the front row when she went around with the other skaters at the very end to high five ppl :b her spins tho were modified, some moves i think were cut out. i still prefer the campbells opening tho , my fav! i wonder what she'll do after marshalls.

    anyhow thats all i can remember right now, but just wanted to put down what i could remember from mk while it was still fresh in my memory. i'll post about some other skaters that caught my attn in a bit. o yea, and sasha was not in the opening AT ALL. i wonder what happened. she did do her babs number later tho...

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    Gatzbee, thanks....Sounds awesome..Wow!

    The Kween is not dead! Long live the Kween!

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    I also went to today's show and I don't remember seeing Sasha in either the closing or opening numbers. I was able to take some photos- if anyone's interested the few non-blurry ones are up at

  12. Default another Boston COI review...Michelle was AWESOME!!!

    Well, I know this is COI and not the Michelle show, but WOW, WOW, WOW was she AWESOME!! I just have to start out with her. This was the performance I had been waiting for all season. This was the Bolero we knew it could be. 2 axel, 3 flip/2 toe, 3 lutz, 3 flip, 3 salchow, 3 lutz. Yes, 2 FLIPS and 2 LUTZES. Everything perfectly landed. Spiral, straight-line footwork, flying leaf, the whole deal. She was fast, crisp, everything secure and flowed from one move to the next. By the end I couldn’t contain myself. I jumped to my feet, and boy did she look pleased with herself. Biggest standing O of the night without a doubt, the only one really.

    To top the night off, she did 4 double axels in the finale, one right after the other. After the first one I was like wow, then she just kept on going, and each one got better and stronger than the one before it. Wow was she on tonight!! I wish this had been on TV!!

    Now, onto the rest of the show…

    Intro…Sasha was a no-show
    Viktor: 2 axel
    Jennifer Kirk: 3 toe (step out)
    Timothy: something, then 2 axel
    T&M: split 2 twist, throw 3 loop good
    Rudy: shoot the duck, 2 axel
    Surya: 3 sal, backflip
    Elvis: 3 toe (turn out)
    Amber Corwin (a lot of people went “Who?”)
    Johnny: 3 toe
    Orschar & Lucash (sp?): weird fall on nothing, throw 3 sal (hand down)
    Anissina & Peizerat: neat front flip over things by Anissina
    MK: 2 flip

    Act One:
    Amber Corwin: 3 sal, 3 toe axel/ 2 toe, 2 axel
    Although nobody really knew who she was when she came out & gave her polite applause, she skated as best as I’ve ever seen her. I bet she’ll have a fun time on this tour.

    Katie Orscar & Garret Lucash: nice throw 3 sal, weird fall again on nothing
    They’ve got some nice tricks in their arsenal, which is good to see. I think it’s going to take some getting used to skating in the lights & all. She had another weird fall just stroking really, and it make me jittery watching them the rest of the time. Lots of potential with this team.

    Rudy Galindo (“Celebration/Last Dance”): chair & fur coat, 2 axel, spinning down the ice on chair, 3 toe wild landing, strip down, 2 toe, 2 axel.
    I could have done without the whip he brought out, but other than that Rudy does what he doest best-entertain. I felt kinda bad for him though. Maybe he would like to skate to something different one of these days.

    Jennifer Kirk (Evita-woah did she get hair extensions?): 3 toe, spiral into nice 3 flip, 3 toe.
    Nice to see her skate so well. I think she really liked this program, and suited her well.

    Dan Hollander (Richard Simmons): 2 axel, 1 axel/1axel/2toe/2toe with music (jumps as Richard counts off in lyrics), 3 sal, 2 toe, backflip. Has he always been a lefty?
    Cute idea, didn’t take on the audience as well as some of his past stuff, but it’s only the 2nd show of the tour. As soon as “Dancing with Myself” came on I immediately thought of Rudy.

    Surya Bonaly: 3 loop, 3 toe, 3 sal, backflip.
    No fake tights! Did she & MK trade places?

    Viktor Petrenko (Mack the Knife): 2 axel, 3 toe, lots of dancing.

    Anissina & Peizerat (Star Wars): I realized tonight just how much I miss this team. Nice innovative and interesting lifts, footwork, tricks. I really enjoyed seeing them again, as well as their performance. But how can she see with all that hair?

    And with the first Act, which seemed unusually short BTW, Intermission…..

    Act Two:
    Hoola Hoop Lady

    Timmy: 3 sal, 3 flutz, 2 axel, 3 toe.
    A very different program for Tim. Nicely skated, but kinda blah. But definitely ditch the costume.

    Belbin & Agosto: a shortened gypsy FD. Nice and crisp. I love this team!!

    Acrobats: more creative than years past. First they’re speed skaters, then swimmers, then the Red Sox and the Patriots, which got a nice approval from the Boston crowd. Same tricks and some new ones, a good crowd pleaser overall. Definitely better than the tutu-tutus they used to wear. I bet they feel a lot less silly now.

    Elvis: 3 toe, 2 axel, nice sit spin, dancing, 3 stars into butterfly. Does anyone remember when he used to do 7 or 8 in a row?
    On a night where it seemed like a lot of the skaters were still tired from the competitive season, it was nice to see Elvis come out with such speed and attack.

    Sasha: a nice “surprise” after not being in the opening, 2 toe (turn out), 2 sal.
    Not the best from Sasha. My 14-year-old neighbor who came with me mentioned the part about the “spill” in the song just as Sasha doubled her 3 toe, and I thought it was too funny cause she brought it up all by herself how it fits Sasha.

    Johnny (“Unchained Melody”): 3 lutz (almost landed in the skaters’ entrance), 3 toe, cool sideways leaning camel, tons of stars into last spin. Am I missing a jump here?
    The more I see Johnny in person, the more impressed I get. He’s fast, crisp, excellent edges, solid presentation, great spinner. The music did make me think of Underhill & Martini though.

    Irina (“Oops…I Did it Again”): 3 loop, 3 toe/2 toe slow.
    Umm, don’t the Russians know that 6 years after the fact a song isn’t popular anymore? Lol loud groans were heard in my section when the opening notes played. She’s definitely perky though.

    Totmyanina & Marinin: throw 3 loop nice, sbs 3 toes great!, split twist, 1arm split lift, death spiral.
    The more I see this team, the more I like them. They’re so much more fluid and poised than ever before. I remember when they did West Side Story and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die…no more of that!

    And last but certainly not least….MK!!!!

    Well, I already said how she did, but just to reiterate: 2 axel, 3 flip/2 toe, 3 lutz, 3 flip, 3 salchow, 3 lutz!! Yeah, BABY! She did it all! She was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    I have to admit that I was still coming down from my MK high that I was not focused on taking notes during the closing, which was a country-western number again. I bet the skaters feel kinda silly having to do this. At least Michelle had minimal choreography, she only really led everyone down the ice at the end of it as they followed pushing big fences.
    Other notes….oh yeah, MK and her 4 double axels! That was AWESOME! She just kept on going like a little energizer bunny…and they got better with each one! Hoola lady with her hair down made me do a double take--was that Anjelika Krylova?…and wow does Tatiana have like a 12-pack she is fit!!…and Katie Orschar falls again on stroking…this was a much shorter show in years past, just over 2 hours including intermission and the fact that it started 10 minutes late…we made the early train from the FleetCenter for the first time ever. It was still well worth the $$ though, thanks especially to MK and Bolero!!! There were almost no falls at all, except for Katie Orschar, and Jenny Kirk in the finale taking a hard one on a 2 axel.

    You could tell it was the end of the season b/c most were slower than usual, but everyone still landed all their jumps and there were almost no falls or doubles. MK wore her purple/blue dress from Worlds QR for Bolero with her hair part-way down, and she had such attack and grace.

    My favorites tonight..MK, Johnny, T&M, and B&A….but of course Michelle Rached!!!!!

    Woo hoo…tix for next’s year Olympic tour have gone up considerable…$150 for two front rows..then $120 for “VIP”….yikes!!

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    I wouldn't necessarily assume that MK is considering keeping Bolero. This may be just until le cheezfest.

    I went today and had a nice time. I bought an uber cheap seat but I got a free upgrade and I was right in the lower seats by the show.

    Michelle was great. Bolero was a much better program live IMO. The jumps were nice and I loved that ending!

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    Just got back from Boston COI ... I was psyched to see Erin, she came by to say Hello before the show ... it was GREAT to see you again, Erin

    Michelle looked awesome again ... 5 triple Bolero today, LOL. She put the spiral sequence back in, and took out the 3toe at the end, and also the circular footwork that was there yesterday ... she ended yesterday with a scratch spin into the ending pose with her head and arms thrown back and today it was back to the knee slide ending, LOL.

    Love the four double axels in the closing ... awesome

    It's been a great COI weekend, I'm sad it's over though ...


    P.S. I forgot to mention, I got a hand-slap from Michelle at the end when the skaters did a lap around the rink

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    ok back... some other things that stood out.

    those 2 russian guys who used to do the number as the ballerinas walking on top of each other. i actually liked them this time. they did some number with them pretending to be speed skaters, and then underwater divers, and then stripped off and revealed Red Sox and NE Patriots (Brady) Jerseys. haha, i was in their section when then stripped off their first layer of costume :b they are VERY talented. personally i think they should be allowed to compete in paris comp.'s haha

    Irina Gregorian (sp?) hoola hoop girl. same act, tho it was just a little more interesting for me cuz last time i went i don't remember her swirling a giant cube frame around . the cutest part i thought was dan hollander with his HOOP BOY shirt.

    irina had a lot of spunk in her program. i don't like britney and skating together, but it was appropro considering she just won another world title... i think irina always skates well with upbeat music.

    johnny weir was so fluid on the ice! my fav. male performance of the evening. the movements are just so natural to him.

    timmy had a pretty weird costume. i didn't like it at all. in fact i thought the gold embroidering and red on one side of his costume made his overall body look kinda weird. dunno y he didn't just have a simpler costume... but i believe he skated well. i just can't remember that music at all lol

    kirk did her evita number. not bad, but chicago will stand as my fav. program from her. i think she should find a jazzy LP next yr cuz that seems to work to her advantage... i think she may have had trouble on 1 landing. i know in the opening she had a little trouble on a landing, and in the closing she fell on a 2a i think...

    i can't remember too much of sasha. she doubled her first jump i think, and may have had some problem with her landing on it. i wonder y she wasn't in the opening... i thought the music worked fine with her. i liked it better than when i saw it at worlds on tv. she has very dancelike moves, and i thought they went well with the music, tho i think its more natural and 2nd nature for her to do music like R&J.

    the opening with mk was cool. she skated to that Lenny Kravitz song, something like "She's my lady" (? i forget the title) but i thought it was so appropriate for her . the crowd went wild when they saw her come out. all i can remember is her doing an illusion spin cuz i rarely see her do that. in the ending she did do 4 2a's in a ROW. yoswers.... and i guess part of the act was like everyone was surrounding her waiting to see if she could do it and she did, so they clapped and we were all clapping too haha... she nailed each one from what i can remember.

    and the new US pairs champs, Orshack and __? (im so bad with any names in pairs!) they had a slip up in the opening i believe and then ANOTHER slipup in their program i think where like they literally got a little discombobulated and she sort of slipped onto the ice, not a major fall or anything.

    there were some whispers around me before the french olympic dance champs took to the ice. im wondering if it was in rxn to the SLC scandal since the deal was to get a vote for the french dance team i believe. anyhow that may not have been it and my ears were just playing tricks on me hehe . but they did a good number. i THINK they did a star wars number. correct me if im wrong...

    rudy galindo always gets the crowd going with his numbers.

    petrenko's number was good. im just having a mental block in naming the type of music. but i enjoyed it much more than his Who Let the Dogs Out number he did i think in 2002... <shudder>

    i thought dan hollander's performance was funny. he was pretending he was some overweight guy working out to richard simmons.

    hmmm thats all i can remember. i was so happy to finally get to SEE the skaters faces this time since i was in the 4th row. the 2 other times i went i was too far to really see any detail. hopefully next yr i'll get slightly closer and more to the center

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    What a great report! I would never remember all those details! Thanks! Did all the skaters do the opening except Sasha? And she was in the closing number? That is odd, since it's the 2nd show she didn't do it. Hope she's not injured.

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    Thank you so much for all the reviews everyone!! I really hope that she's keeping Bolero for the whole tour, because if not, I won't see it because I don't see the show till after Marshall's. Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me for her to just skate it the whole tour. Why?
    1. Didn't have to take the time to make a new program for a tour that's only 1 month long
    2. Gets to keep her jumps up to speed even though she's not practicing regularly
    3. And this is the most important- because she loves the music and can have good memories skating to it
    4. And if she is indeed thinking about keeping it for next season, while I won't bet on it, I think is a very good possibility, she can play around with some choreography. It seems like that's what she's been doing already, with just 2 shows under her belt.
    I feel like I may be in the minority, but I don't think Bolero is a bad choice. If she really loves the music, and wants to be skating to it, she should.


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    Thanks everyone for the reviews ounds like Michelle has been really on so far at both shows. I am surprised Sasha is not in the opening.

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    Splits ... I totally agree with your Bolero reasoning We'll see what happpens, I guess ... I'm really interested to hear reports from the rest of the tour ...


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    Default re. COI

    BrenMT - great report; how did you remember all those details? (And thanks to everyone else for their comments). I just got back from the show myself and pretty much agree with everything you said.

    Boston sure loves Michelle! The crowd went crazy for her every time she hit the ice, and she had a huge smile on her face the whole time - just glowing. She was really "on" tonight; all her jumps were beautiful; she did two SFL's, one right in front of me. I loved the ending with the knee slide (she throws her head and arms back & arches her back - very pretty). Definitely the largest ovation of the night and a good portion of the audience was standing for her - she looked so happy.

    The finale was great - the skaters really got the audience to participate and clap along. And 4 double axels from MK (after a 5 triple Bolero just a few minute earlier!).

    I like Sasha's new program. She doubled both jumps and took out the Russian split, but otherwise, it was a very nice performance. Weird that she's not in the Opening or Closing, though.

    I also loved Tanith & Ben, Johnny and A&P - Overall a great time.

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    Default Re: re. COI

    i was wondering if maybe sasha had possibly some injury since her jumps weren't too on and she wasn't in the opening or closing.... tho the rest of her moves in her program i thought were pretty nice and solid.

    brenmt, WOW did u take actual notes during the show??? :rollin thats the most detailed boston report so far! lol

    in one way i was hoping to see the circular fw hehe since that would be new, but it was nice to see a smiral up close

    im so glad i actually got to witness a knee slide sort of ending with bolero live! interesting how from yesterday to today, the choreo. changed a bit. this has got to be the only LP where it doesn't seem to be the exact same thing every time we see it lol . ive always wondered if perhaps the knee slide would be there if she was more on time with her music, b/c today she def. finished on time, no doubt about it... man i wish they would still televise COI. i'd love to see another bolero on tv. the only thing i still wish mk would do is 1 spin into her COE spiral, instead of 2 spins in a row. i wonder y she changed that after nats...

    i have a feeling if she is doing this for an entire month, that this could very well be a goodbye to bolero. it just seems more of a skate to satisfy herself with the music, since this season started out very promising but didn't reach that sort of apex--a la a tosca nats exploding passion on the beat of the music performance of 2004--we were all hoping for. who knows really.

    but everything in that performance tonite was just so dead on IMO. ive never seen her skate that many wonderful triples live!

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    Default Re: re. COI

    Thanks everyone for your reports and to Kylita for sharing your photos!

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    Default Re: re. COI

    I heard somewhere that Sasha has a groin injury? Thus explaining her no-show in the opening and finale, and her double jumps.

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    Default re. COI

    Groin injury? ... Ouch.

    I still find it odd that she didn't at least skate in the opening for a few minutes just to be introduced - she's not required to jump or anything. Guess we'll find out more info. on Tuesday.

    P.S. Kylita - thanks for the pictures.


    Got back from COI Boston a couple of hours ago it was awsome. Michelle was awsome. You guys have great and thorough reports.

    Sasha was definitely not in the opening number. I didn't see her in the closing either. However I know someone who was also at the show and sat where the skaters came out and said she indeed saw Sasha.

    Okay my report will be very simple. I have a paper due tommorrow night.

    Amber was lovely

    Orscher/Lucash: all I can say is ouch. They struggled with every move. They fought through their program.

    Jenny is such a joy to watch.

    Rudy was a riot. Loved his number. At first my mother was afraid when she saw a chair as a prop. We hate when they use chairs but he used it well.

    Surya- performed her usual amazing acrobatics.

    Dan Hollender- His program was the funniest thing I have seen in years. I couldn't stop laughing. He is a genious.

    Victor- The number started out kinda blah. But it came together at the end. Perfect music choice.

    Annisina and Peizerat: Loved them. I hadn't seen them in person before. Their moves still amaze me

    Irina Grigorian- I liked the concept of the program but it was still the same old moves.

    Timmy- Right on that costume was just plain awful. It made him look heavier than he is. I don't know if the classical approach works for him.

    Vladamir and Alexei-Totally agree. other years I have not really cared for them in the past. They have done the same old circus acrobat many times. But their new program is great. I loved it. They have quite a few new tricks. Clever.

    Belbin and Agosto- I was really looking forward to seeing them in person they do have some excellent moves. But their Gypsy dance didn't really excite me that much. I do like the number. I have seen it to many times on TV.

    Elvis- Typical Elvis, puts a smile on your face

    Sasha- Loved her "Funny Girl" number.The music really suits her. However she seemed off to me today.I thought her music was too loud

    Johnny- Best male skater of the night. I love his spins. I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

    Irina- She has such a fun energy to watch. She was so fun to watch.

    T/M- They wree beautiful and steady but nothing really wowed me.

    Michelle- huge ovation as the music started. A few gasps as Bolero started playing. I was a little uneasy about her keeping this number for COI. But I loved it. I think it is actually better suited for an exhibition than a competitive program. I was in total awe. I was in tears for her. I love the new dramatic ending pose. She received the closest thing to a standing "O".
    The arena was only half full probably due to the Easter Holiday.

    Fourth row was awseome. Kudos to Michelle,Rudy,the acrobats Belbin and Agosto, Surya, and Tim for covering all sides of the Arena.

    Loved the Finale and I'm not a how down peron. The men did a great job interacting with the audience. Especially Ben A.

    At the end of the finale I ran down the aisle to the edge of the boards. I got high fives from Victor, Elvis and Marina Annisina I was so ecstatic. "They touched me". Michelle skated by but then gave me a wink and a nod. I was in heaven.



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