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Thread: COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post them here!

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    Default Re: MichelynB!!!!!

    Would you be willing to make me some copies??? I have some pictures of the skaters back stage I could trade with you
    Thank you, I'm glad you liked them. I would be happy to send you some pictures. Please email me off list at
    Thanks again.

  2. Default Re: i12gosk8 question -- about Sasha's spiral

    Vicky: I'm not i12gosk8, but I since I was at the Chicago COI show, I can speak to Sasha's spiral. While it's true that 2-3 years ago especially, Sasha's spirals didn't have much of an edge, she has clearly improved a lot there. The spiral she did at COI was basically her forward outside edge -- and since she made a circle on the ice, it clearly wasn't on the flat or a very shallow edge or she wouldn't have made the curve around the rink. Her inside edge still isn't very deep (Michelle's inside edge is almost scary!), but her outside edge is fine (at least it was in this show). The spiral transitioned to a forward Charlotte, which wasn't on much of an edge, but then I have very rarely seen even a backward Charlotte that had much of one. So her spiral was very good. Of course, I've also written what I thought of her performance in total, and for me, I preferred Michelle's performance. Other people may prefer Sasha's; I thought Evan had a better skate that day than Johnny, even though I usually prefer Johnny's skating. It's personal preference AND specific performance that determines who I thought skated "best."

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    WAHHH Guest

    Default Re: i12gosk8 question -- about Sasha's spiral

    Sasha's edge on her spiral has improved dramatically in the past few years. Saying that she is only getting a shallow edge on her spiral is like saying that Michelle still spins extremely slow.

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    cRaZiI 4 TiM1 Guest

    Default Re: i12gosk8 question -- about Sasha's spiral

    who cares about the edge it still looks awesome! :p
    ~Xo MaRiE xO~

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    Default Re: i12gosk8 question -- about Sasha's spiral

    Edenlover, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time in St Louis! It's a great chance to meet people and see some wonderful skating, both from the famous skaters and some of the novice and junior skaters you never get to see.

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    RAReinecke Guest

    Default spiral quality

    In the USFSA rulebook, when judging a spiral, at least for test purposes, the element is to be judged on extension as a primary focus and edge quality as a secondary focus. I don't know how this translates, officially, on a competitive stage.

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    Default Re: i12gosk8 question -- about Sasha's spiral

    Sorry to go off topic a bit...but I wanted to comment on spirals...

    IMO Michelle has technically the best spiral out there for every reason. She showcases the most control with difficult almost-split positions (no wobbles), has the deepest edges, and has great speed. And she has always received plenty of gush over her spirals.

    Sasha has the most flexible and amazing positions, and that's why Peggy and Dick gush over her, she has good speed and control, but her edges are not as deep as Michelle's, although ITA, she has really improved over the past two seasons.

    Irina has incredible speed and deep edges in her spirals, but her positions have always been and still IMO are weak, and her control is not as smooth as Michelle and Sasha. All three ladies have level three spirals according to CoP, but Michelle and Sasha have variety...while Irina is all bielman, all the time. But, as far as the top contenders go, their spirals are the best.

    1) Michelle
    2) Sasha
    3) Irina

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    Default Re: i12gosk8 Question?

    I am not versed on the COP, maybe someone who knows can offer the levels and GOE that determine a quality spiral.
    Here's a little information. It is not only the GOE but the level.
    In the GOE how much you can hold it is important: 1-50% of the time, 2-60% of the time 3-70% of the time, it also depends on the flexibility and body line how good it is.

    In the case of the level, there different factors that are required.
    Level 1: simple variation of position, and low extension and holds.

    Level 2: at least 3 spiral position, one difficult variation, skate forward and backward, and use of both edges (three of the four requirements must be done)

    Level 3: at least 3 spiral position(mandatory), two difficult variations, skate forward and backward, use of both edges, change of edge during one spiral position(hold 3 seconds in each), the free leg either sideways or forward, free leg totally extended(split) either sideways or forward but holding with one arm.(five of these requirements must be done)

    I hope I didn't make any mistake, that's what I remember since I studied the rules more than one year ago. Anyway, I hope I helped.

    Take Care,

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    mkfanatics Guest


    silly question but...

    will they show coi on tv?

  10. Default

    IIRC, COI has not been shown on TV for the past two years. The last show I can recall seeing was the 2002 tour, where Michelle skated to FOG.

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    That was the one time I got to see her live. (when she did FOG)
    COI doesn't come around here no more.

  12. Default Re: COI tour cities

    COI only comes to my town in the Olympic years -- otherwise if I want to see the show, I have to travel at least 90 miles, more likely 130 or 150 (depending if I go to Chicago or St. Louis). Next year I'm counting on the tour coming back to my town -- that way I can use the money I would have spent on travel towards the increased ticket prices.

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    i12gosk8 Guest

    Default re: Milwaukee

    "I got backstage passes by chance a few years ago in Milwaukee when Rudy Galindo's purple velvet cape landed in my lap! I was in the second row and he hurled the cape into the audience. I was so excited - I couldn't believe it. Michelle signed my ticket and Elvis signed my husband's ticket - precious!

    At the Chicago COI Rudy had on a thick, dark fur coat which he also hurled into the audience - but on the opposite side from me. "

    I was there that year!!! was that the 2003 tour??? the year nicole bobek fell on a triple toe so hard we all thought she wouldnt be able to get through the rest of the program, and they were starting to turn the music off????

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    KiMmAy1160 Guest

    Default COI

    I live in Augusta, GA and COI are here right now! Lots of my skater friends went to the Civic Center. My Dad had bought tickets last Summer for Atlanta and didn't realize they were coming to Augusta. The thing is the skaters that are in the Figure Skating Club of Augusta got "backstage" passes and get to meet all the skaters before the show! Idk if they get to skate with them, I doubt it. but yeah I was upset! My friend is getting me Michelle's autograph though! :b but I'm excited because I can't wait 'til Sunday where they're in Atlanta!

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    i12gosk8 Guest

    Default Re: sasha spiral

    ok, as I said I am TRAINING to be a technical specialist.....but PLEASE don't bombard me with questions about every skater and every element........
    I will answer the one about sashas spiral.
    1. it seems as though your comment about her spiral was sorr of "mean".....
    2. She is on an edge, if she was on a flat she would not be able to curve at all, shed only be able to go forward on a flat, ---laws of physics, so dont be silly.....
    3. She is not on as deep on an edge as someone like michelle, but who really is?
    4. I think sasha has the best, most technically correct spiral I have ever seen, so it would get a level 3, and +3 on GOE from me......I am old fashioned, I like a spiral that is a spiral....which takes hours of refinement to get the arabesque position, and proper ballet training, which showcases line, and in skating speed and edge, as opposed to someone like I%^&%, who cannot do it, so she does a beillman position, which by the way is not correct....beillman grabbed her blade with BOTH hands, watch I%^$^ she does it wrong.....I would give her a -1 on GOE......
    just some food for thought.

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    Default Re: sasha spiral

    3. She is not on as deep on an edge as someone like michelle, but who really is?
    So then really Michelle has the better spiral, since it's all about making that spiral. Achieving the split position is all well and good, but it really isn't what the spiral is all about.

    I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just pointing out that the split is not what makes the spiral, but the edge.

    I think Michelle's is beautiful in many ways. The deep edge, the sureness of movement, the speed, and the position of her body. She may not have as great a split, but I've never seen a bad photograph of Michelle gliding across the ice.

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    Default Re: sasha spiral

    It is not only the split that makes a spiral look more extended, is the body proportion. If a skater's legs are long compared to her body, any spiral position that requires split will look great, because of where the free leg stands(the height). Once again, the GOE, doesn't depend only on the position and body line, it depends most of the time in the holding.

    Take Care,

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    Default Re: sasha spiral

    Just out of curiosity-how did Sasha change her spiral? When I saw her in LI, she stroked across the center of the ice (the width), then picked up her spiral, around the end, 1/2 way up, and stroke into her charlotte. From the pics, looks like she went right into the charlotte, but was the OE spiral pattern changed?

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    Regina29544 Guest

    Default Augusta

    I'm so glad I made the 200 mile trip to Augusta, GA to see the show. Seeing Michelle and the finale was worth the long trip and the front row ticket price! I even got a hat! Not Michelle's, but Tanith's. I'm so happy, but sleepy. I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

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    Default i12gosk8-- I know you!

    Hi i12gosk8 Is your name Ben? We used to chat and email ALL of the time, and your email changed, and I had not seen you since, but I saw the photo of you and Michelle, and I know that was you!! This is Heather- you sent me some Alexei stuff, and we used to talk about Nanoah (sp)- if this is you- send me a message in my inbox and I will give you my email address from there!!!!! I am so excited! I have met Michelle a few times since then- she gave me her hat this year at COI in Columbus!!! We always talked about Sarah a lot- and I have seen her a few times this year- email me!!!!!

  21. Default Next Year

    I just got my tickets in the mail for next years show in Boston. I can't wait. I hope Michelle is there.

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    i12gosk8 Guest

    Default re: heather

    yes its me, e-mail

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    i12gosk8 Guest

    Default Re: re: heather

    you were close, its nanoha sato, who has come a long way since weve talked last

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    Default COI Reports!

    Thanks for all the reports and great pics Michelyn! Truly a blessing to have you guys here sharing to us COI deprived folk!

  25. Default Re: COI Reports!

    I am only a week late but I saw show in Cols. It was really good! It has been a crazy week.

    As others have said, Michelle was awesome. My daughter was the recipient of Tatiana' hat during the finale and she signed it back stage afterwards.

    It was wonderful to meet the some of the other forum members. We met for dinner and then most of our seats were in the same sections.


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