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Thread: COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post them here!

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    Oct 2004

    Default Re: Photos!!!

    I'm sure Handlem9z and his hat will be at the MCI Center
    Oh yesssssss, I'll be at COI in DC tomorrow, but I'll be wearing the duplicate Michelle Hat. The signed one from Marshals is in a display case in my living room

    I'm not getting too fancy with the sign making, but I'll be bringing neon yellow letters "MKF" to hold up.

    I'd love to have another MK encounter. I wish I knew how to get a backstage pass.....Shep, Michelle, anyone if you're reading pleasssssssse give me one (can't blame a guy for trying can ya)

    Just curious, whats the best way to have any chance of getting an autograph or saying something to them? I know the kiss and cry works pretty good at the competitions. What do they have t COI?

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    OMG those are GORGEOUS photos, what camera do you use!?
    Brenlynn, I'd LOVE to know where you were sitting and what camera you used too! Your photos are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Default new COI article - possible Michelle program update

    Kwan plans to skate a new routine to a recording by the late singer Eva Cassidy. "It's one of those pieces of music that you just like to skate to," she said. "It's a more over-the-rainbow type piece."
    Can't wait to hear reports !!! Glad I got to see Bolero in person finally, but bummed I won't get to see this ... oh well.


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    Default Re: new COI article - possible Michelle program update

    brenlynn--did you use flash? Those pics came out wonderfully!

    Mano--I hope you go to the NJ show! It'd be nice to see ya!

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    Default Re: new COI article - possible Michelle program update

    handleM9z, you could trying waiting outside the venue where the buses are parked or at the exit if they come from underground parking like I did when COI came to town a couple of years ago. Michelle came riding out in a golf cart and stopped to give us an autograph and she was the only one that even came out! Good luck!

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    aml78 Guest

    Default Song?

    Evan Cassidy sings a beautiful version of Time After Time....

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    aml78 Guest

    Default oops..

    meant Eva Cassidy.

  8. Default Re: What a Bummer!

    Though I like Eva Cassidy especially FOG that MK made famous with her skating,I was hoping to watch the improved Bolero with all those jumps in person.

    Of course,any performance of MK is worth watching.

    From that latest looks like she is going to Torino. I hope to be there to cheer her performance. This time, I won't expect anything as long as she skates with "Joy & Freedom"and let fate takes its course "Que Sera;Sera".

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    Default Re: What a Bummer!

    From that latest looks like she is going to Torino.
    I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in that article given all the mistakes that were contained within. This is the same article that had MK finishing 7th at worlds and Jenny Kirk as the US National bronze medalist.


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    Default Re: What a Bummer!

    I'm off to COI at MCI. I'm trying to get down there a little early to see if I have any luck around the buses.

    If anyone from MKF sees me, please approach and say hi. Its always nice to meet MKF members (I'll be wearing my 2nd MK hat and I'll have letters MKF on neon paper board with me).

    I'll try my best to report what I can about the show when I get back. The show is at 7:30 pm EST.

  11. Default Re: What a Bummer!

    This is the same article that had MK finishing 7th at worlds and Jenny Kirk as the US National bronze medalist.
    The writer honestly saw the qualifying results. Allison wrote Jenny was a US National bronze medalist, not the current bronze medalist, so I don't think there's a mistake. I can't wait for COI to stop by Texas. It will be the first time I'll see her live.

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    Default Re: What a Bummer!

    The writer honestly saw the qualifying results.
    I agree with you completely. Unfortunately, she forgot to mention that part.
    Kwan attributes her seventh place finish in this year's world competition to new, tougher technical judging in which deductions are made for things that never counted before. "Everyone just got back from Russia, and I don't even know what time zone it is," she said. "Worlds was kind of disappointing. There is always something to be learned."
    It sounds like Kwan finished seventh at this year's worlds, the way it is written.
    Sorry to be so nitpicky but I just get sick and tired of these reporters not checking their facts and letting any old thing go to print. It's beyond frustrating!
    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.


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    Default Re: What a Bummer!

    I e-mailed them and they responded saying they would make a correction. How? I don't know.

  14. Default Tell-tell sign?

    I am sad because now it is clear that with MK's choice of this song, she really is nearing her departure from amateur skating.

    Sorry, I don't mean to bring everyone down, but with all the news concerning the Pope and all. I'm just sad that's all.

    Sorry again.

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    Default I really enjoyed it.

    It was a really great show.

    First Michelle did not skate to Eva Cassidy. It was Madonna's "This used to be my playground" from the "A league of their own" soundtrack, like ThaiBrit said. It was really beautiful. There were some gorgeous, reaching out kind of moves. She wore the same dress for Bolero 2 and "You Raise Me Up" at Nats. She hit two flips (I think), with footwork into the second one. She fought for her lutz but it was fine and she stayed upright and in command. I also noticed her jumps looked really strong and her entrance edges seemed shorter to me, really good. Her new program is a beauty. Nearly halfway through I almost got misty because I realized what the lyrics were saying "This used to be....," "This used to be..." I hope that this is not her swan song for next season. Very nice choreography, footwork into jumps and she did a martini spin into a change of foot into a y spin on the other leg combo. I stood up and screamed for her, not nearly enough people got out of their seats when she finished. But many people did roar when they introduced her as "Five Time World Champion, America's Own." And Girlie hit those four double axels in a row in the finale, she was awesome. She had a look of happiness to be skating but she seemed like she's pretty hungry and she's getting that fire back.

    Timmy performed what I think will be his LP next year. It sounded like some kind of Cirque du Soleil kind of music and costume and it wan't particularly charismatic but he was very good. Johnny was like buttah and landed a huge 3toe that looked like it could have easlily been a quad. It was weird to see Irina Grigorian losing control of her hoola hoops and tripping. She even abruptly ended after about a minute and a half. Irina was her usual cutesy energetic self, I almost thought we were not going to see the beillman but there it was near the end. Rudy Galindo got the the house rockin with some 70s music and he was his usual self. Elvis had the kids in my area going wild with his techno music, I think it was Mortal Kombat. Dan Hollander was great too. Anissina and Peizerat were reall good too. How many dance teams do you see the woman handling most of the lifts? Sasha had her usual funky landings, lack of edge control and stepped out of a couple 3salchows but her new program and costume are cute. The closing ho down was not as hokey as I thought it would be, it was really fun and upbeat. I am very happy that I've gone again.

  16. Default Re: What a Bummer!

    Short (extremely short) review:

    Just got back from COI and Michelle skated to...This Used To Be My Playground by Madonna! To be honest, I don't remember much about her skating - it went by so fast. I think she did about 4 triples plus the 2a. She was very fluid, very on and, well, very Michelle.

    Will try to post more later.

  17. Default Re: COI number

    I also just came back from the DC COI. This was actually my first live skating event I've been to so it was very exciting. The seats could have been better but I was just so happy to finally be seeing skating live and soaking everything in.

    Honestly, I can't remember much of Michelle's program. She just put me in a spell and I started to get teary immediately when I heard the lyrics. So it all went by in a blur but she was wonderful. I can't wait to read all of the other reviews so I can relive the experience again. And the four double axels at the end were amazing. Michelle was definitely the star of the night and got the biggest applause. My other favorites of the night were Pang/Tong, Belbin/Agosto, and Johnny Weir.

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    Default I met Michelle!

    I am on Cloud Nine right now. As I approached the arena from the subway, I met one of my model railroad club buddies, and learned that he skated with Tom Collins in the old Holiday on Ice show many years ago. Mr. Collins had given him several backstage passes and he graciously gave me one.

    I got autographs from Belbin and Agosto, Johnny Weir, Rudy Galindo, Tim Goebel, Sasha and last but not least Michelle. All of them were so nice and were generously taking time to sign autographs before getting on the bus for a 3-hour ride back to Philadelphia, where they are spending the night before a show tomorrow. Michelle looked as if she were fresh from the beauty shop, absolutely stunning. She took the time to pose with children as she worked her way along the line. I told her, "I have been watching you for 11 years. It has been a real pleasure." She thanked me and lit up the place with that gorgeous smile.

    I took over 200 pictures, and I will start uploading some representative ones tomorrow. It will be a fun way to spend a rainy day.

    Edited to add picture link.

  19. Default Re: What a Bummer!

    Thanks ThaiBrit...

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    Ritm2k14 Guest

    Default the song lyrics


    This Used To Be My Playground

    This used to be my playground (used to be)
    This used to be my childhood dream
    This used to be the place I ran to
    Whenever I was in need
    Of a friend
    Why did it have to end
    And why do they always say

    Don't look back
    Keep your head held high
    Don't ask them why
    Because life is short
    And before you know
    You're feeling old
    And your heart is breaking
    Don't hold on to the past
    Well that's too much to ask

    [Long and movie versions only:]

    Live and learn
    Well the years they flew
    And we never knew
    We were foolish then
    We would never tire
    And that little fire
    Is still alive in me
    It will never go away
    Can't say goodbye to yesterday (can't say goodbye)


    No regrets
    But I wish that you
    Were here with me
    Well then there's hope yet
    I can see your face
    In our secret place
    You're not just a memory
    Say goodbye to yesterday (the dream)
    Those are words I'll never say (I'll never say)

    This used to be my playground (used to be)
    This used to be our pride and joy
    This used to be the place we ran to
    That no one in the world could dare destroy

  21. Default Re: Tell-tell sign?

    Ahhh, but there is hope...this little snippet of the lyrics:

    And that little fire
    Is still alive in me.

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    Default Re: COI in DC...A Hi and a really cool wave from MK

    Congrats KeithB on getting to go backstage and getting to meet Michelle. I can't wait to see some of your pictures.

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    Default Re: COI in DC...A Hi and a really cool wave from MK

    New program, yea! And wearing one of my favorite dresses! Can't wait to see it tomorrow.

    Looking forward to pics from the show.

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    Ritm2k14 Guest

    Default smiles

    cheer up keraml!

    the lyrics do feel sad but there is a feel to it that says im not done yet

    take care everyone!

  25. Default COI number

    Just returned from D.C COI. As Thai Brit already posted, Michelle skated to "This Used to Be My Playground" by Madonna (featured in the movie "A League of Their Own" in 1992). She wore the sleeveless light blue Bolero dress she wore at the December cheesefest. I didn't take notes, but from memory, I believe she did a 2 axel, 2 3flips, and a 3lutz. The program also featured her COE spiral (of course!) and hydroblading to a backward knee slide at the end (similar to FOG and YRMU). While this number isn't quite at the level of FOG (what is?) it's a nice number and she skated it well. I suspect that given the short length of the tour and the fact that it's a pre-Oly year, MK probably didn't spend a huge amount of time putting the program together. But that's OK - it's a good program and shows off her trademark moves, and she looks happy to be skating it.

    Everything else about the show was pretty much the same as last weekend's shows, based on those reports, so I won't go into a lot of detail. My favorite performances were those by MK, Johnny Weir, Sasha, and Belbin/Agosto. Rudy was his usual hilarious self, as was Dan Hollander. Irina Grigorian (hula hoop woman) fell a couple of times at the beginning of her number (it looked like one of those freak things where you slip off your edge) and apparently hurt her ankle, or something, b/c she skated off not too long afterward while the music was playing. Dan Hollander came out to retrieve her hoops and other props and Pang/Tong got sent out. It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't do the next few shows. Oh, and Kimmie Meissner skated tonight as a guest, and I believe she is also doing the Philly show tomorrow. She skated to Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" and hit all of her jumps. It was great to see her.


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