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Thread: next season

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    kimba4 Guest

    Default next season

    every is already talking about next season and how whether or not Michelle will go through all the competitions. I really hope she does and most of all i cant wait to hear her music. i want her to have a season like 98 to have those two performances back to back that blow EVERYONE AWAY CRITCS AND ALL...the 98 nationals were amazing and they were the best performances ever at nationals ...the music is so important eventhough michelle can bring any peice to what does everyone think...does anyone know her music selections (if she had made any?) i cant wait to find out it is a shame we have to wait so long...i hate off season

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    hugekwanfanfrompa Guest


    the off season -is- hard ... but michelle kwan will always be the greatest figure skater in the world. NO ONE matches her poise and maturity, both on the ice and off.

    she rules!

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    stevem2002 Guest


    Hello Michelle! How are you and your family? Are you enjoying the Champions on Ice tour? I just wanted to ask you about the next season or two in your skating career. From what I know or assume, you may compete in the nationals in Dallas, TX in January, 2003, and in the worlds next March in Washington, D.C. Am I right? I think you still have all the momentum you need to keep you competing or doing whatever is on your heart in your skating. If you continue to compete in the next few years and/or compete in the Olympics in February, 2006, you have a strong chance of winning one or more titles and maybe that Olympic gold medal you've been seriously longing for. I would love to see you win the Olympic gold medal in the next Olympics. What a joyous time that would be! Yes, it seems like a long ways away, but that time will come pretty fast. Don't worry about your age in four years; you will still be young. I strongly encourage you to always take care of your health, eat properly, get plenty of rest during your breaks, and stay in shape. Are you going to compete in any other competitions besides the nationals and worlds next season? Whatever you do, I believe it will be meaningful to you; whatever you do, do it with all your heart as a blessing to God. I pray that God will guide you in whatever decisions you make between now and the next Olympics. As for me, I would love to encourage you to stick it out through the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy! You can do it, Michelle! Keep skating; God is on your side.
    Mr. Steve McManis (
    a hardcore Kwan fan


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