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Thread: Heather and Grace: Closing and Disappearing Posts and Threads

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    Default Heather and Grace: Closing and Disappearing Posts and Threads

    In the past few months I've noticed that there have been many more thread closings than I can remember happening in recent history. There have been approximately 14 closed threads since October and it's possible that most of them have been justified. But could it be possible that some of them have been closed capriciously or prematurely? What I'm hoping is that the administration has been monitoring some of the closings to see that they are being done in the best interest of the forum. I'm just throwing it out here, but is it possible that there should be a review of procedures with those empowered to shut down threads to make certain that they are following procedures correctly. See the next issue.

    Related to the above and of more serious concern is that two threads of recent date have been closed without any explanation at all.
    January 11 2002 Worlds LP
    January 8 New Here Thoughts about Oly.
    Since these are the last two threads that were closed, I'm wondering if this is a new procedure spelled out in the mod's FAQ but members are not privy to at this time? Are we to expect thread closings without any explanation in the future?

    My third issue is about disappearing threads. Recently two threads were shut down and deleted without any explanation. In one thread a member asked a question about a deleted post, and the mod gave an abrupt response that neither answered the question, nor showed any concern for the plight of the poster. A direct answer or PM would have been more appropriate.The second thread in question disappeared after about 2 or 3 people complained of a technical problem about their posts disappearing.

    I'm sure there is a rational, simple explanation for all these incidents, and I hope someone will share them with concerned members of the Forum.
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    In addition, I was dismayed that the lund/JWe thread was was a spirited, thought provoking discussion.

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    Belladella, Spark, I sent you both a PM. If any of the members have any concerns or questions, please contact me privately.
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