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View Poll Results: What is the Greatest MK Short Program ever!!! Choose 3!!!

176. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yellow River

    0 0%
  • Song of India

    2 1.14%
  • Romanza

    53 30.11%
  • Dream of Desdemona

    32 18.18%
  • Rachmaninoff '98

    98 55.68%
  • Fate of Carmen

    21 11.93%
  • A Day in The Life

    5 2.84%
  • Rush

    8 4.55%
  • Rachmaninoff '04

    6 3.41%
  • East of Eden

    67 38.07%
  • The Feeling Begins

    80 45.45%
  • Spartacus

    50 28.41%
  • Totentanz

    7 3.98%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: The Greatest MK Short Program Ever!!!

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    I had a hard time narrowing it down to three -- but here are the three I voted for, in chronological order:

    Romanza (I loved her attitude, the music, the dress, the choreo, everything)
    Rachmaninoff '98 (classic Kwan SP with great build to finish)
    Spartacus (such beautiful music, such a courageous warrior woman)

    If I could have chosen 5, I would have added EOE and TFB -- but I also loved Dream of Desdemona, although I think I've only seen two performances of that program. I'm with missmary in that Rush was really the only SP of Michelle's that I didn't care for and I'm a bit surprised that it garnered a few more votes than A Day in the Life, which I like a whole lot more. I guess everybody has slightly different tastes -- although it would be hard to find someone who couldn't find a MK program that they enjoyed.
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    I had a problem with this poll, too. I selected The Feelings Begin, Dream of Desdemona and Fate of Carmen. The problem is that I love other programs just as much and some that weren't listed like Lyra Angelica and Pocahontas.

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    "Romanza" is my absolute favorite (I don't understand why this has fewer votes than others). "Rachmaninoff" (1998) and "Fate of Carmen" are the other two I chose. But I absolutely adore her exhibition "East of Eden" at 1996 Nationals and Worlds (at the beginning of which she is introduced as, "a true angel on ice").
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    Mine are:
    1)Day in The Life
    3)The Feeling Begins

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    Heart Yeah, I agree with like being indifferent and mature during like a siege

    My favorite in a past kind of way respectfully to my family are like Rachmaninoff, A Day in The Life, and the second Rachmaninoff because the first one I felt so emotional

    Quote Originally Posted by Witace12 View Post
    Mine are:
    1)Day in The Life
    3)The Feeling Begins

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    I voted in the top 5 of three choices Spartacus east of eden and romanza because I felt Romanza was absolutely incredible it's the way Karen Chen skates though worse and Spartacus was magic though hardly like Yuna and East of Eden was very moving

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