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View Poll Results: Who is the best male figure skater of all time? Choose your top three...

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  • Dick Button

    45 27.11%
  • Scott Hamilton

    17 10.24%
  • Toller Cranston

    6 3.61%
  • Brian Boitano

    79 47.59%
  • Alexie Yagudin

    50 30.12%
  • Robin Cousins

    3 1.81%
  • Todd Eldredge

    11 6.63%
  • Ilya Kulik

    9 5.42%
  • Elvis Stojko

    6 3.61%
  • Alexei Urmanov

    0 0%
  • Brian Orser

    3 1.81%
  • Ulrich Salchow

    2 1.20%
  • David Jenkins

    0 0%
  • Victor Petrenko

    0 0%
  • Josef Sabobchek

    1 0.60%
  • John Curry

    21 12.65%
  • Kurt Browning

    56 33.73%
  • Staphane Lambiel

    4 2.41%
  • Yevgeny Plushenko

    18 10.84%
  • Hayes Jenkins

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: The Greatest Male Figure Skater Of All Time Thread and Poll

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    I voted for Ilia Kulik, Brian Boitano, and Scott Hamilton. Ilia's 1998 Olympic winning program is one of the best performances I've ever seen... along with Brian's 1988 Olympic winning performance. Ilia completed the first quad ever in the Olympics and did 8 other triple jumps (2 in combination), and Brian did his Tano triple lutz and 6 other triple clean. Even ast age 30, Ilia is still considered one of the best triple jumpers in the world (his jumps can still beat some of today's skaters). As for Scott and Kurt- I like both of them, but I voted for Scott since he has lesser votes.

    Sandra Bezic said, "10 years ago when Brian Boitano won the Olympics he set a standard that since then, all men have strived to reach... Kulik surpassed that and now he sets the new standard and it may take another 10 years to match his long program performance."

    Brian Boitano, Ilia Kulik, Yevgeny Plushenko, Scott Hamilton, and Kurt Browning have all the elements a male figure skater should have.
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    naganosilver98 Guest


    I voted for Kurt Browning I've been watching a lot of skating lately, and a lot of Kurt and Brian Boitano and I have it narrowed down that Kurt and Brian are the best male figure skaters of all time, but if I had to choose one over the other I'd have to go with Kurt. There's just something about him that makes me love him more than any other male skater ever. He's always coming up with something new, skating with so much heart and passion, total control of his body in his skating which allows him to do moves that others cannot do, and he can skate to anything, and in a pro competition soon after Kulik's win in Nagano, who adds a quad to their program? Not Kulik, but Kurt and he lands it with just a slight hand down, which tells me that even as a pro Kurt was able and willing to challenge himself technically to meet the technical abilities of the eligible ranks, that just amazed me that 10 years after Kurt landed the first quad in the sport that he could still pull it off in pro competition. Kurt is amazing, simply and totally the best male figure skater of all time, and of course an inspiration.


    (and of course Brian is amazing as well keeping his technical elements up after all these years, quite an inspiration)

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    naganosilver98 Guest


    I could vote for three? I only voted for the one (Kurt). Ok, my top three:

    1. Kurt Browning
    2. Brian Boitano
    3. John Curry

    And did I mention above that Kurt's "Nyah" program is simply the best skating performance I've ever seen? And Kurt didn't even need to jump in order to pull that off, the dance quality, body control and musical interpretation which I think was the embodiment of Kurt's soul and his love and passion for skating, it's beautiful.


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    Nov 2005


    Kurt Browning
    Brian Boitano
    John Curry

    Those guys are just great!


    "People who win all the time are strong and powerful. But people who have fallen and got trampled
    on... but are able to stand back up and fight, that's who I admire the most" - Michelle Kwan

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    Atop my list would be Button. He was miles ahead of his contemporaries and many years ahead of his time.
    ~Keeper of the Triple Axel~
    My favorite performance of Tonya's:
    My favorite performance of Michelle's (at the moment):

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    John Curry, Kurt Browning and Brian Boitano.
    I also love Stephane Lambiel...and Jeremy Abbott !

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