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Thread: Merry Christmas xoxo Michelle Kwan

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    I'm sitting here crying... I'm so happy to hear that your hip is feeling "a lot" better! That is an answer to my prayers

    Thank you for sharing how your Christmas has been so far. From one doting auntie to another, I love hearing about your nieces! I'm so glad that you got out of Denver safely to be able to share this special Christmas season with your family

    God bless, Michelle, and continued healing for your hip! I'm so glad that you were able to be back on the ice, I can't imagine how you must miss it!
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    Im a bit of the past, a bit of the present and, hopefully, some of the future.

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    When I read your message, I cried...tears of joy! I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better and glad to know that you are enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family. I wish you a Merry Christmas and and Happy and Healthy New Year. Take your time and heal well. We will gladly wait.

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    Heart Best wishes to MK

    Merry Christmas Michelle!

    We have been so worried about you....glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope to see you in Cleveland in 2009. That would be sooo wonderful or should I say Kwanderful. All the best in 2007.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epoibim View Post
    I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to hear that you are feeling better and skating again! Please do me a favor - as you grace that ice, imagine us there...probably with signs you the standing ovations you so deserve...

    Erin!! What a wonderful post! Yes, we're defintely there in spirit cheering Michelle on.
    Im a bit of the past, a bit of the present and, hopefully, some of the future.

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    Hey Michelle! I'm happy that you got yourself out of Denver before the blizzard and that you are back home safe and sound. I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas as well.

    You and I are doing the same thing tomorrow! We are both cooking for our families. At least I have my sister to cook along with me.

    And I am so glad that your hip is feeling so much better. Take it easy on the ice and I hope (I think we hope) that we'll see you on the ice again someday.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    - Kay d'Aranjuez

    "When I feel like I'm in a hut, it's the venti things in life that are important, like riding a bicycle built for two with a friend while well-padded or drinking espresso with my non-kidnapped baby niece."
    • Living My Life Like Its Golden

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    We miss you too, Michelle. It's great to hear from you and wonderful to hear that your hip is feeling better. I promise not to tell anyone you were on the ice again--your secret is safe!

    Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday, Good Health and Great Happiness. Thanks for posting.

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    Merry Christmas Michelle! Thank you for visiting Seattle in July and doing an interview! Will we see you on Champions on Ice 2007?
    "I still believe"-Michelle Kwan

    "I want to be a legend..." - Michelle Kwan

    Michelle, you ARE a legend.

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    Thank You for all of the joy you have given us over the yers. You will continue to be in my prayers for good health and success in your future endeavors.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


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    Oh, Michelle! You made me fall in love with you all over again with your sweet sweet post. You made me feel like I was reading my best friend's email. Thank you so much for your lovingkind-thoughtfulness. I miss seeing you on ice very much, but you know your health comes first. Please take as long time as you need for a full recovery and come back even when you are considered a "dinosaur" in competitive skating world. May all your wishes come true, Michelle. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and MKF !

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    Hi Michelle,
    How nice of you to take the time to send us a message! I hope you are having a great time with your family in CA. I am happy to hear that your hip is feeling better. Please take care of yourself. I saw your neice, Olivia, a few months ago when I went to see the Sectionals in WA. She's all grown up, isn't she? She was so cute and she was entertaining everybody around her.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy & happy new year!!
    "People who win all the time are strong and powerful. but people who have fallen and got trampled on... but are able to stand back up and fight, that's who I admire the most." ~Michelle Kwan~

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    I am so happy- I love you michelle

    Im so thankful that you are feeling better and enjoying school and christmastime! I actually got to see karen and her husband and their daughter when I was at sectionals and they all looked great! I really dont know what to say, or even if you are reading this anymore, but I am thinking of you all teh time and we all love you and care about you and want you to keep feeling better and keep enjoying your christmas!!
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    Default Merry Christmas Michelle!

    Hey Michelle,

    So wonderful to hear from you and to let us know that you are feeling a lot better!! Have a warm, wonderful Christmas and best wishes in the New Year! The end of the year is such a perfect time to tell you that I am thankful to have you as part of our lives!


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    Hi, Michelle! Thank you so much for posting your message here. Glad to hear that your hip is doing much better, and that you're enjoying the college experience. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy healthy New Year celebration with your family.

    Todd Eldredge - My Star on Ice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichelleWKwan View Post
    I am planning to make Christmas Eve dinner at my house....
    I'm sure this was just a minor over sight on your part, but you forgot to tell us what time we need to show up...MKF doesn't eat that much

    Thanks for stopping by. Your visit put a smile on many faces. Happy holidays to you and your family.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck in 2007.

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    Merry Christmas to you, too, Michelle. Good luck on your college classes. I look forward to your return to the ice.

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    We miss you Michelle, but we are always thinking about you! I'm glad you are enjoying your holidays. You continue to bring a smile to my face!

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    We were talking about a certain issue and somebody would jump in and then somebody else would jump in, and it was very interesting, very stimulating," she said. "It wasn't like you sit up in a press conference and say, 'Yes, I messed up the triple lutz and I flipped out and the music was really loud and the people were great.'
    Your mind is always working, and to have that stimulate you and be exhausted from your brain working, it's a little different. Usually after skating I'd watch TV, have dinner and take a nap. That's what my day consisted of. I liked it, too. But this is something different. I know it's such a 180. And I love it."

    Now THAT's ^^^^^^what I'm talking about - enjoying the college experience. I miss being in college - took me 12 years (older student with job, kids etc) but even though I didn't enjoy all those term papers (degree is in History) I miss the brain stimulation. but I still will add what I first posted to you dear Michelle:
    You've always spoken as if you had the knowledge and experience of a college graduate - actually even a higher degree in academia. The one happy thing about figure skating these days IMO is to know you are right here, right now living and having the college experience. And one of the results that is hoped for is that the graduate emerges well rounded, with a broad base of, if not knowledge, at least familiarity with the world and many disciplines. You had all of these attributes before you even set one foot on campus.

    ....reminds me a bit about Natalie Portman at Harvard -

    Have a wonderful 2nd term and 2007. You are always with us.

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    I've been crushing on you for some time now, Michelle, and I know you might never stop by here again, so I just gotta get it out right now:

    "Michelle, will you marry me?"

    Okay, now that I've made a complete *** of myself...

    ...Merry Christmas, Michelle!

    I don't care if you just wanna walk around on the ice barefoot, I'd pay good money to see it!

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    Heart Happy Holidays xoxo to you too, Michelle!

    Michelle!!! I'm so so so happy to hear from you and even happier to hear that your hip is healing well! Reading your post has brought a big smile to my face. Olivia sounds so cute and please do share the secret of how you struck the deal with your parents about cleaning afterwards ...

    just want to tell you that I miss you too and you had been and continue to be my inspiration. Hope you're enjoying school and it'll continue to open more windows for you intellectually and will also open more doors to many possibilities where you could continue to share your grace and beauty with us.

    Have fun at the party in your house tonight. Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas and 2007 filled with joy, good health and good fortune.

    we love you ....
    "I'm a bit of the past, a bit of the present and, hopefully, some of the future." -- Michelle Kwan, April 2006

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    Hi Michelle,

    Merry Christmas! I'm glad to know that you are enjoying college so much. It sounds like you are living the complete experience. You must be exhausted!

    Congratulations on your latest accomplishment. I sure miss seeing you on the ice, but thank God for Youtube! I still watch your performances for inspiration. I hope to see you on the ice again, but most importantly, I wish for your happiness and fulfillment. You have given us so much. Thank you.

    I'm wishing that your 2007 is everything you wish it to be. I'm also sending lots of love and healing energy for your mind, body and spirit.

    Happy Holidays.


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    Heart The same to you, Michelle~

    Glad to know you are doing well~
    Hope to see you...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year, Michelle, and also give the wish to all the MKFers!
    "Work hard, be yourself and have fun-- Michelle Kwan"

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, Michelle! Thanks so much for posting! I had a feeling I would find well-wishes from you!

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    Thank you for taking the time to post, Michelle. We all wish you joy in your journeys, healing for your injuries, and happiness with those you love. Happy Holidays!

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    Merry Christmas, Michelle! Wishing you and your family much Peace and Joy throughout the holidays, and may God bless.

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    What a beautiful thing you just did by leaving us an Xmas message! You've just uplifted everyone's spirit. Thank you!
    Please take care of your hip and your health. You've given us so much enjoyment and shown us by your example how to be a great person taht no matter what you do in life you will always be loved and supported. And please do finish that great education at U of Denver. This will show all kids that education is paramount. You make us proud representing the US at the capacity of PDE.
    Wishing you and your family a most beautiful and happy Christmas and new year, Michelle. XOXOXOXOXO

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