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Thread: My very long review of the SGOA Competition!

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    Default My very long review of the SGOA Competition!

    It's 12:04 AM here in Minnesota and I'm pooped, but I did not want to keep you all hanging!! I actually couldn't wait to come back to the MKF and write this review! So sit back and relax (You might want to get a'll be a long ride...oh, and some coffee or something like that) and enjoy the review!

    I woke up at 5 AM on Wednesday morning, August 6th. I had to get to the family's home I was spending the week with at 6:30. It took about 30 minutes to get to their house so we had to leave around 6-ish. Anyway, I felt like a zombi, probably because I only had 4 hours of sleep, because of all the packing I put in the night before (I should learn to not do all the packing the night before!) Anyway, I got to their house and we all went to the airport (We had a total of 4 people going including me). The ride was very smooth - 2 1/2 hours from Minneapolis to Newark, New Jersey. Then from Newark to Hartford, CT which was only an hour. I was tired from the ride, but I managed to get some shut eye during the plane ride. (It was actually my first plane ride that I could remember!) We were in Hartford right on time and went to get the shuttle for the rental car.

    My bag was almost as tall as me, and I think almost weighed as much as me! That was heavy to say the least! When we took shuttle rides, I tried to pull the bag up in the shuttle, but I guess I'd have to go to the weight training room a bit more times in order to successed at that. It was not a pretty site. Luckily, the driver helped out a bit with the bag...Ok a lot! Anyway, after the we got off the shuttle we got a rental car and went to a local rink where we found practice ice that afternoon.

    Practice went smoothly. I was a little tired from the trip and not very much sleep, but I was glad I got some practice in before the short the next day. My coach was not able to be with me at that practice, so I practiced on my own along with the two other girls that came along with me for the trip.

    After practice, we searched around for the rinks that we were skating at. It took us a long time to find the rinks, because there was some kind of construction going on I believe (I'm not totally sure, because I fell asleep in the car!) But finally we made it to the rink, and to the ISC and we checked in, and got our credentials which was only a t-shirt for the Opening Ceremonies, and a ID thingy so we could get into the rink without having to pay. So we finally got to the hotel, and we got ready for bed and slept...I was beat!

    The next morning, Thursday, August 7th, we woke up at about 5:00 AM because one of the girls had a practice. Unfortuntely, I wasn't able to get a practice on Thursday morning, so I didn't have a chance to skate before the short. I was a little bummed, but I tried my best to stay warm and limber with stretching and jump rope.

    Every person from my club was getting one time or another on Thursday so that was a very busy day. 4 of the 7 girls skated in the morning so it was fun cheering them on and watching them skate! I skated at 1:15 PM, so I was getting ready to skate soon.

    I was in rink 2 when some of the MKFer's came in! I wasn't totally sure if it was them, but I thought it was. I warmed up a little more doing stretches and jumps until I had to get my skates on. Finally I knew it was the MKFer's for real, and I waved to them!! They were so sweet to make all those postersand to give me so many presents (I love them all, and will treasure them forever!)

    Before I knew it, it was my turn to skate. I was skating 2nd out of 4 in the second half. There were 3 boys in the first group which in the end occupied the first 3 positions in the short. There were 10 scheduled skaters, but only 7 skated. I didn't really want to see the other skaters skate. For me, it makes me more nervous to watch my competitors skate. But soon enough, I was out for my warm-up group. Everyone in the crowd was awesome! The MKF and the club together made a big roar! My legs felt a little stiff and not quite under me the first minute or so, probably because I hadn't skated at all that day. But soon enough I felt pretty good, and was skating better. Thankfully I had 6 minutes in the warm-up! I think I tried maybe 3 or 4 double axel combinations, and I think I landed 2 and fell on the other 1 or 2. I felt pretty good though about the warm-up. I made a few splats, but anway, that happens!

    I was the 2nd skater so I had 2 minutes to calm myself down. I felt pretty good as I entered the ice. I took about 30 seconds to get into my opening position, after the announcer called my name. Finally, I got into my opening postion. The music started, and I began my three turns into my camel spin. It felt pretty good so I was happy to have that under my feet. I felt a little slow going into my double axel, and maybe a little tenative. Of course, I'm my biggest critic, but these are just my opinions. I was leaning on the take-off and in the air, and I opened up after about 2 revolutions in the air. I was really lost in the air, and there was really no way I could've landed it. This all happened so quickly, it's hard to remember everything. I heard the crowd go "Ahhh.." which made me a little more determined to get on the right track. After that there was a spiral into an axel. It felt pretty good, though maybe a little slow. Overall, it was good. Then right after that was the footwork section. I was ahead of my music, and tried to do some extra steps. Hopefully, it wasn't very noticable. But I did my footwork which felt pretty good. I thought it went pretty quickly across the circle. After the footwork was some steps into a double flip which went smoothly. The double flip was pretty big I thought(I'm trying to leave room for a triple!) and then I went right into the combination spin to end the program. I felt pretty good, and I was happy I came back after the fall. The MKFer's were awesome and I thank you all so much for the support! We waited a bit for the results, and it turned out that I was 4th. I kinda knew I probably wouldn't be in the top 3, but that got me in a fighting mode for the long program! I met up with the MK 9(7 were there actually for the short I think. Poor Willa had train problems ) It was awesome meeting up with everyone!!! We took lots of pictures, and talked a little bit. I wish I could have spent more time with you all, but I'm glad I at least got to see you all and spend some time with you! You were all a joy to meet, and I thank you all so much for coming and giving me so many gifts!! Wow, I can't thank you enough!! And I think you the MKF for giving me soooooo much support!!!! WOW! This Forum Rachs!

    Anyway, the MK 9 went to eat while I went to practice for the long program at a nearby rink. Again, I was a little tired during the practice, but overall I think it went well. I tried to pace myself so I wouldn't be too worn out. After that we went to get some dinner and we went to bed!

    Well by now it's 1:00 AM, and I think I better hit the sack...I will post my part 2 review tomorrow!!

    Again thank you MKF for all your support! You all are truly special and wonderful people!! Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!

    See you all tomorrow!

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    I also want to add -

    Pennskater - I'm sorry I was not able to meet you, or see your daughter skate Things came up with the family I was staying with, and I did not get a chance to know when your daughter skated. I am truly sorry, but from what I hear from the MKFer's, she was great!!!

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    G Man even though I couldn't be there in person to watch you skate the MK'ers reports and your made me feel like I was there.

    I hope some day I will get to see you skate in a competition. You will think your mom came along with you

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    That's okay g-man. My daughter and I were glad we could see your short program - she enjoyed being a part of the wild fan club in the stands.
    And Bella and crew really cheered her on for her short program, which was a great experience for her. Like you, she seemed to enjoy the extra cheering, and made it more fun. She got 4th in free and short.
    We missed your free (had to get some lunch and practice ice) but it sounded great.
    Keep up the good work.
    PS - We were also a little disappointed with what the skaters got and with opening ceremonies and events downtown. St Louis did a much better job with having things that teenagers like (rock bands, fun activities set up, etc).

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    Default Re: g-man

    Thanks for the review. Even though I was there in person, it's neat to hear about it from your perspective. I can't wait to read the report of the long! Thanks for letting us all share in your event.

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    honey827 Guest

    Default G-man

    Thanks for writing up the review G-man I am glad you made it home safely and had such a successful trip.

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    Default Re: G-man

    Pennskater - I also felt the opening ceremonies weren't very good. It didn't flow, and there wasn't much variety. I didn't like it...oh well. A lot of kids did enjoy it I think. I'm glad your daughter had a great time and skated wonderfully!

    Thank you Honey, Beth, and Garden Kitty! I had such a wonderful time, and I'm glad I can share it with you!

    I'm off to writing my second part of the review!

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    Default Re: G-man

    Thanks for such a wonderful Part 1, G-Man! Selfishly, I was hoping to find your perspective on the competition when I came online; and I'm looking forward to part 2!

    Congratulations on your wonderful performance--I am so happy for you; and so glad that you have chosen to share it with the MKF!

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    Default Re: G-man

    So enjoyed your report, G-Man! You're so nice to take the time to post so soon, even though you must be exhausted! We were all SO excited here! I had hoped to go, but it didn't work out. So I stayed on phone alert Thursday. I had that same feeling like when we're waiting to hear reports on Michelle! Dell called Thursday afternoon and was so excited to have met you and to see you skate so well. She said you have a special quality in your skating and in your personality - like our Michelle. I could tell everyone was having the BEST time!

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    Default Re: G-man

    Oh G MAN ... I really would have loved to be there, but it sure seems like you were very well represented!!!
    What maturity you have for someone your age ... your parents should be very proud ... and I'm sure they are!!!

    Can't wait for Part II of your review!!!


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    Default Re: G-man

    Congrats again G Man! Looking forward to Part 2 of your report!

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    Default Re: G-man

    Hoo boy-that sure was long...however not long enough I actually printed it out so I could read it away from the computer.

    Great report and thanks so much for it. It's so cool hearing it from your perspective - since you were the star!! I love reading about everything in such detail-how your practices went, the competition, how you felt, etc.. Sorry you didn't get to practice before the short program though!

    When I finally got to CT - the MKFers just had nothing to say but the nicest things about you and your skating. Woo hoo!

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: G-man

    What a brilliant report. I love the all of the technical detail. (We were so busy shooting, that we probably missed a thing or two. )It tells us everything we've always wanted to know about how a skater prepares, and why and how something goes wrong on the ice. Thank you for all of the insider information. By the way, the footwork looked great to me (in my unbiased opinion).

    I feel a little guilty now that I've read that you had a big, heavy suitcase. We bought you so many gifts. How did you manage to get them all in your bag? We could easily have shipped them to your skating rink for you. By the way, the Olympic CD doesn't have Michelle on it. Sorry. I just thought that it was something you would enjoy.

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    Default Re: G-man

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the review! I enjoyed writing it!!!

    Dell - The suitcase was no problem! My host family helped me pack all the things in (I'm not a very intellegient packer, but my host family definitely is!) and everything worked out fine! The suitcase was always heavy for me so it wasn't anything different the way back. I didn't mean for you to worry!

    The CD is wonderful!! It's ok that Michelle isn't on it...there are others on there that are very interesting to learn about! Thank you so much for all your gifts!! They are so special!

    Thank you again everyone for their kind words!!! It means so much to me!! *hugs*

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    Default Thanks

    GMAN, thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I can't wait to see you skate someday.

    To you folks who went and showed GMAN such wonderful support: you are awesome.

  16. Default cool

    cool reports!! wish u good luck!!


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