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Thread: Belladella's State Games of America Report - Long

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    Default Belladella's State Games of America Report - Long

    My report has to begin by saying the the 2 days in Hartford, affectionately known as G DAY 1 and 2 rank right up there with the days I spent with Taf at Dallas Nationals, and the week I spent in DC at Worlds. It had everything, camaraderie, suspense, surprise, great skating and great endings.

    Even the planning was fun, it gave me the chance to correspond with G MAN. Each Email from him was more delightful than the last. He is so open and honest that it was refreshing to exchange information with him

    Planning with MKFers is always a snap. We orignally had nine members signed on, but at the eleventh hour Cat9897 had to pull out, so we ended up with the G MAN Eight - Bagelpuss, Goldblossom, Graciesfriend, Garden Kitty, Katializ, Schez, Skate517 and Belladella.Transportation problems were resolved through the generosity of graciesfriend and bagelpuss who did the driving and arranged pick up points where we could meet. Everything went smoothly except for Skate517. Everyone has a goal in life and Skate517's goal is to give me a massive coronary. From the day we started planning she was causing anxiety attacks. She is so pretty and so young, and because she insisted on making the trip alone, I felt personally responsible for her safekeeping and wellbeing. I have to add that for her age she is mature, intelligent, responsible, resourceful and determined. Having said that, she took a train that was going in the wrong direction, so she missed her connection with graciesfriend. But then she didn't give up, get discouraged and go back home. She persevered and somehow or other found her way to Harford on her own. I was a nervous wreck until I got her call that she was in Hartford at the railroad station.

    My group arrived first and met up with Garden Kitty. Graciesfriend and her group arrived just in time for the intermediate competition. My group arrived there early enough to see Pennskater's daughter perform. We were sitting in a section that we selected at random. We asked the others in the stands where they were from and when they told us we asked them if they knew Pennskaters daughter. Would you believe they were there to cheer for her and had a huge sign with them ? They thought it a little strange that we were there to cheer for someone we had never met. Later on Pennskater herself came over to see who were these strangers cheering for her daughter and taking pictures of her. I had a Hello Kitty doll for her daughter. Then I got her to autograph my program.

    We raced over to the next rink and sat in the stands at center ice. We unrolled our signs to flatten them out. The people in the stands near us asked us about the G MAN on our signs. They were stunned that we had never met him in person, only through the internet's MKF. It turns out that they were from his rink, in his hometown. What a coincidence that we would take seats in the stands where his other fans were. They peppered us with questions about why we were there. It really got to be comical after awhile. We did find out that he is the only male skater at his rink and he is the most popular and the most loved by everyone.

    When he finally took to the ice, we were snapping away. I kept getting either blurry pictures or pictures of the metal dividers. Katializ took great pictures. His program was amazing. After the open mistake, he soared through the rest of the program like a real competitor. His spins, his extensions, his stretch, the height on his jumps and his presence were all outstanding. Everybody in the stands gave him a standing ovation and we waved our signs, cheering loudly and totally embarrassing him.

    He came over to talk to us. He had made a special card and addressed it to all of us. He is so poised, so extremely good looking and so thoughtful that I fell in love with him on the spot. The hometowners teased me and called me his #1 fan. We gave him the first round of gifts, took tons of photos and asked him lots of questions. We didn't throw anything on the ice because there was a high plexiglass barrier surrounding the ice, and we didn't know the protocol. We found out that he came in fourth.This was excellent when you consider that the other skaters were all older than he was. (We had an I Smell Carmen moment when one skater came out in full matador regalia.)

    We had a late lunch, Willa called to say that she was in the RR station, ( I was relieved), got great MKF pullovers from Garden Kitty, took group photos, celebrated Katializ's birthday, said goodby to Garden Kitty and Goldblossom who weren't going to spend the night and went check into our hotel in East Hartford which is about 15 minutes from Simsbury.

    The next morning, G DAY 2, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. Everyone was up and ready to check out and leave by 8:00 am. We got to the rink and we met his coach, Kristie. I got her autograph and G MAN's autograph also. Then it was time for his long program. He landed everything. We cheered for the double axel, and the 3loop. This program was even better than the short. He landed everything. He had so much attitude for this program. His footwork was well placed in the music and he had great entries into his jumps. I think I held my breath through the progam just yelling, yes, for his jumps, yes, for his spins, and yes, for his footwork. When he hit the 2z, I let out a yell and we applauded all the way through his final spin. What makes his skating so exciting is his innocence and youth that combine with his technique and tough competitive manner that give him an aura of something spiritual. I think that's why graciesfriend cried. It was over way too soon. I wanted a G DAY 3. We went for lunch and came back to get the scores. We congratulated him and waited for the medal ceremony where we took more pictures. Finally we had to say goodby. I talked with his coach and his escort and they made very positive predictions about his future in skating.

    It was a long drive back. Katializ put on the MK CD so we had special entertainment all the way to Greenwich. I got home weary but infused with a special kind of joy that comes from spending time with good friends and being a witness to something so special.

    Thank you G MAN and the G MAN Eight for two wonderful days. I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

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    These are the photos I took during our two days in Hartford. The camera is new, and I'm having trouble focusing and holding the camera still. I hope I have perfected it by Campbell's. Anyway I've included many of the blurry photos because of my sentimental attachment to everything associated with my trip.

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    Dell, thanks so much for the wonderful reports and excellent pictures. But most of all, thank you for caring enough to continually give so much of yourself to we fellow MKF'rs. Your generosity and enthusiasm in bringing us together time and time again is quite simply, beautiful! I know I speak for the others when I say that had it not been for you, many of us would not know each other today. One cannot give a greater gift than that.
    I remember something I heard once ... I think in a movie or on TV, which (and I don't remember the exact wording) said something to the effect that " you can give gifts or money, and that's nice ... but when you give your time, you've given a piece of your heart." I think this applies to you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    P.S. Whats's with the MKF T-shirts, and how did I miss that. LOL

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    Default Dell's Report

    Thanks for the great report. I love each and every one of these reports because they all have some new details or perspective. and your's is so beautiful that I'm almost tearing up just reading it. I am so mad that I missed G -Day 2, but so glad that I got to meet such a wonderful young man and spend time with MKF Friends.

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    Default Re: Dell's Report

    Thanks for the wonderful report BellaDella!! This is so much fun-reading everyone's reports on the trip - especially since I can't stop thinking about it!

    I love how in one of the pictures Bagelpuss is holding a big thing that says "Posterboard". Of course that's a given with MKFers-but in general it's kind of funny

    Ok BellaDella - you figured it out-I have been trying my very best to give you a heart attack-I have. That whole train thing-made up! (Thanks for keeping it in Shez and graciesfriend). Ok before I keep writing and come up with a fictional novel-I'm joking of course! I'm so sorry that one of my talents is worrying you BellaDella! I really do seem to be good at it though. That's definetely a habit I will work on. Thankyou so much for caring, I really appreciate it. Even though I'm on a laptop in the woods with some guy named Razorpunk - I'll be home soon! (joking of course )

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    Default Re: Dell's Report

    It is fun reading everyone's reports. I'm waiting for reports from the other younguns - Katializ, Schez and bagelpuss. Garden Kitty has been chiming in on every thread Goldblossom should be writing something soon. Graciesfriend has not been well. Remember she had the sore throat and we thought that it was from all of the screaming we did. Well, she was coming down with a cold.

    Skate517 -In the woods - with Razorpunk - Stop it , you're making me nervous again. Teenagers (grrrrrrrr)

    NYMKFan51 - Thank you so much for your post. It just seems to me as though all I have to say is - Why don't we .....? then everybody chimes in and suddenly an event happens. So if I can think of opportunities for us to get together and make new friends and reinforce relationships, I'm glad to do it.
    I'm glad that people appreciate the gatherings.

    NJ Theater Party is next on our agenda folks. So far we have about 6 people I think. I've got to get that rolling.

    My former boss, who was a political animal told me something to the effect that if you step outside of the group and do anything that calls attention to yourself in any way, be prepared to be the target of resentment and animosity. I'd like to tell him that it hasn't happened and isn't likely to happen here on the Forum. Everybody here is great.

    Those shirts were a special gift from Garden Kitty for the
    G MAN Eight. G Man got one also. Aren't they great?

    Skate 517, if you want your shirt, e mail your address to Garden Kitty or to me so that it can be mailed out to you.

    Garden Kitty it did become an emotional time on the last day. I'm sorry that you and Goldblossom couldn't stay for Day 2, but even Day 1 had enough important connections to make it worthwile.- LIke seeing G MAN for the first time, singing Happy Birthday in the parking lot, and everyone wearing those great shirts. I just can't say enough about this trip.

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    Default Dell's beautiful report

    Dell - Beautiful...simply beautiful. Thank you for that review...I loved reliving the experience. It was truly memorable, and I will remember it forever. The quote Norma said was beautiful! It definitely applies to our very own Dell.

    The shirts were awesome! I am in the midst of washing mine right now, but I can't wait to wear it soon!!!

    I can't wait to see more reviews!!!

  8. Default bella

    Bella is the greatest. She is so enthusiastic it is contagious. When I first posted to ask people to come watch littleK I was nervous about 'internet wackos' coming. Well, we are all internet wackos, but in a nice way :-). We are extremely enthusiastic about skating and supporting skaters and their dreams. And that is exactly what Bella is all about. She just loves skating, even at the lower levels, and supporting those she loves. The gifts she got for g-man and littleK were nice, but the love she expressed was priceless.

    GardenKitty, Shez, and everyone else were great also. Thanks for being there (and don't worry 517 about not being there - you tried!). I can't wait to be a part of your group again (at skate america).

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    Default Re: bella

    Wonderful report, Dell. And I agree with every word of Norma's post. You're the best!

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    Default Re: bella

    Thanks for the wonderful report and the pics belladella - you are a very special lady indeed !

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    Default Re: bella

    Thanks so much for the great report, Dell; it brings back all the good memories of our trip to Connecticut! We had so much fun meeting G Man and all his friends. And we had so many good meals, too! Who would have thought there was such good food in Simsbury and Hartford! And a big thank you to Garden Kitty for the shirts; I know we will get a lot of use out of them!

    I don't know why I got so teary while G Man was skating; I was absolutely fine until he took the ice. And then it was like I was back in DC and there was Michelle! You just know how hard these two work and how much skating means to them. You just want them to do well and get the recognition they deserve. I honestly don't know how their families can go through this again and again. I'd be a wreck! I have new respect for the Kwans and the families of all skaters!

    And your pictures are great! Thanks for them, too!

    And Norma is so right; you are such a special member of the MKF. And always so welcoming to new members of the NY group. Thank you for bringing us together so often.

    Thanks again everyone, especially G Man and Dell, for the great two days! And special thanks to my carmates! And my roommates! And Liz for the chocolates! And Garden Kitty for the shirt! And bagelpuss for attempting to give me directions! Heck, everybody is special!

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    Default Re: bella

    Thanks for the great report and pictures, bella. It sounds like you all had a great time. MKFers are the best!

    G-Man, I know I'm embarrassing you, but I just can't get over how adorable you are.

    Pennskater, your daughter is very pretty, and I love her costume.

    I hope both of them skate out West someday so I can see them in person.

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    Default Bella

    What a wonderful report. You all always sound like you're having such great fun together. How exciting to be able to have been there to watch our very own GMAN.

    I love your photo gallery.

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    Kwan Luva Guest

    Default Hi BELLA!!!

    Hi Bella!!!Happy New year to you and everyone in the furom! I'm not sure if you remember me but your daughter takes capoera at my school(ALVIN AILEY)just thought I'd say hello to you.You were very nice and very sweet at the gathering that you organize here in NY last year before the event at the Madison Square garden.Ginny was very sweet for giving me her extra ticket!Happy new year GInny!!! By the way you will not believe this...Just thought I'd brag and share to the furom that I performed the triple lutz in my solo(THE MISSION) that I performed at my school last spring called the Global harmony...The director thought that I should take it out because it wasn't very dance like...but I kept it..he made me do it 3 times in front of the panel to see if it was consistent...I was very happy when I nailed it..the students at my school thought it was weird and cool at the same time...they also taped it too.BYE BELLA!!!!Give me ur e-mail...I dont have one yet.


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