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Thread: 04 Nats....rambling, kwanette style

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    Default 04 Nats....rambling, kwanette style

    I have read the wonderful reports written by so many of you. My mind is still in a "Tosca" mode...and I can't separate happenings by days..They seemed to run into one another...Today I wrote four checks and had the wrong date on all of them...

    I spent 32 hours on AMTRAK for my chance to go to Nationals. Worth every minute and every cent..Please, the upgrade broke the bank, but I don't care.

    A previously cranky nymkfan51 and I arrived in "Kwanlanta" on Tuesday, January 6th.(9AM)...We finally got our luggage and got to the "Sweats" around 10 AM..As we were checking in wearing "Ode to AMTAK" a sweet-smelling graciesfriend was in the lobby on her way to the Kwanarena. We got to our rooms...and about 15 minutes later graciesfriend called and said that "Michelle was in the building." Still not showered nymkfan51 and I made our way to the venue.

    (I am going to be posting in parts because last night's 30 minute post went bye-bye when I lost my connection...)

    I made my way down front to find Beth2000...Hugs and intros...and then we watched the and Denis signed the pics of the three of us from SA and I gave them their own copies..Bet it is on their mantle... This may have been after MK..It's a blur.

    Then the Kween came out.To see her in person..well..TV never does her justice...At the end she was signing autographs...Sharon, I hand delivered your card and mine to Michelle.I had the banner with me..It was then that MK said that she recognized it.

    We went back to the hotel and got sqeaky clean, rested...then back for CD's and OD's.I sat alone and was kind of bummed...I love sharing skating with MKFers especially when MK was skating. I cried when Peter and Naomi withdrew. As much as I really like Tanith and Ben, I LOVE Melissa and Denis.

    Wednesday is a blur...Practice...All of the skaters were so nice to the fans. I had spoken to Angela in the hallway...and finally got to give her the card I had sent her last spring when she had her surgery.(It was returned in Dec..) She signed the pic of the two of us from the 02 Cheesefest...and I gave her a pic of the two of us..It must be on her mantle, too. She is just so sweet....AP also signed another one...Does she have a mantle?

    A woman approached me and said..."May I ask you a question?" I had no idea who she was...thought she was a MKFer..and then said she was a journalist for the Atlanta paper...I think Garden Kitty sent her to me...She asked me all kinds of questions..I was stumped when she asked me for a MK "weakness"..I had waxed on her humility, grace, class, mentioned the Peggy breast cancer story...but a weakness? That's when I said..."Maybe being too nice." I have been fretting about that remark ever since...I did explain to her that there have been skaters over the years who have been less than nice...Oh, well, I wish that "being too nice" was my only flaw...

    Wednesday night the lovely Terri77 sat with me...If you have never met her, she is adorable, sweet, SMART, thoughtful...I love her to death...

    I went out to have a ciggie and who came out but "Jumping Joe"...He smokes, too...He was standing there alone...and I "QUIETLY" and very politely approached him...I told him that i had just read the article on him...the one with Brian O...and Scott...the 84 podium, twenty years later...He wanted to talk about skating and we talked about edges, skaters of the past and so on...Later on I was out there ahgain...and he walked over to me and we talked some more.On the subject of approaching skaters...I told him that I didn't want to appear intrusive...He said that he was a big fan of Bruce Springsteen..and that one night after the Boss' 2 1/2 hour concert Joe got to go to BS's dressing room..He said that BS was tired but he made time for him...Joe's words to me.."You are a fan of skating, I am a fan of Bruce's and he is a fan of someone else." Joe said that he always makes time for fans..He was so nice.He said for me to make sure to watch him on SH's special. I complimented him on his delayed ax...I had my Lyra button on...and I pointed to it...don't say it, taf...and said but she is my favorite...He obviously thought it was a "Sasha" button because he hesitated and said.."Robin is a good coach." I didn't correct him. Luckily, I had gotten the "Guide to Being a Michelle Kwan Fan" for Christmas so I knew how to act.

    Thursday was the luncheon and it was so much fun. taf arrived and I was so happy to see her. She decorated the chocolate that graciesfriend had so generously bought for us..Again, kind contributions..nametags, Jr. Mints, lovely ...

    taf sat with me for both the men's sp and the ladies sp..Thank you, God..She and I always agree on skaters..I wasn't all that nervous...Johnny Weir blew me away...and I couldn't wait to call AYS to tell her how well he did..Ryan Bradley's sp was a crowd pleaser...Charisma....Happy for the decent "fine young man" Matt Savoie..sad for Timmy...

    Ladies...Sasha was terrific...Earned her placement for sure...When Mk had her wonky landing I was bummed...but I had prepared myself for this...since I bought the ticket in October..Jenny's sp is my favorite...

    Friday off we went, the non-exfoliating crowd to GA.(graciesfriend, Garden Kitty, diva Dell, and no longer-cranky nymkfan51, and neurotic kwanette.) We had such a good the car..nymkfan51 is the best driver since Morgan Freeman in "Driving Miss Daisy." Why won't she drive me to Portland? We met up with the other MKFers..taf brought me a bawdy card and candy...And I shared...We were sitting over the tunnel..I love to watch the skaters prepare...We all met Kirk Wessler...but that's taf's story...Michelle said "Hi" to Sparks....

    Ice Dance...B and A were the clear winners, but my heart belongs to Melissa and Denis...loved the couple who came in 4th..AYS' little friends from Philadelphia..Kendra and Brent? They have IT..

    Pairs..No comment..Thank God for Jennifer Don..At least she has a pulse...

    Saturday..Had breakfast and went back to the room..and my right leg started to shake..literally it was jumping...Granted I have a few health issues, but this was bad..The last time it happened was the night of the ladies sp in SLC...Don't say it...I have seen a therapist...I even asked eventerbess who is a nurse..."How many xanax can I take?"

    MK's warm up was wonderful. She was smiling and chatting...and talking to the MKFers...that's graciesfriend's story...

    I think that I ate...Who remembers?

    Off to the men's competition which was so much fun..."Go, Johnny, go"...The Ryans, Michael, and that wonderful Rohene Ward...I cried...terrific...

    Johnny signed the pic of him and me at the 02 New Haven Cheesefest...thanks to Teddy99...His "Oh, my God!!" when he saw the pic was a hoot. I hugged him and gave him a kiss. I am sure that he has a mantle.

    Ladies....thank God for taf..she got me bandaids when I cut my hand...and then held it when MK took to the ice...Finally, she said.."We have to clap for MK.." I hid my eyes and peeked through my fingers for the loop...and then I watched everything...It was amazing...When she hit the second lutz taf and I stood up..Right toward us with that footwork...I stood in the aisle and screamed..."Feel the love, Michelle!!!" Sweet Jesus, I was out of my body...When she finished I tossed the Tosca purple bear...and taf threw her animals...we were crying and going nuts..Luckily, the camera didn't catch us then...I was in a trance by then, dazed, stunned and in awe of what I had just seen....

    nymkfan51....You will be getting your praise shortly, dear friend.And I will mention my crankiness, bordering on almost having a hissy fit..Sparks and taf will understand....

    I watched Jenny skate..I barely remember it...and had to use the loo during AP's skate...Finally...the medals..When MK was announced were were screaming again and I had the banner out...We cheered for all of the ladies and they were all cute on the podium. There were three very happy ladies there...I know that Sasha must have been disappointed, but she handled herself well. They were all laughing over the "screw-up" over whatever was in the little blue jewelry boxes. Jenny hugged MK and then got down from her step on the podium and walked over and hugged Sasha...It was cute..Amber was so happy..good for her...but the night clearly belonged to the "Kween".Afterwards we all met in the food court and hugged and Sam Chez and I hugged and jumped up and Walker and Jack. Everyone was hugging...a lovefest....It was a little after midnight...and someone let the cat out of the bag...and the MKFers sang "Happy Birthday" to me....Much better singing than in the parking lot at the CoreStates Center in 98...but the gift was the same...Off to the Sports Bar...where we had a great time...Susan, Sam Chez and I were the last there...and we walked back to the "Sweats" together.

    Thrills and meetings...

    Carol Heiss THAT's an OGM...I saw her in the hallway early in the week and I politely approached her...I told her that I had always wanted to meet I had met Tenley Albright in DC...she loved that...and she was so gracious..She took my hand and then said.."I'd like you to meet my husband Hayes Jenkins." He took my hand...and I said..,"OMG, I am holding hands with two OGMs." She laughed and then introduced me to Suzie McDonald, her student and to Suzie's parents..What class..I saw her a few more times during the week and she was so friendly..Class...

    Frank...taf and I approached him, also politely, and I told him how much I had always...I might have said loved...him and admired his coaching...taf mentioned Timmy...and we started with Linda F, Christopher B...and, of course, MK..He smiled a little smile and only Frank could.."Why thank you.." I was thrilled.(I was going to try to arrange for an audition for taf with him, but she doesn't want to move to California).

    Rafael....whoa...smoldering coals, Sparks...I shook hands with him, told him I was a big fan of MK's...why, yada, yada...and he said.."She was always like that." Close your eyes and just imagine the accent...

    Richard Callahan...I have met him a few times before with Todd in Philadelphia and at SA, but this time taf and I were talking to him about Jenny..I told him how I fell in love with her skating with her performance of "The Princess Diaries" at 03 Nats...I told him that I was a big MK fan, but that TPD was my favorite sp last year..We talked about her great performances at SA this year..I went on to say that she should have been second last year in the sp...and hopefully this year she would be placed higher since the judges might not feel compelled to hold "someone" up..He said.."You should be a judge." ok....

    Sunday...I am back..My sister from Texas just called...She was in California last week taking care of her granddaughter..and she called to ask me if I had been in Atlanta..."I saw you on TV!!"

    Anyway, last day...Breakfast, packing, reading great newspaper to the arena...We hung out at the CNN food court for a while..ValentineBD saved my life....Well, she would have, I think, more later...Into exhibitions..nymkfan51 and I had front row seats for that...and skater23 and company were behind us...I watched Jenny, terrific, from the landing because I had no idea that she would be first..Skipped Mikie, I have seen his breasts once too often...Liked some of the youngins.Loved Melissa and Denis' Exhibition..Did you know that I love them? Stayed outside with taf for awhile and got back a few skaters before Sasha...did see Ryan's The Lord's Prayer very nice..Sasha's R and J is lovely...B and A..Elvis needs to leave the building for awhile...Johnny's Imagine was wonderful....and MK? body movement...When the skaters did their little skate around nymkfan51 and I yelled to MK...we had the banner...and she waved...And then when they were throwing the stuffed Chevy cars Melissa Gregory skated over to me and handed me one and hugged me..Did you know I LOVE her (them)?

    We gathered...hugs to some, and then Dell, graciesfriend, nymkfan51, taf, and Sam Chez ate Mexican...taf left first and I got weepy...I hate goodbyes...Then Sam, Dell, and graciesfriend left for the airport from the "Sweats" and I cried some more...Schez, katializ and Susan came in...more it was nymkfan51, formerly the cranky one...and kwanette, soon to be the cranky one, left in the lobby watching the exhibitions with no sound...It was at 6:00 PM...that I thought.."I want to go home now.." It was too quiet....
    We headed for Amtrak...and sat in the train station, train was late..agents were stupid, my credit card was rejected...AMEX's fault not mine...Finally, we pulled out, ate and nymkfan51 went to sleep and I called GinnySmith from the train... I was still on "Tosca" time and even my xanax wasn't helping...Finally, I felt sleepy..and got 6 hours..Breakfast...then a long delay in DC....smoking car shut down...then kwanette became VERY CRANKY!!! Finally, they opened it...we had a quick lunch...and I hopped off in Philadelphia...My sweet sister was to her house...she had a container of Italian for that I wouldn't have to cook...Isn't she great?...transfer bags into the Aerio..then another 40 minutes to mi casa...Couldn't wait to see the tapes...but first had to straighten out the mess with AMEX..Then to Tosca!!!!!! More later on that....

    I wish that I could remember all of the names and faces of the folks I met in Atlanta...but so many were so kind to me...

    If you want to travel, go with nymkfan51..As a proud, native New Yorker she knows the ropes. She is the best driver in the world, she is funny...She had the best line of the week...She does great imitations..Across the arena, I could feel her eyes boring into me...and I could feel her joy and excitement when MK finished her skate.I kid about her crankiness...because before every trip I am in a panic mode...drs, dentist, dizziness...But when I bounced on that train in Philadelphia I was ready to Rach...She was only cranky till we hit Manassas...On the way home, there was a family of five in the two compartments next to us...She kept laughing because the kid was crying...and I wanted to slip him a xanax so that he would go night-night...nymkfan51, I will hit the road with you anytime...Thelma and Louise Rach!

    graciesfriend...too kind, too funny...I literally almost wet myself walking from the Deli...Isn't it great that the non-exfoliating crowd can still laugh, giggle, cry, dance, cheer? She is so thoughtful...My lasting memory of her..Across the arena shaking both Pom-Poms....and dancing....(And she sings, too..)

    Dell..being around Divas is a lot of fun...You can even pretend that the construction workers are looking at you when you walk down the street with her.

    Garden Kitty..kind, is she...yankgrl, I am giving you a copy of my birthday card...well, it is sort of a birthday card...

    Gold Blossom...thanks for the Toys R us Tape...I watched some of it today..but I embarrassed myself...You are sweet..

    Susan....took such good care of me walking home from the arena on the slick sidewalk...Arm in arm we walked...

    ValentineBD...would have saved me when I was going to choke in the food court..I don't think anyone else noticed...but your eyes got so big...Thank you..

    The "sistas" for decorating the "Kwanarena"..

    The wee NYers...for their enthusiasm..

    Teddy99...for hanging out and making me laugh..and helping me get Johnny to sign the pic

    Sheekah...for the nametags..Beth and the "sistas" for the luncheon..

    Darling Terri77...for the Jr. Mints, sitting with are sweet, intelligent...If Sparks hadn't already claimed you...I would have...

    Prudence19...and "friend"...I love you...Keep doing those finger snaps and you can choreograph for an Olympic Champion one day..You had me howling...My goodness...did we disagree on anything?

    eventerbess..."axis of evil"...Love it!

    Rhonda...don't lurk...please post...

    torialynne...You were bouncing!

    newmexicomom, MarcellaMichelle, a pleasure

    Rockababy...Take good care of that Aranjuez pin..

    Teacher1...and Mr. Teacher1...(Did he finish his book?)So sweet..

    I finally met jlta...I knew that I would see her outside...:hat A doll...

    Edited to add kyla....I am so glad that she made it to see Michelle...If I win the lottery...she is going to travel with me to Portland and Turino..with an IV bag filled with valium...

    Pilgrimsoul...the fan of the competition...thank you for the lovely "Kwanlanta" memento..I will treasure it..

    I know that I will remember more names around 3AM...I'll be back to edit..

    Sam Chez..thanks for the Bridal Registry suggestion..our goodnight kiss at the "Sweats" is imprinted on my right lobe, brain, not ear...You are the best...

    Sparks...I loved calling you seven times a day...Thanks for the great editing....AJSkatefan....The "Koach" will be calling you again sometime..Take my place in Portland next year...The phone card is on me...(In the meantime, let's work on my fear of flying...)

    taf...Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel, Cagney and Lacey...she held my hand, fought with the box-office people., got me bandaids....Now if I only can keep her from giggling at the most inappropriate times..She taught me more about flutzes than any OGM ever could...

    A special thanks to first "in person" MKFer...Really, had it not been for her, I would never be going to these competitions, I wouldn't have gone to the Tribute Show, I wouldn't have been at Ben's Deli...the first time...the NYCers...and so on...

    I never intended to go to Atlanta..even after I booked the room in August..I was yes-ing mymkfan51...but never really thought I would go through with it..Then my best friend died...and less than two months later, another friend was murdered..I realized how short a time we all have...that "life holds no guarantees"...and I thought...Martha and Mike will never get to do all of the things that they wanted to do in their retirement I am spending it all...and "Kwanning" it as much as I can...When I EOE and think of me..and do the "Wing-It"Pose...sprinkle my ashes in the CoreState Center, the Phillips Arena, the MCI Center....and graciesfriend...carry me to Turino, baby..

    It was a "wonderful, wonderful" week....

    Oh, yeah...I almost forgot...I got to hold one of epoibim's signs in New Haven in 02....I loved what it said then...and even more so now....

    "THANK-YOU, MICHELLE"!!!!!!!

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    honey827 Guest


    Hey don't leave us hanging

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    Looking forward to more, kwanette. Just love it!

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    Kwanette, please ramble on!

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    Default YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    kwanette - I'm so glad you had such a great time in KWANlanta!!!!!!!!!! LOL I love it, I love it!!!!! I'm officially replacing the name of that city and also replacing Phillips Arena with Michelle's Arena - she's earned it, I tell ya!!!!!!!!!! And yes, please post more when you get a chance - I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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    More, more, more!!!
    BTW - kwanette, you need to add (TM) to your latest addition to your sig line. :b

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel the need here to explain my crankiness on the train ... vile, vile toilets. YUCK!!!

    kwanette ... please make sure you mention who was cranky on the way home ...

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting your periodic calls from Atlanta were an extra bonus to what was a great Nationals from this fan's standpoint. Of course, I almost caused an accident on the PA turnpike screaming OMG into my cell phone when I heard that Johnny had just won the national title...I looked down and suddenly realized I was going 85 mph!

    I'm always so happy for you when you when you get to experience those magic MK moments live. And thanks for passing on my cheers during the dance event.

    A great week for sports in general...MK and Johnny kicked booty, Brent&Kendra rocked in their Nationals debut, the Eagles eked out a playoff win and my kids had a super-awesome swim meet!

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    It was nice meeting you in Atlanta Kwanette! I didn't get to meet too many of the MKFers, because between Thursday and Satuday I was a nervous wreck for Angela and Amber and just closed myself off to everyone other then the few poor souls who were stuck sitting with me all week! (of course since they have dealt with me at previous Nationals they are used to my behavior.LOL)

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your report Kwanette, I wish the week had never ended!

  11. Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the report! :SP

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad to here so much about your fun time. Hope that you won't get that nervous again.

    How did you like Sasha long program?

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!

    Kwanderful report kwanette!

    I just PML'd at this:
    Pairs..No comment..Thank God for Jennifer Don..At least she has a pulse...
    :rollin That is so close to what my mom said over the phone! PML

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    Default Re: YAY!!!!! Another Beautiful Report!!!!!!!!!!


    meeting you was like meeting an old friend I so muched loved everyone that I met from MKF Everyone is so sweet

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    Default Great Report

    What I great report, you were so lucky to be there, but made me feel there as well!!

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    kwanette, what a joy reading your ramblings. Please ramble on. Any and all tid-bits are being savored like really good chocolate.

    A belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to you!

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    Kwanette, I love your reports. Thanks for sharing the week with me. You're so much fun and your enthusiasm is infectious. I expect to see you in Portland!

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    Default Re: Great Report

    kwanette - Thank you for writing such an informative and wonderful review! I enjoyed reading all of it!! I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time in Atlanta!! Hopefully, some day I'll be there watching, or hey, maybe even participating!

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    Default Re: Glory Hog!

    I just have to tell this on kwanette. She called me on Monday after she had watched Tosca on her tape & had seen herself on TV. "Why didn't you stand up with me?" she wanted to know. Well, I WAS standing up, kwanette had her banner in front of my face. I just know it was so she could be the only one in the picture. She robbed me of my 15 minutes of fame!

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    Default Re: Glory Hog!

    Taf, are you the one with the Kirk Wessler story? Share, please?

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    Default Re: Great Report

    Thank you so much Kwanette. I almost felt like I was there. It was great.

    grannie frances

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    Default Re: Glory Hog!

    I am ROFL taf...however, I think kwanette was in such a mesmerized state at that point, there was *no one* but MK!

    *I* was in such an MK daze from that performance, that I didn't even see kwanette the first time husband jumped up and said, OMG, that was kwanette! And he's only seen her once! :rollin

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    Default Re: Glory Hog!

    That's right, taf...I had MY 4 seconds of fame...and "No one can EVER that away from me."

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    Love ya!

    I looked back at you right before MK took her opening pose and I smiled...I was so proud that you had your eyes open.

    I wonder if Michelle realized the Philly dates...6 years after her first 6.0 for a Nats free skate (she got 8 then) she got 7 more. Exactly to the day, 6 years later.

    I know Nationals are always within several days of each other, but they haven't been the exact dates since 1998, I just thought that was cool.

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    Default Re: Glory Hog!

    kwanette, are you sure? You do live on the coast after all. Maybe a seagull will swoop down & take it away from you.

    Re Kirk Wessler story-I posted this in skating chat so I just copied it:

    You guys aren't going to believe this but Kirk Wessler called me on my cell phone not 5 minutes ago! A bunch of us met him Friday at ladies practice and he interviewed us for an article-Goldblossom, belladella, pilgrimsoul and some others, I can't remember. He had told us it would be his Sunday article and then he ended up writing about the men. He called to let me know and I told him I had already read his article and loved it and that I thought it was entirely appropriate timing for that article. I guess he thought I would be upset by not getting in the paper or something, but of course I'm not. He also asked about our belladella-he wasn't sure about the spelling of her name, and he also wanted her email address. He also wanted to know if pilgrimsoul got home all right. She had about a 4.5 hour drive with a broken wrist so he was concerned. She also has a cracked bone in her foot but I'll let her tell about it-needless to say, she gets the "Most Dedicated MK Fan" award for coming to Nats with her injuries.

    It was such an honor to meet him-he is so nice and down to earth. I told him Friday that I love his unbiased writing and the fact that he never builds up and tears down (like other writers I won't mention). He told us that Matt Savoie lives about a block from him and that his son & Matt went to high school together, and what a really great person Matt is. Kirk is a class act.


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